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Kettlebell Workout Training Guide

Introducing the Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide.

Blast Fat Away… Be Fitter…

Be Healthier… Be Stronger!

Check Out the Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide and be on the Path to Living Your Life in a More Fit and Healthy Way!

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with the shape of your midsection and the rest of your body?
  2. Can you go to the beach and confidently show off your toned and sexy body?
  3. Do you have strong arms, powerful thighs and legs, a sculpted core, and a sturdy back that can withstand pressure?
  4. Is your butt firm and really attractive, something that you can be proud of?

If you weren’t able YES to any or all those questions; if there’s something about your body that makes you cringe, or want to conceal it in loose ill-fitting clothes…

If you do not have a medical condition but you lack energy, focus, strength, and the passion to welcome life and its daily challenges, then something needs to change!

Something needs to be changed and it needs to be changed NOW!

How would you like to burn and extra 400 calories in 20 minutes? Just think of how many calories you can burn in one, two and many more hours as you keep following along.

Excess calories would normally turn into fat but with a Kettlebell workout routine, you can make your body a more efficient muscle building and fat burning machine.

With a Total Body Kettlebell Workout You Will…

  • Become leaner
  • Build more muscles
  • Become stronger
  • More flexible
  • Improve your endurance and mobility

You’ve wasted enough of your life. If you’ve tried all sorts of diets that are difficult to comply with… if you’ve exercised using different kinds of equipment, but still failed at losing fat and building muscle… we know the feeling, because we’ve been there.

We know how it is to hope, only to be disappointed. We know how it is to work so hard to reach your goal, only to be frustrated when nothing happens. This time, you can be assured of the effectiveness of what you are about to embark on:

A new lifestyle that focuses on attaining fitness, health and wellness!

Get started with the complete “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide” and follow along with the Kettlebell Workout Videos that come with it. The guide gives you overviews about the exercises included in the Kettlebell Workout Videos, and tells you about the benefits to be gained by using Kettlebells to shape your body and improve your health.

Meanwhile, the 22 Demonstration Kettlebell Workout Videos clearly show step-by-step how to execute the moves that will make the most profound changes in your physical appearance.

You’ll learn why having a good sense of balance is so important to being able to correctly perform exercises that allow you to lose unwanted pounds safely, without the need for any medication, invasive surgery, or diets that are unrealistic and nearly impossible to maintain.

You’ll find out how to have the kind of endurance that prevents fatigue, or a feeling of being burned-out, from trying to take control of your life. You’ll discover unknown physical power residing within you. You’ll experience this special power that’s unique to you and your life, released in an explosively potent way!

And all of these will happen through a set of easy-to-follow Kettlebell exercises that teach you how to make the best use of your 8 major muscle groups to not only get the kind of physical stamina, strength, and sensual attractiveness that you desire, but also the level of health and wellness that are sure to be the envy of others.

If you lack energy and do not have the kind of body build that commands admiration…

It’s easy to say that you just weren’t fated to have great genes.

It’s easy to claim that your metabolism is simply slow, and leave it at that.

It’s easy to state that you plainly don’t have the time or patience to perform a grueling and long workout with precision and dedication.

It’s easy to assert that everyone only has one life to enjoy on earth, and you’re not about to waste yours by depriving yourself of the food you love in an attempt to look good!

Yes, it’s easy to insist that the cards are stacked against you; that you’ve done all you can… and that the best thing to do would be to accept your destiny as a person who has low energy levels, who is lacking in flexibility and mobility, and who gets easily worn out by doing even common household chores!

Yes, it’s easy to say all that… But should you?

You Know Better Than That!

Deep inside, you know that you deserve better!

A better life… A better sense of fitness… A better approach towards facing the challenges that come each day! You deserve it.

Embrace this opportunity to turn your life around.

It’s time to get your rightful share of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Don’t pass up on this opportunity. Don’t doubt your ability to finally shed that body fat and build fantastic muscles in all the right places. Subscribe now to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at the top of MyFitnessNut.com and get access to all 22 Kettlebell exercise videos that go with the “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide”. Start now and in a short time you can be on the path to living your life in a more fit and healthy way!

Killer Kettlebell Squats

A nice compliment to your exercise routine is doeing Kettlebell Squats.

