Kettlebell Ab Exercises

Kettlebell Ab Exercises

It's true that Kettlebell ab exercises can really burn the body fat.

Kettlebell Ab Exercises: Belying the Myth of the Unbeatable Belly

Are Kettlebell ab exercises really effective? Can they really make the belly fat go away, and bring out a beautifully ripped abdomen from what used to be flabby midsection?

Too often, people grouse about the condition of their bodies, reserving their most reproachful words for their poor belly, conveniently forgetting that their abdomen didn’t balloon on its own.

Too much indulgence in the wrong kinds of food and a lack of fat-burning physical movement are the main causes for having a huge, flabby belly. Sometimes, other reasons can be pinpointed such as hormonal problems, slow metabolism, certain types of illness; but the situations they cause are few and far in between.

The Culprit – Calories and Couch Potatoes

It’s mostly excess calories and/or being sedentary that can cause fat to build up in the abdomen. Those affected have tried to go on diets and increase their cardio, hoping to achieve those fat-burning promises made by promoters of running, climbing, and other activities that are supposed to increase cardiovascular rate, and eventually burn fat.

While there have been instances of success reported, efforts to reduce abdominal fat have been futile for the most part. That’s because diets are hard to sustain. And exercise that is wrongly done is nearly the same as not exercising at all.

Other parts of the body may become leaner, but the flabby belly just stays there, making you look like Santa without the happy, welcoming smile.

When people saw that no positive changes happened despite their best efforts, they just gave up on trying to remove the fat from their midsection. And thus, the Legend of the Unbeatable Belly was born.

Interval Training with Kettlebell Ab Exercises

But, myths and legends are not reality. The reality is, Kettlebell ab exercises can beat that fat bullying belly and make it go away. The secret lies in the fact that Kettlebell ab exercises feature the use of Interval Training. This kind of exercise utilizes fluctuating levels of exertion that give most people no choice but to burn fat.

Interval training is important because it suppresses the production of cortisol, the stress hormone that has been identified as one of the reasons for the retention of fat in your midsection. Exercising for an hour using a constant rate doesn’t make the grade. It’s got to be interval training if you want to remove that stubborn fat on your abdomen.

And that’s where Kettlebell ab exercises would do just perfect, effectively belying the myth of the unbeatable belly. So, follow along to the Kettlebell Deadlift section and rise above your limitations.