Finding the Best Pre Workout Supplement

Things to think about when picking a pre workout supplement.

Things to think about when picking a pre workout supplement.Sometimes we may find ourselves easily swayed by impressive ads and glowing reviews. If you’re looking for the best pre workout supplement, you need to choose carefully. There are a lot of options available, and picking the right one can be just as challenging as picking the right workouts and exercise programs.

One of the best ways to help you choose the best pre workout supplement is to focus on the contents as they relate to what you want to personally accomplish.

The content labels of specialty pre workout supplements will generally have some, if not all, of these nutrients:

  • Arginine. This is an amino acid that maintains hormone and immune function, helps the kidney extract waste products from the body, and even helps your wounds heal. As a workout supplement, it helps because it changes into nitric oxide that boosts your blood circulation and helps blood vessels to relax.
  • Beta-Alanine. Working in partnership with creatine, beta-alanine can increase your strength and also enables you to work out longer. It also combines with histidine in your muscles to form carnosine. The carnosine is crucial for muscle recovery and gaining strength.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These are the combinations of three amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, and valine) popular among workout fanatics. Taking BCAAs can boost your energy and hasten muscle recovery. It also improves your stamina.
  • Caffeine. Just as a lot of people need caffeine to start their day, many people who work out take supplements that contain caffeine. Caffeine wakes up the nervous system and it helps to keep fatigue at bay. It can also help you maintain your focus but don’t overindulge. What’s important is not to use products with caffeine on the label because that is synthetic caffeine; use products that contain real plants that contain caffeine such as green tea for an example.
  • Citrulline. This is the duo of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid. As a combo it increases the volume of your cells. It also gets rid of ammonia in your body, thereby improving your blood flow and boosting your energy. It’s also a precursor to arginine.
  • Creatine. Depending on who you’re talking to, the best pre workout supplement will probably contain creatine, as many fitness buffs consider it a requirement for exercise workouts. It’s probably the most popular supplement of all time for bodybuilders. Creatine works by pulling water into your muscles cells. This gives a quick burst of energy in your body and makes it possible for you to do a few more reps.
  • Glycerol. This is converted by your liver into glucose, which your body uses as fuel. A lot of endurance athletes also love glycerol because of its hydrating benefits. It helps you to retain greater levels of fluids in your system, for a longer period of time. Body builders like it too because it improves vascular function; it dilates blood vessels.
  • Taurine. It pulls more water for better muscle pump. It also improves the strength and endurance of your muscles, and encourages the production of nitric oxide which then increases the blood flow to your muscles.

For the record, we’re not saying that testimonials are useless when you’re choosing the best pre workout supplement for you. But you shouldn’t just believe everything you read online (or offline for that matter). Read the product’s labels first, find out what it contains and then make a decision that fits your personal workout routine and health goals.

Nutrition Plan for Building Muscle

Here is how to develope a nutrition plan for building muscle.

Modern Nutrition Plan for Building Muscle Mass

Many people think that all it takes is more exercise and workouts to build muscle mass but there is a scientific way to build muscles that provide more effective results and faster. What many people miss is to implement a proven nutrition plan for building muscle to help make every bodybuilding repetition they do become more effective.

Fitness experts agree that your diet is more important to muscle building than your dedication to lifting weights but you need both working on your side to get the most out of either one. You need to workout on a regular schedule and you need a plan for getting muscle building nutrients into your body at the right time.

Putting Together a Nutrition Plan for Building Muscle

You can make this hard or you can make it easy. You don’t want to start eating an abundance of food or rely on any one food group. You’ll hear many people tell you that you need more protein while building muscle mass but you also need a balance of nutrients for your body to function at its best.

You never want to overload your system with one specific food group.

There are many nutrients that your body needs and if you’re striving for good health, then you best be consuming all of those nutrients. I hope that makes sense because all too many people get tied up in the protein consumption part of the muscle building equation and forget about nutrients that are so very important for their best overall health.

When start adding in more protein to your meal eating and depending on your gender and body size, you want to give yourself a 6oz to 8oz portion of meat per meal at most. Add to this meal whole wheat grain pasta, potatoes, brown and long grain rice. Then fill yourself up on all of the fresh vegetables that you want to eat.

Yes indeed, fresh and preferably raw vegetables like broccoli and carrots are a great choice due to their high nutritional value so fill up on all you want. And if you are vegetarian who avoids meat, use tofu in place of meat and add more nuts into your nutrition planning. Vegetarians as a rule need to be concerned about getting enough protein and even more so with vegans.

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Snacks and Meals

Your nutrition plan for building muscles should include eating 3 good meals per day along with 2-3 snacks. It’s a good idea to try to plan your meals so that you eat about every three hours or so throughout your day. When it comes to snacking, eating a handful of raw Almonds is a really good choice because they are loaded with protein and other valuable nutrients good for your all around health.


Other snack ideas for muscle building are to have a banana with a ten ounce glass of milk. Milk along with its many nutrients also supplies your body with needed protein and any fruits are a great pick for muscle builders to get a mid-day or morning or evening snack. Fruit always makes for a good option to add into your nutrition plan for building muscles.

A good way to keep your nutrition plan for building muscle working in your favor is to stock up on the foods you need to be eating a week, even two weeks in advance. Simply create a menu plan for a week or two in advance, stock the cupboards and you’ll have what you need on hand to through a few ingredients together when it’s time eat your meals and snacks.

Including Protein Supplements in Your Nutrition Plan for Building Muscle Mass

Protein supplements are a great way to add that much needed protein to your diet but you have to use some caution and common sense here. Many protein supplements do not contain the many other nutrients that your body requires for both muscle building and your health in general.

These are fine for “supplementing protein” as long as you are not using them as a complete meal replacement. If meal replacement is your intention then you would be smart to buy a product that is balanced and contains the wide variety of nutrients that your body needs.

Tip: Serious and competition bodybuilders require many more calories than the average person. Consuming 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day is common among this group and using high protein meal replacement shakes between meals are a good way to help pack in those extra calories along with getting nutrients that your body requires.

Building muscle correctly means that you need to take care of your entire body in all areas and get enough rest to regenerate and build up muscle. Be sure to get a good night sleep and be sure to take days off from muscle building like setting your schedule to one day on and one day off or limit your workouts to only three days a week.

Once set up, stick closely to your schedule because if you start missing your workouts on a regular basis, your previous muscle building activities will start reversing. This will make you work all that much harder for the same results you would have received by sticking to your plan. You want to be able to workout then recover, workout then recover and repeat it as close to clockwork as you can.

There’s a definite, purposeful and scientific method for gaining muscle mass effectively and by you having a good nutrition plan for building muscle is where you want to be. By fueling your body with the right nutrients you are providing your body with the energy you need to do your workout sessions and realize the muscle building goals that you are looking for.