It’s funny how Kettlebell squats also go by the alias of the “Killer Exercises.” But Kettlebell squats are a different breed of “killers.” Instead of doing away with us, they actually help in making us enjoy life longer by making us fit and by making us healthier and stronger.

Kettlebell Squats – Weird but Healthy

To be very frank about it, a squat is a weird or unnatural position to take. Humans weren’t meant to squat. But in Kettlebell workouts, squats are a routine part of exercising. And, surprise, surprise! When you do Kettlebell squats, you’ll notice that the benefits will outweigh any sort of inconvenience you might feel for a short time.

In a nutshell, a squatting position is really unusual, but it’s healthy, so go on and do it if you are in good enough shape to be able to do so! Start slow and build up while being mindful to avoid injury from pushing yourself into something you are not ready for.

How Healthy is Healthy?

The question of just how healthy is healthy will arise among non-believers. That’s a good attitude to take, so don’t let snake oil slither into your life. Anyway, here’s proof that Kettlebell squats are great for you:

They improve mobility, which is perfect for those with creaky bones and tight muscles

They make your lower back, legs, core, and hips stronger, more powerful for running, walking, cycling, bending, and kicking (be careful of what you kick!)

They burn calories and melt your fat

And, if you continue with your Kettlebell workouts, you can be sure that if ever they make a sequel of the movie 300, you’ll be able to audition for one of the roles reserved for one of the beefy warriors!

Hey, why not?

It’s what Gerard Butler did. He had to undergo 4 months of training, of which Kettlebells were a featured performer. 4 months of training to get a warrior’s physique! Well, of course, he also did other exercises, but without the Kettlebell routines, he probably wouldn’t have made a convincing King Leonidas.

Here’s a Demonstration of a Kettlebell Goblet Squat:

Remember what we talked about in the “Inside Kettlebell Heaven” section of this guide…

You’ll understand this well when you first get hold of a Kettlebell. When you are new to it, you’ll most likely be caught off-guard when you try to swing it for the first time: What the heck, does this funny looking iron thing have a mind of its own? Is it trying to make me turn left even if I’m trying to swing right?

So, how about it? Are you ready to pick up a Kettlebell and add Kettlebell squats to your exercise routine? Review the videos that go along with this article then pick up the whole set by subscribing to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at MyFitnessNut.com. Last thing, before you start exercising the Kettlebell way, check out the “Form and Technique are Crucial in Kettlebell Exercises” segment of this guide for some final but important information.

Life with Kettlebell Cardio

Use Kettlebell cardio exercises to get the heart pumping.

No matter what you may have heard from other people, more is not necessarily always better. If you’re still doubtful about that, just think of people who have had one too many to drink.

Acting like a Bozo the Clown wannabe because of having had too much alcohol sure doesn’t make the grade for “better”.

That point also applies to exercise, because when you push your body to keep on going with a certain routine, you will eventually plateau, which means you won’t be getting anymore benefits from the activity no matter if it’s cardiovascular or strength building.

The only way you can remove yourself from that plateau is by raising the speed and incline levels, if you’re using a treadmill, for example; or by challenging your body by adding more weights when you’re using a home gym or lifting barbells or dumbbells.

The Huge Kettlebell Cardio Difference

Those things are not concerns that arise when you’re doing Kettlebell cardio, because there’s a huge difference in the nature of typical cardio exercises and endurance building exercises and Kettlebell exercises; Kettlebell workouts do both (cardio and endurance building) at the same time.

This is because:

Kettlebells don’t have evenly distributed weights, unlike that of other weightlifting equipment used to build strength such as barbells and dumbbells. This uneven weight distribution makes you strive harder for balance, and gives Kettlebells explosive power with each rising and swinging movement.

Kettlebell cardio benefits include the improvement of aerobic capacity (the maximum capacity of your body to use oxygen while exercising), THEN improving your anaerobic capacity which is the ability of your body to keep on functioning at high performance levels, without too much reliance on oxygen.

In short, when you do Kettlebell cardio exercises, it’s not just your cardiovascular system that’s being showered with your love; your muscles are also rejoicing because they also get the strength building workout they need to be in tip-top shape.

