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Josh Peck Weight Loss

Here's the Josh Peck weight loss story.

Those of you who remember The Drake and Josh Show can also probably remember which one of them was the bigger boy (hint: it was Josh). As you can guess, saying that he was the bigger boy is somewhat of a euphemism. He had a real weight problem, and even though it made him look somewhat adorable as a kid, there was no question about whether it would come back to haunt him as an adult.

Nobody expected to see the Josh Peck weight loss miracle that occurred, especially because he was getting more and more used to playing the fat and chubby roles on the silver screen.

However, something amazing happened. It seems that the weight loss gods has struck once again, completely transforming Josh into a slim and fit person. Indeed, Josh Peck not only lost a bit of weight, but he actually lost enough of it to transform his entire body into something that belongs on a magazine cover. But why precisely did he do it? After all, considering the amount of fat comedians out there, he probably didn’t feel discriminated against.

The Reason Behind Josh Peck’s Weight Loss

According to Josh’s own words, he did it because of his son. He knew that for his own child, he would be the most important role model in the universe, and if he wasn’t to lose weight, he would send the wrong message to his kid. And so, he sucked up all the pain of exercising and not eating what he liked, which eventually paid off in ways he couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Josh Peck’s Weight Loss Turns Him into Role Model

On top of being a role model worth following for his son, he also inspired millions of kids around the world who have weight problems. In most cases, the obstacle which prevents them from losing weight is a lack of motivation stemming from the belief that weight loss just isn’t possible for them. By seeing Josh lose weight, they knew that it was not only possible, but that it would probably turn their lives around once it happened.

While certain comedians seem to lose their sense of humor along with their tummy, the case was far from being so for Josh Peck. Despite losing his weight and transforming his entire appearance, Josh still remains his same old self, and even after all the attention he has received, he still maintains that it doesn’t really matter how we look, only how we feel, and what we are ready to do in order to feel better.

While the Josh Peck weight loss story truly is a source of immense inspiration, it has to be mentioned that Josh wasn’t exactly the average Joe when he went on his weight loss program; he had the money and the time to have people following him around, making his food decisions for him and constantly reminding him to forgo his negative habits.

Heck, he even probably had his own fitness specialist along with him. However, it doesn’t mean making the same progress isn’t possible for you as well; you will simply have to take a more personal approach to it and harness the necessary self-discipline to get through with it.