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Green Tea and Weight Loss

Studies favor the use of green tea for weight loss.

The benefits of green tea for health in general have already been discussed at great length in scientific journals, the media, and even personal blogs which revolve around the subject of maintaining a healthy of way living.

All the fuss is far from being unwarranted, considering in particular that those who drink at least one cup of green tea every day are about six to seven times less susceptible to developing most types of cancer than those who don’t.

However, it seems that many have overlooked the existing relationship between green tea and weight loss; indeed, it seems that green tea is nothing short of being magical with all the benefits it bears for the human body.

Fortunately, we will not need to go into speculations to determine whether or not green tea can help with weight loss; clinical studies have already touched on the subject.

A 90 Day Study on Green Tea and Weight Loss

There is one placebo-controlled, randomized study in particular that was of great interest. All of the test subjects were considered as moderately overweight adults, and they were divided into two groups. Both of them would be subjected to the same routine and procedures, with the only difference being that one group would also consume 1,900mgs of green tea catechins (GTC), the main antioxidant found in the tea.

The study lasted a total of 90 days, and at the end it was observed that the group who had consumed the green tea catechins lost around 2.65 lbs. on average, and three quarters of an inch from their waist.

It is true that the results do not seem impressive at all at first sight (barely 3 pounds in three months), but they do warrant some further examination. None of the study’s participants were forced to make any changes to their diet, nor were they made to exercise; they simply lived in a way as to sustain their current form, with the only difference being that some of them ingested green tea.

As such, it is actually quite impressive that the green tea alone led to the weight loss as it usually takes a lot more than ingesting one ingredient to get people to lose weight.

A few other studies were also performed in an attempt to elucidate whether green tea and weight loss should be used in the same sentence, and all of them have found the same thing: green tea improves the body’s fat oxidation abilities, consequently leading to an increase in your metabolic rate and energy expenditure levels.

Cholesterol Levels Lowered While Using Green Tea for Weight Loss

In addition to that, it was observed that green tea reduces LDL cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol) while raising HDL cholesterol levels (as you can guess, the good cholesterol) as well as adiponectin, an important protein which prevents your body from becoming desensitized to insulin.

All in all, it can be said with great confidence that there exists a positive relationship between green tea and weight loss, and if you are looking for an easy to way to accelerate your journey to becoming fitter, slimmer and healthier, then you should definitely at least have a cup of it per day, or perhaps even think about investing in green tea-based supplements.