Yoga | Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa

Let's take the confusion out of practicing yoga with this quick guide.

Quick Guide to Ashtanga Yoga

Practicing yoga can help you live a more peaceful life. In our chaotic world even our daily schedule can get overwhelming at times.

If you need a way to decompress and to get back in touch with yourself, yoga may be your answer.

 Different Types of Yoga

There are several forms or types of yoga, including Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga to name a few of the more popular ones; in this article, we focus on the classical Ashtanga (not to be confused with Ashtanga Vinyasa or Power Yoga). This type of yoga consists of three series of poses: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. While each series consists of a different set of poses, they all have two things in common: starting with the Sun Salutations, before moving to the first set in the series, and ending with back-bending, shoulder stand, headstand and the lotus.

The Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation series consists of eighteen poses that purify the body and restore health, along with preparing the body for the Primary series, also known as Yoga Chilkitsa or Yoga Therapy. From the Sun Salutation series, up to 75 different standing poses can be performed, depending on the routine developed by your instructor. Performing the total array takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours. The intent of the Primary Series is to prepare the body for the more difficult seated poses which follow next.

The Seated Poses

These poses require more concentration and coordination than other types of poses, if done correctly. They start out with the Dandasana pose where your legs are out in front of you. This is followed by three forward bend poses and a reverse plank. While the forward bends stretch out your back, the reverse plank stretches out the front of your body. Each series of poses are meant to build on the previous set. The workout ends with the Corpe Pose, signifying total relaxation of the body and mind.

The Need for Deep Breathing

Another element of Ashtanga is deep breathing called thoraco-diphragmatic breathing. By inhaling deeply, oxygen gets to parts of the body that are normally devoid of oxygen under normal breathing conditions. Forceful exhalation, by using the diaphragm, pulls the toxins out of the body with the outgoing air, thus detoxifying and restoring it to its original healthy state. This type of yoga not only develops your body by concentrating on aligning your spine, detoxifying and building stamina and flexibility, it also develops a healthy mind by increasing the awareness of your body.

Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha Yoga Video Series

With the proven benefits of yoga so well documented, health and fitness nuts everywhere are starting to practice these Hatha Yoga poses and they’re getting fantastic results.

Yoga is a Fast Growing Trend

Millions of people practice it and some doctors even prescribe it. So put on your Yoga pants and let My Fitness Nut show you these easy to learn Hatha Yoga poses that are great for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

From young to old, petite to extra large everyone can benefit from Yoga.

The nice thing about doing Yoga is that you don’t need any special equipment. Some comfortable clothing that will stretch with you or allow free movement and instructions on how to do the Yoga poses is all you really need to get started.

Most importantly though – Get yourself started!

Are you ready to get some or all of following yoga benefits?

  • Yoga exercises can help to tone your muscles and relieve tight muscles at the same time.
  • Yoga moves can increase your body’s mobility and even help to relieve back pain.
  • Yoga stretches can help you lose weight and increase your metabolism allowing you to naturally burn more calories and even boost your confidence.
  • Yoga postures can be beneficial during pregnancy and are perfect when you need to get back in shape following a pregnancy.
  • Overweight people can use yoga for weight loss.
  • Want to De-stress and relax your body? Strike a Yoga pose.
  • Children can benefit from Yoga sessions with you and can help correct issues like ADD without drugs and therapy sessions.

All in all, Yoga for women and men alike can benefit anyone and everyone regardless of their gender or their age. Yoga exercises are perfect for home, work and even travel. The biggest problem that people encounter is how to do these poses correctly.

Problem solved…

That’s where the Hatha Yoga for Beginners Training Videos becomes so valuable.

Hatha Yoga Beginners Program

Slip into some comfortable clothing or Yoga pants, a Yoga mat if you like and try to find a quiet space where you can follow along with the following Yoga poses. The entire 70 pose program is yours when you subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at the top of

The newsletter is free and so is the complete “Hatha Yoga Beginners Program” with 70 follow-along Yoga poses with individual instructions for each pose.

Get it now while we’re still giving it away!

Here’s what you’ll get in your video series:

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 1:

Childs Pose, Hamstring Stretch Right, Hamstring Stretch Left, Cat-Cow Pose, Downward Dog, Beginner High Plank, High Plank, Chaturunga, Cobra Upward Facing Dog and Beginners Flow

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 2:

Flow 2, Low Runners Lunge Left, Low Lunge Right, High Lunge Left, High Lunge Left, Warrior One Left, Warrior One Right, Warrior Two Left, Warrior Two Right and Standing Forward Bend

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 3:

Chair Pose Side, Chair Pose Front, Chair Pose Twist Left, Chair Pose Twist Right, Triangle Left, Triangle Right, Reverse Warrior Pose Left, Reverse Warrior Pose Right, Half Moon Left and Half Moon Right

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 4:

Extended Side Angle Left, Extended Side Angle Right, Revolved Side Angle Pose Left, Revolved Side Angle Right, Warrior Three Left, Warrior Three Right, Humble Warrior Left Side, Prayer Twist Left Side and Prayer Twist Right Side

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 5:

Wide Legged Forward Bend, Side Plank Left Side, Side Plank Right Side, Three Legged Dog Left, Three Legged Dog Right Side, Tree Pose Left Side, Tree Pose Right Side, Eagle Pose Left Side, Eagle Pose Right Side and Dancers Pose Front View

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 6:

Dancers Pose, Camel Pose, Fire Log Left Side, Fire Log Right Side, Seated Twist Left Side, Seated Twist Right Side, Pigeon Pose Left Side, Pigeon Pose Right Side, Seated Forward Bend and Cobblers Pose

Hatha Yoga Pose Training Series 7:

Revolved Head to Knee Stretch Left, Revolved Head to Knee Stretch Right, Thread the Needle Left, Thread the Needle Right, Bridge Pose, Happy Baby, Laying Twist Left, Laying Twist Right, Shavasana Pose and Namaste Yoga

If that looks like a lot to learn, it’s really not. You want to take it a little slow at first making certain that you do not do anything that could hurt yourself. You need to be the judge of what you can or can not do. Even better yet, enlist the help of a certified yoga instructor or take a yoga class. until you are comfortable in the fact that you are at least doing your basic yoga poses correctly.

All 70 Hatha Yoga Poses Come with Their Own Instructions

When doing your poses you may only be able to hold for a moment but when you keep doing them you’ll see those moments turning into seconds then turning into minutes. That’s a good feeling and you’ll want to share your accomplishments with other people.

Keep a Yoga Journal

Once you master the poses above you will want to challenge yourself on holding them a little longer with each session. It’s really motivating when you track your progress in a Yoga Journal (nothing fancy, just document it). You get to look back in time as you make the progress you’re sure to achieve by doing these Yoga poses.

The Most Important Thing about Yoga

Sure it’s nice to look great and feel good by having all the latest and greatest Yoga gear and that’s fine if that’s you. Do some shopping but don’t fool yourself into thinking your doing anything toward getting in shape until you start doing your yoga poses. The most important thing about Yoga is to get started doing the poses you are capable of right away.

Get the “Hatha Yoga Beginners Program” on Video

Get it now while were still giving it away! The newsletter is free and so is the complete “Hatha Yoga Beginners Program” with 70 follow-along Yoga poses and individual verbal instructions when you subscribe to the Newsletter.

You will never achieve your health and fitness goals if you keep getting ready to get ready! Flashy yoga pants and a high tech yoga mat are great and everything but they are not going to get you into the shape you want to be in. These Hatha inspired Yoga poses can, at your own pace, and directly from the comfort of well…

Wherever you are!

Enjoy and if you like what you see please let others know about it too.