Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Keep it real with your yoga routine doing the tree pose.

The poet Joyce Kilmer once wrote about trees this way: “I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree… a tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray.”

In Hatha Yoga, we have the Tree Pose, or Vrksasana in Sanskrit (vrsksa = tree, asana = pose) which reminds us of the importance of keeping it real and staying grounded while on our quest to fitness.

Qualities of the Tree Pose

In essence, that’s what the Hatha Yoga Tree Pose upholds – the development of a deep and underlying sense of spirituality that’s rooted in the centering of your core, while appreciating the need for a higher power in order to achieve totality of development. If that sounds a little bit metaphysical for you, no worries. There’s a more basic description of what the tree pose is all about and that is solidity in being rooted or grounded.

This [tree pose] is awesome for acquiring a sense of balance. Have you noticed how the clumsiness of some can diminish their sense of worth because of intolerance and name-calling? The tree pose can help you develop physical stability, such that the sense of control generated also stabilizes your mental processes, and sense of self. Great for developing fitness on three levels: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Remember that Hatha Yoga is unlike other health and wellness disciplines. In Hatha Yoga, it’s not just the physical body that is given importance. It’s the overall well-being and functioning of the mind, body, and spirit in balance, in order to avoid susceptibility to illness.

The Tree Pose is one of the postures that can help you more easily achieve such a fitness goal.

Demonstration of the Yoga Tree Pose

Benefits of the Tree Pose

  • Mental – this pose is primarily about the improvement of your sense of balance, not just physically, but also mentally. This means that regular practice of this pose will help you weigh issues more judiciously and act accordingly.
  • Physical – the focus of this pose is on the thighs. It can provide great relief for those who have sciatica. It stretches the shoulders and chest, and the inner thighs, as well as the groin. It’s also beneficial for the ankles, legs, thighs, and spine.
  • Spiritual – this pose is advantageous for those who feel disconnected. The grounding provided by the Tree Pose restores serenity.

Safety Alert

This pose is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, headaches or migraines, and those who suffer from insomnia.

Now that you’ve learned Hatha Yoga’s “Tree Pose” you will on your way to being solidly rooted and can begin to concentrate on the other 69 Hatha Yoga video demonstrations that you’ll have when you subscribe to the Newsletter. Next on our list of yoga poses we have the “Eagle Pose” that can help you soar high as you move towards your fitness goals.