Can’t get any cooler than that!

You have several Kettlebell cardio exercises to choose from in the videos that come with this guide. You’ll want a mix of different exercises like the ones on the Kettlebell Videos that come with your subscription to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at MyFitnessNut.com. Next on the agenda is “Kettlebell Squats: Killer Exercises for a Longer, Fuller Life”. Remember, when you do a variety of different exercises you get the benefits of doing Kettlebell cardio as well as full body endurance building.

Kettlebell Deadlift Demo

How to do a Kettlebell Deadlift.

One of the things that are so great about living in this day and age is the fact that information exchange is so fast. For instance, if you were informed that doing a Kettlebell deadlift exercise is a surefire way to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and the lower part of your back, that’s good information on its own already.

But, that’s the kind of information that doesn’t really let you know the details that you want to find out, as in, WHY you should want a Kettlebell deadlift to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and the lower part of your back. So, let’s explore for a moment.

Doing the Kettlebell Deadlift for Your Glutes and Your Back

Your glutes and the lower part of your back have an essential function and it’s not just to make you look sexy from behind while you’re walking away. Aside from that, of course, these two parts of your body should be strong because they are necessary for performing a number of common chores in daily life.

Your glutes need to be strong to enable you to sit down and get up from a chair properly. Your glutes are indispensable for walking, running, bending, and squatting.

As for your lower back muscles, they function in harmony with your glutes (barring a medical issue) to provide you support. Having a strong back also means that you’ll be dealing less with things such as back pain, because your lower back can withstand more.

Kettlebell Deadlift Demonstration Video:

Doing the Kettlebell Deadlift for Your Hamstrings

Your hamstrings also benefit from a Kettlebell deadlift. Having strong hamstrings means that your knees are protected from injury, because the hamstrings are the muscles that handle the stresses which would otherwise fall on the knee to manage.

So, if you want to lead a more active lifestyle and rise above your present physical limitations arising from a weak lower back, and underdeveloped glutes and hamstrings, you can do a Kettlebell deadlift and see the positive changes happen over a short time.

Remember, though, that if you have an existing medical condition, you first need to get medical clearance before performing any kind of exercise.

Next we’ll move on to what a little Kettlebell cardio can do if you reach that dreaded platuea. And if you haven’t done so by now, go grab the free Kettlebell workout videos that you get when subscribing to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter at the top of the home page.

The Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Clean is one neat exercise to do.

Do the Kettlebell Clean – But Don’t Let it Burn Baby

In the course of time, there are many unusual beliefs that have been promoted in the name of physical fitness, body sculpting, and health and wellness. Among these is the belief that you have to feel a “burn” with each of the exercises that you do, because if you don’t, then it means you didn’t do your workout well.


The truth is, when you do your workouts, what you should do when you experience a burn, is to ease back a bit on your exertions, because a burn is an alert coming from your body that a possible injury is inching its way to happening, and making a mess of your muscles.

Fortunately, with Kettlebell workouts, there are exercises that are good for keeping muscles tidily toned. One of the more prominent ones for doing so is the Kettlebell clean. To understand more fully, let’s discuss muscle burns first.

Lactic Acid Sends a Burning Message

Have you ever tried exercising regularly? If yes, there’s a good chance that gym instructors, fitness trainers, health and wellness gurus, and even your couch potato friend that you dragged like a wet bag of fertilizer to the gym to be your spotter, have probably screamed at you to “feel the burn!” – inspired no doubt by your sweaty, wide-eyed, panting look of pained desperation for more oxygen and rest.

The truth is, instead of thinking that a burn should motivate you to go harder and faster and to do more, you should start feeling concerned when you start feeling a muscle burn. That’s because a burn is a reliable sign of muscle fatigue starting to make its ugly head seen.

In response to this fatigue, your body produces lactic acid. No, it’s not the same thing that lactating mothers feed their babies with.

Lactic acid is what your body uses to inform you through a burning, heavy feeling in your legs or whatever part of your body has been receiving the most pressure during your exercise, that your muscles are already tired, and could you just give everyone a short break?

Ignore this plaintive plea from your muscles and they’ll hit back with a vengeance: how about a week of being sidelined with sore muscles and even a high fever?

