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Stay Fit, Happy and Healthy Through Exercise

Exercise is good for us. By now, almost everyone knows this fact. Exercise can improve, among other things:

  • Your health
  • Your mood
  • Your stamina
  • The way you look
  • How you age
  • The overall quality of your life

Yet, for all that, exercising still remains an unexplored activity to many people all over the world. Are we that much of a “creature of comfort” that we’ll avoid exercise even when we know about the many benefits of doing so?

Whether it is due to a lack of motivation (exerting physical effort requires discipline, something that some sadly don’t have a lot of), a lack of time, or a lack of interest in staying fit and healthy (depression can do this). The fact is there is no better time to implement a healthy exercise regimen than now. Not tomorrow. Now.

Need more convincing? Let’s dissect some of the major reasons for doing so below.

Exercise for Your Health

As we all know, how we go on with our day to day lives is in accordance with the state of our health. Proper and enduring exercise can prevent weight gain. Engaging in physical activities burns calories, and the more intense you go, the better the outcome will be.

Exercising keeps your blood smoothly flowing. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, there’s wide range of health problems or medical conditions (stroke, diabetes, depression, arthritis, etc.) that could be prevented by a good exercise routine.

Exercise for Your Mood

The brain releases different chemicals that affect your mood. After a good session of working out or just exercising, your brain will release “feel good” chemicals (hormones and neurotransmitters) such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and adrenaline. So, you’ll feel good and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. In addition, your muscles will be more relaxed, taking away your tensions and stress.

Exercise for Your Stamina

Exercising keeps your body going and it improves your stamina by training your body to use less energy for the same amount of work. When you have a sustained exercise routine, your heart rate and breathing rate go back to normal levels faster after a strenuous activity.

You’ll never be wheezing even if you engage in various kinds of sports or workout. Climbing several flights of stairs is a breeze too. You’ll feel light and energetic because exercising daily gives your body the ability to recover fast, even after stressful activities.

Exercise for Your Appearance

Exercise improves blood circulation and pumps oxygen to the skin, giving your face a healthier, younger, and more attractive look. Sweating clears the pores and helps remove the toxins from your body. Scientists also believe that lack of exercise affects the ageing process of people’s faces. There’s also the matter of weight loss.

Exercise for Anti-Aging Benefits

Studies have shown that exercising may actually reverse biological aging that takes place in muscle cells.

The proven, long-lasting benefits of exercise for people with arthritis are clear according to Patience White, MD, Chief Public Health Officer of the Arthritis Foundation. This study results further emphasize the importance of leading an active lifestyle.

Weight-bearing exercises like jumping, running, or brisk walking can help us keep our bones stronger. This is great news especially for women, who can be more prone to osteoporosis.

Exercise for Your Quality of Life

Exercise has been reported to improve all the areas of a person’s life: overall health, energy, mental health, social interaction, and emotional well-being. As you can see, the benefits of exercising are all interconnected.

If you want to improve the quality of your life, you can learn more about various exercise techniques by going through the articles below. And if you haven’t already, sign up for the free My Fitness Nut Newsletter at for some great tips and free exercise workout programs.


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