Losing Weight with Positive Thinking

Losing weight with positive thinking has its merits.

Losing weight with positive thinking has its merits.Positive Thinking Can Help Win Your Battle In Losing Weight

Being positive allows us to do more things because we look at how it will be a good thing. This also applies to losing weight.

Many people don’ t get to lose weight because they look at how hard the workout sessions are, they can’t finish the session because they get tired easily, they cannot commit to the new diet plan, etc.

Positive thinking allows us to see that working out will make us stronger, finishing the sessions properly eventually improves our cardiovascular resistance and committing to the diet plan will make us healthier. Having a positive outlook will make it a lot easier for us to finish what we need to finish and more.

Being positive is half the battle for most of the time and that shows just how important a role it has for us to achieve our weight loss goals.

Positive = Happiness

When we are positive towards what we are doing, we tend to like it and see the benefits better. Being positive allows us to commit to the activity in the first place. Pessimism has never benefited anybody and having a positive disposition allows us to try more things and thus achieve more.

Even when we do not achieve our goals the first time, being positive allows us to review what we did so that we can turn a failure into something like training. Failure is just training towards perfection. I am not sure who said that but it does bring the point home. If you are positive enough to look at a failure as something like training, you will eventually perfect it and achieve your goals effortlessly.

Positive = Strength

Being positive makes us stronger because we will not feel down easily. Minor setbacks often derail the progress of many people who does not take things positively. They often just stop and give up without knowing that they only have to change their approach a little bit or push on a little more to achieve their goal.

It’s like giving up climbing to the top of Everest when you are just 100 feet away because you are tired. You often will not see the top until it is right there. The same applies to weight loss. People often give up a month away from their goal because they feel that it’s too much work.

Positive = Achievement

Being positive will ultimately lead us to achieve our goals. Edison would have not perfected the light bulb if he stopped after failing so many times. He stayed positive and he eventually got to his goal. Weight loss is a lot like every worthwhile endeavor. Being positive will allow us to finish in spite of all the hardships and sacrifices because we know that we will eventually reach our goal.

There are a lot more benefits of thinking positive when it comes to weight loss but these three basically makes the most sense. We are not losing weight just for the sense of losing weight. We are losing weight because we want to feel better, stronger and for some, as my former client said “just wants to look good in front of the mirror”. Whatever our real purpose is, positive thinking is definitely an important ingredient for us to reach that weight loss goal.

Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday While Losing Weight?

Weighing yourself every morning is not a good idea because your body will not really show much weight change on a daily basis. Even if you are working out regularly, the weight change will only be less than a pound anyway so most weigh scale will not really reflect it. Weight loss is something needs to have a plan and just like any investment, you will not see profit on a daily basis. Weighing yourself daily is not only pointless; it can affect your overall goal negatively.

Here are a few things that tend to happen when you weigh yourself everyday.

Loss of Interest

A lot of people watch infomercials and see a girl or guy lost, well at least claim to lose, 10 lbs. in a month. They think that as long as they put in the effort, they should see results on a daily basis. It just does not work that way and not all bodies are created equal.

Genetics can affect your weight lose quite a lot as well as diet so unless you have the same genes and diet as the people on T.V. you should not expect the same results. Losing 1 lb. a day is simply not achievable and sustainable. Now a lot of people tend to lose interest when they don’t see any change on the scale and simply stop.

Question the Routine

After a week of a diet plan, people are already expecting a change. After a month of working out, people expect a big difference. Sadly, it does not work that way. You have to give your body a chance to show you some results before you question the routine that you are following. Your body might be building some muscle tissue which is a good thing because it will allow your body to burn more fat cells. That change will not reflect in the scale but you will see a lot of difference because of this in the coming weeks.

Go On A Crash Diet

A crash diet is one of the worst things that you can get your body in to. Sure, you will get thinner but you’re not healthy. The overall goal of losing weight is to get healthier and not to push your body to the hospital. Many people tend to go on a crash diet if they don’t see regular lose on the scale. Sure, a crash diet will make you lose pounds quickly but what good is a slim body if you’re in a hospital?

