Doing Basic Yoga Poses

Doing Basic Yoga Poses

Four basic yoga poses that you can start with now.

Your actual initiation into the world of Hatha Yoga begins not at the moment that you started to read this ebook. Rather, your initiation starts when you begin to assume the postures that are integral to practicing yoga. In this chapter, we present four basic yoga poses to get you into the appropriate flow of fitness energy.

These four basic yoga poses have been specifically selected for brand new initiates. However, they can also serve as refreshers for those who are already active yoga practitioners. Keep an open mind about these poses. Some who are new to Hatha Yoga have expressed their misgivings, saying that they are embarrassed about assuming certain postures that are based on those that are seen in both inanimate and inanimate objects.

But remember that the goal of yoga is not to turn you into the object from which a certain pose has been based on and developed. We are totally one with you on that. After all, no one in his or her right mind would want to turn into a tree or mountain, when one can more fully enjoy life as a human being.

That being said, keep in mind that when you are asked to assume a specific Hatha Yoga pose, it is the attributes or essence of the posture that is being sought to be developed within you.

It may feel awkward at first, but don’t worry. That’s the purpose of the more than 70 videos that clearly show you how to go about executing or practicing each of the basic yoga poses presented in this article, along with other, more fitness-targeted postures.

Four Basic Yoga Poses:

Basic Yoga Pose #1 – Mountain Pose

The Mountain Pose, also know as the Triangle Pose, is a gentle basic and much liked pose that is useful for introducing your body to stretching and to breathing rhythmically. Think of a mountain as being sturdy and solid, not suddenly collapsing even when buffeted by strong winds or roaring flash floods. Imagine yourself as a mountain rising up and reaching for the glorious sky.

Basic Yoga Pose #2 – Tree Pose

This is awesome for acquiring a sense of balance. Have you noticed how the clumsiness of some can diminish their sense of worth because of intolerance and name-calling? The tree pose can help you develop physical stability, such that the sense of control generated also stabilizes your mental processes, and sense of self. Great for developing fitness on three levels: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Basic Yoga Pose #3 – Foot-to-Hand Pose

The foot-to-hand pose, also known as Standing Forward Bend, is meant to integrate suppleness in your body. All the cramped muscles, tendons, and nerves are given a new bracing energy boost as they are gradually released from the confines of your accumulated tension and stress. Great for internal cleansing as toxins in the bunched-up muscles of your body are loosened and it becomes easier for your circulatory system to dump them later.

Basic Yoga Pose #4 – Warrior Pose

Does this sound more like what you were expecting, or does the sound of this basic Hatha Yoga pose raise your hackles? Whatever your initial reaction may be, you will find out once you practice this pose that there is nothing even remotely threatening about it. As far as basic yoga poses go, the Warrior pose is meant for making your arms, shoulders, thighs, muscles of the back, as well as your ankles, stronger, thereby putting you in the right groove for further fitness development.

How do you feel after trying out the four basic Hatha Yoga poses described in this chapter?

There’s more to come in succeeding sections of this guide, along with demonstration video for all of these poses and many more when you subscribe to the Newsletter. Next we’ll get into “Doing Yoga for Men” and talk a bit about the benefits of yoga for men, so keep on reading!