Demonstration of the Kettlebell One Arm Clean:

The Kettlebell Clean and Your Muscles

It’s a good thing that Kettlebell exercises such as a Kettlebell clean are not recommended to be done until you feel that pesky burn. In fact, if anyone tells you that you should, you could hand over one of your Kettlebells to them and tell them to go knock their head with it.

Seriously, do not do a Kettlebell clean to the point of muscle fatigue. Your forearms and your shoulders, which are the primary movers involved in a Kettlebell clean, should not hurt.

Don’t listen to anyone who insists that a Kettlebell clean is meant to make your forearms harder and more sinewy. While it is true that a Kettlebell clean can be fat burning and endurance building, as is the case with other Kettlebell exercises, it doesn’t have to be so rough and tough in execution that you start thinking of Boris and his comrades and wishing they had never thought of converting a crop weighing tool into a piece of fitness equipment.

Remember, when in doubt about how to do a Kettlebell exercise properly, just refer to the Kettlebell workout videos that you get when subscribing to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter found at the top of MyFitnessNut.com. Simply open the page with the Kettlebell Videos on it and scroll down until you see “Kettlebell Clean”. Next, we’ll cover doing the Kettlebell Windmill which you will also find on the videos.

Doing Kettlebell Swings

Time to start rokin' with a Kettlebell Swing.

The Kettlebell swing is the Elvis Presley of the fitness world. This is because in the same way that Elvis is known as the King of Rock ‘n Roll, the Kettlebell swing is known for being the King of Exercises.

How’s that for cool?

Anyway, doesn’t that phrase just make you smile? “Kettlebell Swing” – sounds like a hot, retro kind of dance, doesn’t it? (Can’t stop thinking about Elvis shaking his pelvis, huh?)

A Special Victory Dance

But enough of the King of Rock ‘n Roll for a moment, and let’s focus on the King of Exercises. If you’re the creative, imaginative type, and you were to think that Kettlebell swings are like a special kind of victory dance, you’d sort of have a good point going.

Only, instead of you and your legs going backwards and forwards, or even sideways like some crazy crab on the dance floor, what you do when swinging a Kettlebell is mostly stay in place, and do your moves energetically while in that same place.

You let your arm or arms (depending on what kind of swing exercise you’re doing) do the energetic movements, but there’s no real pressure on your arms, just like in dancing (unless, of course, you were to do hip-hop-type handstands).

Your feet, especially your heels, would support your weight. Your hamstrings or the backs of your thighs would feel the pressure, contracting and expanding as you squatted or stood. And, you’d also let your hips move forward and backward.

Kettlebell Swings From the Feet Up

Anyway, moving in those ways makes it possible for the engagement of numerous muscles in your body from your feet up to your shoulders. The reason that a basic Kettlebell swing resembles a victory gesture is that the raising of your arm much like what is done by a person who just won a competition is a main feature of the exercise.

There is no leaping or fast leg movements involved, but the effect on your cardiovascular system with all the squatting, standing, arm raising, and hip thrusting is such that after a few repetitions, you could feel that you had just finished a grueling one hour run.

Clearly, Elvis had the right idea when he kept gyrating his hips and raising his arms while performing.

Firm and Strong Butts From Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are popular because the movements are very simple, and you always have a choice about how much weight you want to swing. More than those considerations, however, are the facts that Kettlebell swings that are correctly performed can really increase the definition of your butt.

Now, why is this important? The butt is at the back, and that being the case, people you approach won’t see it right off, anyway. In other words, you don’t need a well toned butt to make a good impression. Wrong or right?


The fact is, you need a shapely behind to make people think that you know how to take care of yourself, that you value your body, and that you most likely spend time working out, which is good, because you clearly live a healthy lifestyle.

Why would they think all of that just from looking at your butt? It’s because the buttocks are one of the hardest parts of the body to sculpt, and the reason for that is, there is too much fat surrounding the muscles of your buttocks.

So, does this mean that doing a Kettlebell swing can make your butt look leaner and firmer? Yes! That’s exactly one of the great things that Kettlebell swings can do for you – give you a beautiful butt!

