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Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

The Kelly Osbourne weight loss success story.

Ozzy Osbourne is a man who needs no introduction in this world, being officially considered the face of heavy metal since 1969 when he and his band, Black Sabbath, released their first album. Over the years Ozzy has received a lot of coverage for his crazy antics, such as biting off the head of a bat while being on stage.

However, the media attention the rest of his family received is something to behold, especially recently when it comes to his daughter Kelly. There are a few old photos of her floating around, and the least that can be said is that she was a plentiful woman. However, it seems that a Kelly Osbourne weight loss miracle happened recently, as she followed a system thanks to which she lost fifty pounds.

The best part being that said system is now available for anyone else who wishes to duplicate her success.

Duplicate Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Success

Before looking into the system itself, it has to be said that it took Kelly more than just a couple of weeks in order to lose all her excess weight. She followed the training program put in place for her by pro trainer Sara Hagaman, and it took her a lot of strength and courage to finally drop the pounds and become fit again. While the system does indeed work, you should simply know that it doesn’t offer a magical solution to the weight problem.

About the Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss System

So how precisely does her system work?

For starters, you will need to acquire a Bosu balance trainer, a nine to fifteen pound Body Bar, and some dumbbells weighing between five and eight pounds each, although depending on your strength you can change up those variables.

It has to be added that while it would be preferable to have the Bosu trainer, it is by no means mandatory as there are ways to modify the system’s exercises to be doable without one.

The Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Exercise Routine

The exercising routine isn’t particularly hard as it only requires you to work out two to three times per week, maybe four if you are feeling particularly active. The routines start with a brisk warm-up that takes up about ten minutes of your time, and then you are going to be performing a single set of every move they teach you, one after the other.

What makes this system unique and effective is the fact that you don’t rest between sets, but you do mountain climbers, a cardiovascular exercise.

How does it make the system more effective?

Well, the longer you are performing an exercise, the more your body adjusts to it and the less calories it burns in order to go through with the required moves. By mixing up a cardio workout in between sets of muscle-building exercises you are preventing your body from adapting to anything, meaning it will constantly need to burn a lot of fat in order to keep up with the intense exercises you are performing.

The best part about the Kelly Osbourne weight loss program is that the workouts aren’t even that long, yet they still manage to make a size-able impact on the fat that you drop as well as your overall muscle development giving you strength and fitness.