Those are just a few of the possible side effects of weighing yourself daily. You can say that you will never get to the point that you will do these things but we know that when we don’t seem to get what we want, we tend to do things that we don’t normally do.

An important point to remember is that the number one cause of weight loss failure is inadequate nutrition and going on a “crash diet” will only exacerbate the problem. The best weight management program will provide an abundance of nutrients that your body needs to balance, drop the fat and keep it off.

Losing weight is a good thing as long as it is done properly and without forcing it. The point of losing weight is to be healthier so don’t do it in an unhealthy way. Simply put, weighing yourself daily is not a good idea if you want to use positive thinking to help you win your battle to losing weight.


Your Diet Plan

If you mess up, it's not too late to get your diet plan back on track.

What to Do If You Blow Your Diet Plan and How to Get Back on Track

If you stay on your healthy eating plan long enough, it will happen to you – guaranteed! You’ll blow your diet plan.

The key is to not let that one event define you and to get right back on your healthy eating diet plan. It is like riding a bike; when you fell off of it the first time, what did you do? You got right back on and learn to ride! It is the same with a diet plan.

Most of the big holiday parties are past us now (for this year), but we still have birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and vacations to endure during the rest of the year. To help you minimize the “damage” from overeating at one of these events, here are 6 ways to handle occasional overeating:

1) Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Your Diet Plan

You can’t “undo” what happened, so why dwell on it. Instead, focus your energy again on eating right. A one-time overeating binge may affect your weight loss for that week, but it doesn’t blow your whole dieting plan. If you do gain weight, a good portion of it will be water weight from the additional salt. It will flush out of your system in a couple of days.

2) Think of the Bigger Picture

Many dieters see their diet plan as a daily thing when in fact researchers have found that we typically tend to eat more on the weekends. So if you overate on a weekday, count that as one of your weekend days when you usually eat more calories anyway. Just be sure to make one of your weekend days a regular weekday instead.

3) Eat a Healthy Breakfast on Your Diet Plan

I know, the last thing you want to do when you feel bad about overeating the day before is to eat again now. But eating within 30 minutes of getting out of bed sets the tone of your metabolism for the rest of the day. By eating a healthy breakfast you are burning calories right away.

4) Do An Extra Workout for a Mental Commitment to Your Diet Plan

Granted, one extra workout is not going to totally erase the extra calories you had yesterday; it will do more for your mental state than physical, but it helps you get back in the right frame of mind. A step aerobics class or a light strength training session burns off a few of those extra calories, but its real value is refocusing you toward your goal.

5) Go Back to Your Diet Plan

Get back on track. If you normally eat three light meals per day with a healthy snack in the morning and at night, continue that regimen. There is a common tendency to start skipping meals/snacks as a way to “compensate” for yesterday’s overeating. Don’t succumb to these feelings. What you were doing before was working, so stick to your eating and exercise plan.

One bad day is not life altering. Don’t make more out of it than it is – merely a hiccup in your overall plan.

6) Drink Plenty of Water on Your Diet Plan

Hydrating does a couple of things. First by drinking your 64 ounces of water throughout the day (optimally one ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight), it keeps you full so you have less tendency to overeat again. Second, it helps flush fat and toxins from your system.

Drinking the right amounts of water each day is probably the single most important thing you can do for both weight-loss and your overall health. Read “How to Make Water a More Enticing Beverage” if you’re one of those people who have a hard time getting enough water into your diet plan on a daily basis.

About the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has good and bad points to it.

The Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular diets and thousands of people have reported benefits by going on the Atkins diet. Even famous celebrities have come out and vouched for its effectiveness.

The Atkins diet is indeed effective because it uses nutrition principles that are very sound.

The Atkins diet also known as the ‘fry up’ diet strictly limits the amount of carbohydrates consumed to the bare minimum. This is the key principle behind the Atkins diet. It aims to make the body convert the stored body fat to energy instead of using glucose as a source of energy. This is known as ketosis.

What You Can Eat on the Atkins Diet Plan

Food will be restricted but you will be able to eat foods that other diets will never recommend. You will be allowed to eat oily and fatty foods but will not be allowed to consume carbs or foods which contain sugar. You are forbidden from eating foods like white bread, pasta, cakes, etc.