Remember, each Kettlebell exercise is a fat blaster. The fat on your butt isn’t immune to such blasting. How many other forms of exercise can deliver on that promise? Bet you’ll have a hard time coming up with an answer, and that’s because Kettlebell swings are the best butt-developing exercises ever, bar none.

Bodybuilding Hip Thrusting Power

It’s the hip thrusting that does it. When you thrust your hip forward while doing the exercise, your buttocks also tighten, firming up your precious gluteus maximus. And while you do that, your posture is also improved, because you cannot afford to slouch or have a rounded back while you’re doing a swing.

Otherwise, your back will hurt, and you run the risk of having an injury. As for your abs, they also tighten when you squat, which helps greatly in sculpting them.

So – great butt, great posture, great abs… aren’t Kettlebells just great?

Kinds of Kettlebell Swings

At this point, we need to clear up an important misconception. See, there are numerous kinds or variations of Kettlebell swings. These are the most popular:

  • One-arm or one-hand swing
  • Two-arms or two-hands swing
  • Alternating arms swing – this involves transferring the Kettlebell from one hand/arm to the other while the Kettlebell is in motion or swinging through the air
  • Stalling or pausing-at-the-top swing
  • Sideways swing
  • Pivoting swing

Now, online, the available information could confuse you, because there are some exercise sites that mistakenly identify and show a Kettlebell snatch as being the same as a Kettlebell swing.

That’s probably because aside from the original swing, also known as the Russian swing, which raises the Kettlebell only up to the shoulders, there’s another version known as the American swing, which raises the Kettlebell over the head.

The American swing can look a lot like a Kettlebell snatch, especially to those who are new to using Kettlebells, so, it’s understandable if some confusion ensues. Still, you shouldn’t let such misleading information take away your interest and enthusiasm about working out with Kettlebells.

What’s important to know is that you don’t have to worry about being misled, because you’re in good hands. More detailed instructions about doing a Kettlebell swing and other Kettlebell exercises can be found in the 22 Kettlebell videos you get (like the demo above) when subscribing to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at the top of MyFitnessNut.com.

Just keep in mind that Kettlebell swings are basic exercises. On the other hand, Kettlebell snatches are more advanced. Let’s move on to the next section that we’ve titled “The Kettlebell Snatch: Explosive Power in One Go” and find out what snatches are all about.

Pump Muscles with Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises are dynamic for burning fat.

Get Rid of Body Fat and Pump Up Your Muscles with Kettlebell Exercises

If everyone who uses a Kettlebell – trainers, fitness champions, celebrities, pro athletes, and even Kettlebell workout neophytes – ever got together, their sheer number would motivate anyone to try Kettlebell exercises and eventually become a Kettlebell devotee.

Whoa, Nelly! A devotee? Isn’t that claiming a bit too much?

No, it isn’t. In fact, Kettlebell devotees do exist, and are found in various parts of the world, from all walks of life.

Many who perform Kettlebell exercises look back on the day they first discovered the beauty of doing a Kettlebell workout, and pat themselves on the back knowing fully well that they deserve to congratulate themselves for making a good choice. They made the smart decision to use an effective fitness tool that can trim the fat and pump up muscles in just one go.

Why Kettlebells Rule

Okay, let’s admit it this early. Kettlebells, those homely looking things, will never win a contest for best-looking exercise and fitness equipment. They’re relatively small, squat, and dumpy, compared to those buff-looking barbells and sexy dumbbells.

They’re not as slick as the slim and proud-standing treadmills, not as imposing as the mufti-functional home gym machines, and definitely not as cool looking as the ellipticals, bikes, and rowers.

They’re not even as imaginative as the good ole’ trampolines that call to mind those carefree childhood days when it was great fun to jump up and down on the trampolines, going higher and higher, scaring the heck out of ourselves, and nearly giving granny or mom a coronary.

So, all that being said…

What’s So Great About Kettlebell Exercises?


As far as looks are concerned, Kettlebells may not be impressive – imagine handles on a cannonball or maybe a medium sized round handbag made of cast iron – but when it comes to performance, a Kettlebell can, and will, blow your socks off.

Kettlebells Combine Cardio and Weight Training

Sure, sure, treadmills give you an awesome cardiovascular workout, but have you ever tried lifting a treadmill to develop muscular strength?

