How to Make Walking More Fun

How to Make Walking More Fun

If you think about it, there are lots of ways to make walking more fun.

You know you should walk more, but sometimes it seems like such a chore. Are you trying to discover how to make walking more fun, so that you’ll guarantee you continue to practice this healthy and simple exercise? There are tons of ways to creatively make walking more fun and enjoyable, and when you practice the fun walking tips below, you will find yourself looking forward to your regular hikes.

Get a Dog to Make Walking More Fun

Get a dog. Animal shelters are full of friendly canines that are looking for a good home. In this way you may actually be saving a life while also providing yourself with a walking companion which can increase your sense of security as well. And since dogs require frequent walking, this helps you stick to a regular routine.

Enlist a Friend to Do Daily Walks With

Involve a friend. Many health experts say that you reach your fitness goals much more quickly when you get a friend involved. Since most people make friends with others who are a lot like themselves, chances are you know someone who would also like to add a walking regimen to their life. Get a friend, neighbor or family member involved in your exercise plan, and you will find yourself looking forward to your daily walks.

Listen to Podcasts or Your Favorite Music to Make Walking More Fun

Listen to your favorite podcast. Grab your earbuds and your MP3 player or smartphone, and use your walking time to catch up on your favorite podcasts. Feeding your mind while you lose weight and get in shape by walking is a great strategy to improve your overall health as you simultaneously stimulate your brain.

Start a Reward System to Make Walking More Fun

Pay yourself. Give yourself a set financial rate for walking. Perhaps you will reward yourself with $5 for every mile that you walk, or $1 for every 10 minutes. Physically pay yourself at the end of each walking session, and at the end of each month, use your walking “paycheck” to buy yourself a fun and rewarding gift.

Join a Group of Other Walkers or Hikers

Join a group. There are multiple hiking and walking groups in virtually every major city around the world. And if you do not have a group or organization dedicated to regular walking in your area, why not start one? This is a great way to socialize and have fun while positively impacting your overall fitness level.

Change Your Route to Make Walking More Fun

Discover new surroundings. Walking the same route around your neighborhood can quickly become boring. Get out and broaden your horizons by discovering a park beach, path or forest which is new to you. You can even substantially add to your walking enjoyment by simply choosing a new neighborhood or subdivision for your daily walk, and you may even meet and make new friends.

Get Your Family Involved to Make Walking More Fun

Family fitness is a win-win situation, but it may not be easy at first to get everyone to see the benefits of a family walking plan. Once each member of the family starts to look better and feel healthier, they will accept walking as a good thing, but getting to that point can be challenging. Engage your whole family with these tips:

  • Instead of just one person always walking the dog, make it a family affair and part of your daily family walking fitness plan.
  • Plan time in each day when the whole family goes for a walk. If time is not planned and coveted, it is easy for something else to take over that time slot.
  • Make a friendly competition out of walking. Before starting your walking family fitness plan, record everyone’s weight. Once a week, have everyone weigh again and note the progress made. Once your kids start to see their weight drop, they will see the value of exercising.
  • When going to the mall, park at the far end of the parking lot and walk in the rest of the way. Before shopping, take a few walking laps around the inside of the mall. Not only will your whole family get exercise going to and from the car, but they will also get exercise while walking in the mall.
  • If your kids like playing in the park, walk there (if fit is close enough) instead of driving.
  • On the weekends, plan a family hike. Educate yourself ahead of time so you can talk about what they are seeing on the hike. Not only will they get exercise, but they can learn something along the way.

Walking as a family does another thing – it makes each member accountable to the rest of the family. Nobody wants to be the one to let down the rest of the family, so everyone walks to avoid the disappointment.

Eat Healthy Because Making Walking More Fun is Only Half the Story

As good as walking is as a family fitness plan, it is only half the story; the other half is learning to eat healthy. Focus on your family eating healthy foods rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. As a point of interest, talk about how the vegetable of the night is good for them. One passive education tactic that works is to post an article you read that day on the refrigerator door that expounds on some benefits of walking, being fit or healthy eating.

A family walking fitness plan is not only a great way for the whole family to get some exercise, but what better way is there to spend some quality family time together. So have the family members get off the couch, put down the game controllers and get out and walk! The whole family together will make walking more fun.

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