You are allowed to eat any kind of meat, fish and shellfish. It does not matter if the meat is fatty. In fact, eating fats are encouraged in the Atkins diet. Most vegetables are allowed on the Atkins diet except the starchy types of vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn.

You may eat butter but margarine is not allowed. It is recommended that you consume fish oils or omega 3 supplements. In fact, you may eat cheese, creams, sauces, condiments and spices as long as they are low in carbohydrates and do not contain sugar.

The Atkins Diet Plan Totally Rules Out Sugar

There are no restrictions on beverages either. However, as mentioned earlier, your beverages should not contain sugar. Even natural sugars like honey are not allowed on the Atkins diet. Artificial sweeteners are fine but controversial in regards to the health and safety of them. Try stevia leaf instead.

All these requirements make the Atkins diet very effective. Just cutting out the high GI foods itself is a very effective measure. The body will not experience insulin spikes and blood sugar levels will be constant. This will make fat loss easier and it will be more difficult to gain fat.

Sugar is detrimental to any weight loss program if it exceeds the daily requirement. Many people drink their calories from sodas, sweetened fruit juice, etc. The Atkins diet puts an end to unnecessary calorie consumption from sweetened drinks.

That’s the Biggest Problem of the Atkins Diet

The problem with the Atkins diet is that it restricts the unrestricted carbs for life. Any diet that uses restrictions will not be effective for the long run.

There may be occasions when you feel like having a plate of pasta or a pizza. However, if you are doing the Atkins diet, you will not be able to eat these kinds of foods.

This may be inconvenient and in some cases, the self-denial may cause you to binge on junk food. Cravings may reach a point that you just have to satisfy them and when you do, you will likely go overboard.

The best way to lose weight will be to adopt a healthy diet that does not have extreme restrictions. Eat sensibly and have a  good exercise program in place. If you are maintaining a calorie deficit daily then having a pizza every now and then can’t hurt. Life is meant to be enjoyed and having a meal that you crave occasionally shouldn’t be a sin.


Online Weight Loss Programs

With the internet we now have online weight loss programs available.

Are Online Weight Loss Programs Right for You?

Anyone who has taken the time to examine the options available on the weight loss market right now has probably noticed that most of said options consist of workout routines and dieting plans. They pretty much all function in the same way, providing you with the template you need to follow, and in some cases, additional books and reports which are very rarely of any use.

While this approach may work for some people, it has failed countless others for two reasons: it doesn’t provide any flexibility, nor does it provide you with any motivational support. However, it seems that the situation is slowly being remedied as more and more online weight loss programs are being put in place.

What’s Better: Online Weight Loss Programs or Traditional Methods?

To answer the question above, it’s necessary to understand the principles behind an online weight loss program, how it differs from traditional methods, and whether or not that makes it better.

While the exact method of functioning may differ from program to program, most of them start by having you provide experts information about yourself, or more precisely, your physical attributes. Some of them even go the extra mile and determine your body type.

Depending on the answers you will have provided, you will then be given a dieting and/or exercising template that has been specially designed for you. In other words, you will be following a weight loss program customized to your needs and abilities.

That’s pretty much what makes online weight loss programs different from their traditional counterparts; their ability to adapt themselves to their users. But how come online programs are able to do that?

Well, when you are providing information about yourself it is examined by, at least in most cases, real weight loss experts who make a living out of helping people lose weight. In other words, instead of being provided with a lifeless program that “should” work, you will get one that is guaranteed to.

Online Weight Loss Programs are Flexible

In addition to being much more flexible, online weight loss programs also offer much better support to those who follow them. There are generally experts available for online live support chat, without forgetting that online programs always have some kind of forum where its members can interact with each other, get answers to their questions, ask for some advice, and most importantly, obtain moral support.

While it may sound somewhat silly or cliche’, the fact is that if you see for yourself that there are other people out there with the same problems as you, giving the same solution a shot, you will feel much more confident about being able to go through with losing the weight that has been dragging you down for ages.