As for weightlifting equipment, of course they build up your muscles, but in all probability, you’d have to go pump while running around (see the MyFitnessNut.com logo) like a frenzied Tasmanian Devil on steroids, if you even want to simply approximate the cardio benefits that come from doing a Kettlebell workout.

It’s a no-brainer. Why have separate cardiovascular and weight training workouts, when doing Kettlebell exercises can give you the benefits of both in the same exact workout routine?

A Kettlebell is like a maestro skillfully leading an orchestra that is made up of your core, your back, your legs, and your arms.

Like the fitness virtuosos that they are, Kettlebells coordinate your body’s major muscles during your workout, increasing your metabolic process, burning fat even as you build muscle strength.

Awesome is too tame a word for getting such advantages through the use of only one in-expensive fitness tool.

Dumbbell vs. Kettlebell Exercises

Dumbbells are great for spot toning, but if you want a total fat-blasting and muscle building workout for your body, it’s got to be a Kettlebell workout for you.

Visualize these words: Total… Body… Workout

That’s what this “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide” gives you. Not just a promise, not just a hope, not just a possibility. This fitness guide shows you the reality that’s to come, that’s to happen in your life when you start doing, and going on with our Kettlebell exercises.

Remember, this guide comes complete with 22 instructional videos that will take away the mystery about how best to use Kettlebells in order to get:

  • A healthy cardiovascular system
  • A strong back that can withstand pressure
  • Arms and legs that are sculpted
  • Increased metabolism that’s fired up to levels which encourage weight loss to happen the natural way
  • A healthy core that protects your vital organs reliably and efficiently; six pack abs.

Take a Cue From Arnie

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former action star, politician, businessman, and body builder, was a progressive thinker, an inspired visionary who saw the directions that life would go, way ahead of his time.

No, wait, this is serious. Really.

Okay, he might not have foreseen the way that controversies would dog his private and public life, but setting those matters aside, you’ll have to add that his dedication to keeping fit, and his determination to make bodybuilding – which used to be considered as a weird way for conceited men to show off their excessively developed muscles – a major part of mainstream physical fitness. Health and wellness was something that stood out in the 1960s to the 1970s.

Arnie started out with barbells and weight training, and the rest is history, as we all know it. He took care of his body, and his body took care of him, acting as his ticket to Hollywood, and opening doors that led to the worlds of politics and business.

Arnie had the right idea. Take it from him. Use the opportunities available to you and sculpt and tone your body and make yourself stronger. If Arnie had his barbells, you have your Kettlebells.

Degrees of Engagement – Bodybuilding with a Kettlebell

As is the case with other bodybuilding exercises, a Kettlebell workout has degrees of engagement that you can gradually get into. No one’s expecting you to suddenly lift up a Kettlebell and start swinging it around like the way Thor mightily does it with Mjölnir, his devastating hammer. And no, you don’t have to buy a Thor costume or any kind of superhero outfit to use while working out… but, on second thought, if it gets you motivated, why not, eh?

Yep, no one’s expecting you to be the Kickass Kettlebell Kid of the Century…

But, you are expected to eventually understand the differences between technique and form, as well as appreciate why knowing such differences can lead you to your success.

You are expected to eventually learn how to enjoy the challenges that come your way, in the form of the 22 Kettlebell exercises that are clearly presented in the demonstration videos that accompany this guide.

And, you are expected to keep in mind the importance of knowing how to align your spine and keep your hips properly positioned as you do a Kettlebell workout.

Don’t forget: safety first!

So, are you ready to trim the fat and pump up your muscles? Great. Read through the rest of “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide”, get access to all 22 Kettlebell Exercise Videos by subscribing to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at the top of MyFitnessNut.com and then bring on the Kettlebells and let’s get started!

Should Women Train With Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are wonderful for womens fitness.

Let me answer this ASAP!

The answer is yes!

Kettlebells are an excellent way for women to achieve their fitness goals. Over the recent years, kettlebell training has seen a sharp rise in popularity especially among women.

Unlike normal hardcore weight training equipment which involves bars, weight plates, cables and big, sweaty panting guys, a kettlebell just looks like a bowling ball with a handle. In some subconscious way, women find kettlebells less intimidating and the negative stigma attached to normal equipment does not apply to these ‘cute’ kettlebells.

