Anti-Cellulite Diets

Anti-Cellulite Diets

The anti-cellulite diet plan is available to everyone.

Cellulite has a very bad reputation and a lot of nicknames to go with it. “Lumpy”, “bumpy”, “dimply”, “cottage cheese”, “orange rinds”, etc. are all terms used to describe the appearance of skin that has cellulite beneath it. The anti-cellulite industry is a multimillion dollar industry because women are desperate to get rid of their bumpy-lumpy dimples.

There are miracle creams, laser treatments, and books on dealing with cellulite, special diets, massage therapy and many other ways that purportedly treat cellulite effectively.

Most of these methods are ineffective, do not have any lasting effects and are just a drain on the wallet and emotions. Disappointment and regret often follow when women put their faith in these scams and poor products.

In this article, we’ll examine if anti-cellulite diets work. These apply to pills, and special diets formulated for women specifically addressing the cellulite issue. Before we go any further, the answer is neither a yes nor a no. It lies somewhere in between.

Anti-Cellulite Diets – No Different Than an Anti-Fat Diet

The first point to note about cellulite is this – it is fat. Cellulite is nothing more than fat pushing up against your skin. These fat pockets push up against the connective tissues beneath your thin skin and that causes the dimpled and bumpy appearance. Men do not normally have cellulite because their skin is thicker and more porous. The tissues beneath their skin are also connected differently.

Since cellulite is nothing more than fat, exercise and a healthy diet will get rid of cellulite easily and very effectively. It may be argued that slim women show signs of cellulite too. This is a fallacy. Many slim women have a high body fat percentage and low lean muscle mass. They are what are known as “skinny fat” in the fitness industry.

A woman who does her cardio and resistance training aimed at the thighs, legs and buttocks will have toned muscles in those areas. Once that happens they have lower chances of gaining fat in those areas. Less fat means less cellulite. It’s that simple.

The Best Anti-Cellulite Diet is Exercise and a Healthy Diet to Follow

So if all you need is a healthy diet and exercise to get rid of cellulite, why are there pills and special fad diets on the market?

Simple. To get your money. Women spend more than 12 million a year on treating cellulite. That is not chump change and many companies want in on the action. Nevertheless, the solution is very simple and straightforward.

Anti-Cellulite Diets are No Different Than a Fat Loss Diet

Avoid sugary and sweet foods, carbs that have a high GI, caffeine, sodas and other foods that will pile on the pounds. Most women usually know what those foods are but still indulge anyway.

If you wish to get rid of your cellulite, you will have to make these sacrifices. Limit the consumption of these foods to once a week.

It would be a good idea to limit your salt intake too. Sodium causes water retention and makes you feel bloated.

Consume flaxseed and kelp regularly. Collagen keeps your skin firm and taut. Flaxseed promotes collagen growth and 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil a day is sufficient. Kelp makes your body burn about 10 percent more fat. You may buy dried kelp and cook it or just purchase kelp supplements from a health store.

Include Plenty of Water in Your Anti-Cellulite Diet

It goes without saying that you need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for a glowing complexion, healthy skin and to flush out toxins. One ounce or 30ml for every 2 pounds of body weight is a good goal to set for your water consumption.

Basically, this is all you need for an anti-cellulite diet. Keep it healthy and clean. Natural foods and not processed foods. Get some moderate exercise daily and you’ll be well prepared to keep cellulite at bay while feeling happy and healthy at the same time.