All in all, if what you are looking for is simply a dieting menu combined with an exercising regime, then by all means, you should stick to traditional methods. However, if what you are looking for are systems which offer a flexible and personalized approach to your problem, then online weight loss programs are definitely the way to go.


Physicians Weight Loss

Tips based on physicians weight loss recommendations.

How a Physician Can Help you with Weight Loss

Different people have different methods of going about weight loss; while some try extreme diets, other people simply start jogging in the mornings.

Needless to say, most people end up trying a number of different dieting methods before they see some actual results; there is no one way to lose weight that will work for everyone. However, there is something, or more precisely, a type of person out there who can help literally anyone lose weight; physicians.

For physicians weight loss is as familiar as the palms of their hands; many dedicate their lives to specifically helping people with weight problems, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that they cannot help you as well.

Physicians Weight Loss Evaluation

Before looking into how a physician can help you to lose weight, let’s have a look at what a physician does. To sum things up in a nutshell, a physician is someone who is capable of evaluating you, placing a diagnosis on what is wrong, and making recommendations pertaining to improving and maintaining your health.

While many of them remain general practitioners, others choose to specialize themselves in different fields of health and medicine, and you guessed it, weight loss is one of those fields. Depending on which physician you are going to see, the way your problems will be treated may be different; some of them go as far as specializing themselves in a specific treatment methods.

In any case, how exactly can physicians help with weight loss?

To start things off, they can evaluate your physical condition better than you could ever hope to yourself. They can tell you what kinds of deficiencies you have in your body, whether there are organs malfunctioning in it, how in shape you are, and most importantly, what you need to do in order to get better.

First, this means that you can use the physician’s advice to safely put together a dieting plan for yourself… heck, many of them can even do it for you. Second, the information they provide you about yourself will allow you to design a workout regime that will challenge you without pushing you over the limit.

Why Use a Physicians Weight Loss Advice?

But why should you bother with a physician when you can easily purchase diet menus and exercising plans off the internet?

Well, there is one thing a physician can do for you which not a single program out there can: he or she will offer advice and diagnosis specific to your case.

All the diets and exercising plans out there are not exactly guaranteed to work, even if they do happen to be legitimate. With a physician, you are always going to be confident knowing that every single set of exercises you do and every meal you eat has been specially planned to help you out.

The Physicians Weight Loss Recommendation

All in all, to sum things up, for many physicians weight loss is what they have dedicated themselves to, meaning they have more knowledge and experience dealing with it than practically anyone else on Earth.

They can give you counsel pertinent to your specific case on how to lose weight in the most effective way… if there is one kind of person who can help you drop the pounds safely, naturally and at a good pace, it’s a physician.

The only caution when following a recommended physicians weight loss program is when they recommend diet pills or weight loss surgery; in which case you may want to learn more about that and even get a second and if needed, a third opinion.


Perfect Weight Loss Smoothies

Excellent weight loss smoothies you can use to get fit.

Tips to Making the Perfect Weight Loss Smoothies

The power of smoothies has been underestimated for many years by people, but as it happens, they can be made into an extraordinary source of fiber and nutrients while not containing much fat or calories.

However, what many people ignore is that making weight loss smoothies isn’t something you can just do by mixing fruits and vegetables together; there is a way that needs to be followed, and to help you out here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when making your weight loss smoothies.

Weight Loss Smoothies Tip #1 – Try to Avoid Sweeteners

Regardless of which kind of sugar you want to add to your smoothie, even a little bit of it will make it harder for you to lose weight. On the other hand, you can use natural sweeteners, such as ripe bananas for example, to make your smoothie delicious without having to worry about the fat and calories it contains.

Stevia is also a great natural sweetener that contains no calories per serving, it’s not a dangerous chemical based artificial sweetener, it’s not sugar, but it has an extremely sweet taste and only a tiny amount is used in comparison to sugar.

Weight Loss Smoothies Tip #2 – Use Only Fresh Foods

You should definitely avoid buying packaged, canned or marinated foods for your smoothies. In most cases, they have much less of a nutritional value than fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, buying fresh and organic vegetables can get a little expensive; if you are looking for a way to save money, simply go for the frozen versions, or perhaps you could purchase them in bulk when in season and freeze them yourself.