Kettlebells Provide Women with a Balanced Fitness Plan

Resistance training is a key component to total fitness. It increases muscle mass, strengthens bones and ligaments and actually retards the aging process. Cardiovascular training while effective is not enough to achieve all the fitness requirements. Most women do too much cardio and neglect the muscle toning and building aspect of training.

Kettlebell training will strengthen your core, shred your fat off, increase your stamina and improve your muscle tone. It is the perfect solution for someone pressed for time and usually, most women are. Women need to look after the family, work job many times and a whole ton of other things need to be done.

That’s why kettlebell training is as fantastic for women as it is for men. A quick, intense 30 minute kettlebell session is enough to burn fat for hours and the muscles will also be strengthened.

Many women who have joined kettlebell classes for just 3 weeks have reported losing pounds of their body in no time. They also felt stronger and fitter. Even normal body aches and menstrual cramps are reportedly diminished.

These benefits cannot be achieved by running or swimming or cycling. Only resistance training can provide these benefits and kettlebells is a great way to work those muscles.

Women Appreciate the Shape and Versatility of Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a very versatile piece of equipment. Unlike dumbbells, they are safer to swing around because of the lack of sharp, jutting edges. So, women can perform swings, snatches, presses and a whole variety of moves that cannot be done safely with a normal dumbbell.

This variety makes training easier and more effective. A barbell curl is a barbell curl and it works the bicep. All other bicep exercises with a barbell will be very similar.

However, with a kettlebell, due to the swinging and jerking techniques, there is more allowance for freedom of technique. You may substitute certain techniques for others to achieve similar effects.

Why Women Get Great Results with Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell training effectively targets the thighs, butt, legs, hips and waist. These areas are so often neglected by men in the gyms. That is why you see guys with huge upper bodies but relatively skinny legs.

Women however, do not have the option of neglecting these areas because these are the areas most prone to getting fat and flabby. Many women complain of flabby thighs, droopy buttocks, sagging hips, etc. The kettlebell can remedy all these problems.

Most kettlebell training involves moves from the hips. There are many squatting and swinging movements designed to tone the stomach, thighs and buttocks. This is the answer to most women’s trouble areas. If you are not satisfied with how your body looks, if you want that firm, toned buttocks and legs that will look great in a bikini, then look no further than a kettlebell. It’s all you need.

Learn More by Watching: Get 20 of the Best Kettlebell Training Exercises For Men or Women on Video for Free

Some people learn better by watching and examples. If this is you then you’ll want to go to the top of the page at http://MyFitneessNut.com and subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter. When you do, you’ll get a full body workout with 20 of the best Kettlebell Exercises on video. They’re yours to enjoy, so go get them now while we’re still giving them away.


Kettlebell Training for Athletes

Kettlebell training can be great for athletes.

If you’re an athlete you do not face the same issues that the normal man on the street faces. Most people have a tough enough time staying disciplined with their diet and working out regularly. That’s half the challenge for them.

For the athlete however, it’s all about improving your game, bettering your personal best, functional conditioning for your sport, rest periods, HIIT and all the other variables that will make you a complete athlete.

So How Will Kettlebell Training Benefit You?

Up until recent years, kettlebell training was relatively unheard of. It was a training method employed by the Russians to train their Olympians; an eastern bloc training technique that was ignored.

However, things have changed and people are realizing the benefits of the kettlebell. The five main movements of a kettlebell swings, cleans, snatches, renegade rows and windmills. The uniqueness of these exercises is that they neurologically program the body’s muscles. This is so often ignored in conventional training.

For example, the swings will teach the hamstrings and hip muscles to fire off when required. This is crucial for athletes in sports such as cycling or running.

Kettlebell Training Will “Teach” Your Muscles Movements

Clean movements will teach the body to use the hip muscles and relax the shoulder muscles simultaneously. This is very important to athletes in events such as triathlons or other endurance events. The natural tendency of the body when it’s tired is to tighten the shoulder muscles and stress out the athlete further.

The kettlebell training will teach the body to relax the upper body while working the lower body which is excellent training for optimum performance.