Weight Loss Smoothies Tip #3 – Saying Goodbye to Dairy Products

Regardless of how delicious they may be, dairy products are a great source of fat and calories, even including the all the yogurts that are dubbed as being “healthy”. The only necessary nutrient they provide you with is calcium, and you can compensate for it by mixing oranges, figs, dandelion greens and chia seeds into a smoothie with more calcium than milk could ever dream of providing you with.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and they contain a natural compound that cut hunger cravings and give you a nice satisfied feeling.

Weight Loss Smoothies Tip #4 – Go Easy on the Fat

While your body does need a certain amount of fat in order to function properly, you should definitely limit the amount you put in your weight loss smoothies to “a tiny bit”.

Apart from the fact that even good fat will hinder your weight loss efforts, putting too much of it in a smoothie with fruits will make you feel very bloated, not to mention it will cause you to pass some intense gases.

You should get the fat you need by eating coconuts, nuts and avocados separately from your smoothies.

Weight Loss Smoothies Tip #5 – Don’t Make Smoothies Your Only Solution

While weight loss smoothies can definitely help you to lose a lot of weight and keep your body full of the nutrients it needs to function properly, simply drinking them won’t be enough.

In order to lose weight at a noticeable pace, you need to burn more calories than you are taking in, and that can only be achieved if you dedicate yourself to following some kind of diet and exercise workout plan.

Unfortunately, there is no effortless solution for losing weight, at the moment at least, and smoothies are one piece of the entire puzzle… although that certainly doesn’t make them any less important. You can learn more about different types of smoothies for weight loss at http://MyFitnessNut.com and be kept up to date with the newest in health and fitness when you subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter.


Fasting for Weight Loss

Is fasting for weight loss a good or bad idea?

Scientists have been shoving it down our throats for years, and by now pretty much everyone knows that losing weight is all about the calories. If you want to see a reduction in your body fat, you need to burn more calories than you are ingesting every day.

Forcing your body to dig into its own fat resources to accommodate its energy needs is, aside from surgery, the only way to drop the fat. However, making that happen is a bit more of a complicated process, but many people ignore that.

As a result, they have taken the above theory to certain extremes, with many people deciding that fasting for weight loss is the best way to go; they won’t be taking in any calories at all, meaning the body will always have to dig into its resources for its energy requirements.

Just like most ambitious plans, this one sounds logical until it is put to the test.

Is Fasting for Weight Loss Practical?

On top of requiring calories in order to function, your body also needs a large number of nutrients to support the different processes happening within itself. To remain strong and healthy, you need iron, dozens of vitamins and minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, and much more.

As you can guess, the body doesn’t keep those ingredients in reserve as it does fat, meaning that by fasting you are actually going to be making your body less and less healthy with each passing day. At some point, your immune system won’t be able to function properly any more, leaving you wide open to any number of nefarious diseases.

But let’s pretend for a second that nutrients aren’t a problem, and that you have managed to fast for a certain amount of time and have a lost a lot of weight. At this point, two questions need to be asked:

Where did the lost weight come from?

How long will you be able to keep up these results?

To answer the first question, while it is true that much of the lost weight will have come from fat, some of it will be important lean muscle mass, and losing muscle doesn’t make you healthier in any way.

As for the second question, simply imagine the moment at which your diet ends and you discover that you have lost, say, twenty pounds. What is the first thing you are going to do?

Chances are that you will want to gorge yourself in a ton of food. Well, putting aside the fact that your stomach would simply burst for not being used to digest anything for a while, you will also find all of the weight you thought to have lost.

Once the diet will be over, your body will do everything in its power to get itself out of the state it considers to be abnormal in order to return to how things were before you started fasting for weight loss.

All things being said and done, fasting for weight loss is definitely not the way to go, regardless of how bad you want results; in the end, you will only end up hurting yourself with the weight coming right back on, minus the muscle loss, as fast as it left your body.


Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

These are good healthy foods to lose weight with.