Kettlebells Can Work Many Muscles at One Time

Renegade rows are an excellent exercise and considered one of the best fat loss exercises because of the sheer number of muscles engaged to do this exercise. It is a core workout at its best. A strong core means a more stabilized hip and any athlete will benefit from that.

Windmills are an exercise that uses many different muscle groups at once. With kettlebell training, the body learns to work as whole and not just isolated parts. Conventional training like bench press of bicep curls are rigid and only work the specific muscles.

With kettlebell windmills, the motion is fluid and smooth. Not rigid or disjointed. The muscles must work in unison to pull off the move effectively. The athlete also needs to be mentally aware of what he is doing. There is no choice. The move also stretches and tenses the body at the same time. It’s just an amazing technique that is best executed with kettlebells.

Most long distance athletes or endurance athletes tend to neglect the resistance training part of working out. They are already drained from the cardio that they engage in. This is where kettlebells are useful.

Kettlebell Training Provide Athletes a Fast and Powerful Workout

The kettlebell is able to provide an excellent workout in just 20 to 30 minutes due to the nature of the techniques required. Any athlete can benefit from doing a kettlebell workout twice or thrice a week. The benefits will be seen in the long run as their core gets stronger and the body teaches itself to work as one functioning unit. The improvement will be seen in the athlete’s results.

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How to Buy a Kettlebell

What you should know before you buy kettlebells.

There are a few reasons for buying your own kettlebell. They are a way cheaper investment than a gym membership. Most people do not realize that gym memberships are really unnecessary. The effort of going to a gym itself stops more people from working out than anything else.

If you wish to run, run outside. If you wish to do weight training, get some equipment and keep them at home. You will be able to use them for years and years without having to fork out a cent more.

Kettlebell training is best done barefoot and you can train barefoot at home. Most gyms don’t allow this except maybe the hardcore gyms that are full of bodybuilders, but those are so intimidating that most people would think twice before entering one.

So yes, buying a set of kettlebells would be a good decision.

Bear This in Mind Before You Buy Kettlebells

Not all kettlebells are made equal. Cheaper or more expensive is not always better and since these are lifetime investments it would be best to pay a little more to get a good model.

Generally, the kettlebell must have handles that are smooth. You will be swing and jerking the kettlebell during your exercises. If the handle are not perfectly smooth, the skin on your palms and even between the thumb and index finger is going to get chafed, abrasions or even tear.

Good kettlebells are made with a strong, sturdy high quality construction. You do not want kettlebells with wobbly handles or suspicious construction.

Another technical aspect that many people are not aware of is that the distance between the bell and handle is important. It has to be perfect because many kettlebell exercises flip the weight behind. If the distance is not correct, tremendous stress is placed on the wrist. In the long run, your wrist joint may be affected negatively.

The coating on the bell also matters. Only good quality paint should be used. Cheap paint will chip or flake off. Annoying and in some cases dangerous if the paint flakes off and falls in your eye during your workout.

Another point to note is the base of the kettlebell. It must be perfectly flat with a solid iron base. That means the kettlebell has a low center of gravity and is very stable. This is an essential requirement because many kettlebell exercises require the kettlebell to be on the floor.

Another mistake people make is buying kettlebells made of plastic. Don’t do that. Period.

Some kettlebells have rubber bases. Make sure that if your kettlebell has a rubber base, it can be removed because for some exercises the kettlebell needs to be on the floor and stability is crucial.

Next up, we have the question of weight.

How Heavy Should the Kettlebells That I Buy Be?

This depends on your strength level. However, the minimum weight a man should aim for is 35lb or 16kg. For a woman, the minimum weight would be 18lb or 8kg.

Kettlebells can range in price with some being very pricey. If your budget allows it, you may get kettlebells of varying weights. Just bear in mind the important tips mentioned earlier and always know that these will last a long, long time so do invest wisely in them.

Learn More About Kettlebells by Watching:

Get 20 of the Best Kettlebell Exercises on Video for Free

Some people learn better by watching and examples. If this is you then you’ll want to go to the top of the page at http://MyFitneessNut.com and subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter. When you do, you’ll get a full body workout with 20 of the best Kettlebell Exercises on video. They’re yours to enjoy, so go get them now while we’re still giving them away.