Five Tasty and Healthy Foods to Lose Weight to Brighten Up your Menu

It seems that far too many people these days associate weight loss with being reduced to following a diet of bread crumbs and water. Thankfully, in reality things are far from being that bad, especially since it was discovered that many of our favorite foods can still be eaten while on a diet if you were to simply use different ingredients for them.

Here are a few healthy foods to lose weight which you should definitely think about including in your diet.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Tip #1 – Raspberries

Regardless of whether or not you actually like them, the fact remains that raspberries are full of a very important enzyme called ketones. This is the enzyme which your body naturally produces in order to break down fat and turn it into energy.

By putting more raspberries in your diet you are effectively going to increase your body’s metabolism, raising the rate at which it burns fat, effectively losing weight faster than before.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Tip #2 – Green Tea

While it wasn’t conclusively proven beyond all doubt, recent clinical studies strongly suggest that green tea has some tremendous weight loss benefits, especially when combined with an exercising regime. As it turns out, green tea is full of antioxidants and various other ingredients which help with fat oxidation.

Otherwise said, green tea contains ingredients that help the human body process fat and turn it into energy at a faster rate, which as you can guess, helps with weight loss.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Tip #3 – Papaya

Sweet cravings are something that definitely needs to be addressed when making up your diet plan, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

The answer, in this case, is to substitute your sweets with fruits, such as the papaya for example. Being sweet, very light, and extremely beneficial for your health (containing tons of vitamin C, A and iron), the papaya is the perfect way to keep your impulses at bay all while strengthening your system.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Tip #4 – Cucumbers

Even though cucumbers may not be able to bring too much to the table in terms of nutrition, they are capable of doing something that not too many other foods can; they can make you feel nice and full without taking up a lot of calories. It would be wise not only to use cucumbers in your salad, but also to eat some before your meals as well as during your snacks to prevent yourself from eating too much, or to suffer from hunger cravings.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Tip #5 – Oats

Finally, because every list of healthy foods to lose weight needs to include a proper source of fiber, there are oats. As most of you already know (but have probably forgotten), oats are a great source fiber, they are great at making you feel full, not to mention that clinical studies have actually proven that they have some benefits for weight loss.

You would do best to eat some oatmeal for breakfast, perhaps even for lunch while you are at work with the help of instant oatmeal packets. Whatever oats you choose to eat, make sure that they are sugar-free; you can add your own ingredients such as fruit to it if you want it sweetened and enjoy variety.

You can learn more about healthy foods to lose weight and other great diet tips at http://MyFitnessNut.com and subscribe the My Fitness Nut Newsletter to get the most recent updates concerning diets, fitness and weight loss.


Dramatic Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss from a dramatic plan.

Lately we have been bombarded in the news about stories of how various people, practically all of them well-known celebrities, have managed to go through a dramatic weight loss program.

For instance, there is Josh Peck who has recently slimmed down into an attractive young man after playing the role of the fat comedian for years, there is Jessica Simpson who lost 60 pounds not long ago, Kelly Osbourne who made some tremendous progress and has put in place her own fitness program; just to name a few.

Are Dramatic Weight Loss Stories Encouraging?

While it is indeed encouraging to hear and read about all of those stories, they do have a negative effect on people, even it seems like they should be doing the contrary. Those who are truly in need of dramatic weight loss often look for these stories, and end up coming to the same conclusion that the only reason those people could lose their weight was the time and money they all have in abundance.

That’s probably not being too far from the truth either.

Getting Paid $100,000 Plus Per Pound for Dramatic Weight Loss?

Yes, it is true that those celebrities had a much easier time than anyone else losing weight as they have the money to hire an army of fitness experts, nutritionists, psychologists, and perhaps even “Yes! men” to help them keep their morale up.

Additionally, celebrities get paid by weight loss program companies big money to lose a significant amount of weight in exchange for sponsor support of their programs. Multiple six figure bankrolls for every pound lost… Just how motivated would you be to achieve dramatic weight loss if you were getting paid $100k plus for every pound you lost?

I bet you’d be pretty darn motivated too.

However, just because they took the easy road doesn’t mean it’s the only one… far from it. The reason as to why only celebrities seem to be reported on when they make drastic weight loss progress, is because they are already celebrities.

They didn’t become known because they lost weight… journalists and the paparazzi are doing their job as they always did, it’s just that sometimes a star makes dramatic changes to their appearance, and that always attracts a crowd of readers.

In any case, the whole point of it is that you mustn’t feel as if you are unable to lose weight because you don’t have the resources. The truth is that you already have the main resources you need to lose weight: an ability to move and to think.

When all is said and done, weight loss is still about taking in fewer calories than you are burning through your daily movements and exercise, and no amount of professionals or fitness experts will ever be able to change that.

Use Free and Low Cost Information to Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss

You don’t need to be wealthy to purchase a dieting guide and a workout system… as a matter of fact, many of them are so cheap that practically anyone could afford them nowadays. You can even make do with the free information provided at http://MyFitnessNut.com.

The real challenge when it comes to dramatic weight loss is overcoming yourself. Our brains and bodies don’t like change, and they are going to resist it however they can. You will often find yourself simply unmotivated and unwilling to go through a few exercises or make an effort to resist eating something you like.

You are Your Own Biggest Obstacle to Dramatic Weight Loss

Yes, you are your biggest obstacle to losing weight. You need to find a way to motivate yourself to make the changes that need to happen in your life. If you can’t think of something, simply remind yourself that the more you are overweight, the higher your chances of developing a myriad of conditions and diseases, including coronary heart disease and cancer.

If for no other reason, the will to live a healthy and happier life for yourself and the people who love you should give you all the motivation you need.


Weight Loss Challenge

New ways to overcome your weight loss challenge.

Regardless of whether you are looking at weight loss as being a one-time deal or a permanent change to your lifestyle, there is no debating about one factor: you consider it to be a challenge. Otherwise, chances are that you would have gone through with it a long time ago.

In what way does the weight loss challenge manifest itself precisely? Well, there are two main aspects to it which need to be discussed, and so let us begin with the first one, your physical capabilities.

Weight Loss Challenge #1: The Physical Factors

When talking about your physical capabilities we are not only discussing your weight, your age, how far you can run or how many push-ups you can do, although these things do play a factor. There are certain other physical factors in your life that need to be taken into account, such as time and money.

Practically everyone today is living life like a rat race, running from one place to the other, barely having enough time to catch our breath at the end of the day.

As far as money goes, the good news is that losing weight doesn’t require the purchase of fancy machines or expensive foods at the grocery store. You will probably need to invest a little on gaining information, such as a dieting guide or a workout plan, or subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter and use the free resources at http://MyFitnessNut.com – but it doesn’t have to go further than that if you don’t want it to.

When it becomes a question of time things get a bit more complicated, because after all, very few are capable of controlling when the events in their lives take place. Nevertheless, eating right doesn’t really require you to have enough time to do it (in most cases at least), and your exercising routines don’t need to be very long; two or three workouts of ten to fifteen-minute will generally suffice, at least if you are looking to maintain a natural weight loss pace.

Weight Loss Challenge #2: The Mental Factor

Now, it is time to discuss the more important factor, the mental one. The truth is that if you are really motivated to lose weight, if you have a goal in mind that is actually important to you, then rest assured, you are always going to find the time, the money and the reason to go through with it.

If you are constantly finding yourself making excuses as to why you should not or could not go through with a weight loss program, then chances are that you are simply lacking in self-confidence and motivation to lose weight.

Yes, it is true that the weight loss challenge is one of the hardest things in the world to go through with, perhaps because it is also one of the most important ones as well. If you do not take action to lose weight and get in shape right now, then chances are that you will keep on living the way you do for the next five, ten, perhaps even twenty years, at which point your body will likely have had all it could take.

In other words, if you don’t lose weight now, you are much more likely to develop ailments and pass away sooner… it’s only logical, not to mention statistically-proven. If you want to really turn your life around and make some real weight loss progress, then you better re-think your mental approach to it.

To help assist you with your personal weight loss challenge we have assemble a category of weight loss tips and strategies that you can use right now to help conquer your challenges.