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Will CLA Help With Weight Loss?

Another good tool for weight loss is CLA.

If you’re wondering what CLA is, it stands for conjugated linoleic acid. Health stores all over the nation have been selling CLA as supplements to aid in fat loss. As with most other weight loss pills and supplements, it has received its fair share of hype and ‘testimonials’ to convince potential buyers that it is effective.

So is CLA as Effective as the Manufacturers Claim?

Studies have been conducted on rats, mice and recently humans too. The studies have shown that CLA indeed does promote fat loss but the participants also were on a sensible diet and exercise program.

Ah hah! Isn’t that always the case; a sensible diet and exercise program!

CLA is a supplement and just like the word suggests, it is meant to supplement a proper training regimen and healthy diet. Without these 2 fundamentals in place, no supplement or pill or anything that we know of will work to make you lose weight.

Most of the typical fat burners on the market contain stimulants to make your body lose weight. Recently, one of these stimulants, ephedrine is being clamped down on and now illegal in the US because of its negative side effects; which can be potentially fatal.

What are the Side Effects of CLA?

Most fat burners which contain stimulants will produce side effects such as jitters, trembles, heart palpitations, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. None of these are good for you. Fortunately, CLA has no stimulants, so it does not cause any negative side effects.

Now let’s look at studies conducted to determine the efficacy of CLA.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the first study we know of. It was discovered that when the participants were supplemented with 3.2 g/d of CLA (the recommended dose for weight loss benefits) they burned more fat while they slept.

This is excellent news. To make things even better, the fat the subjects burned was stored body fat and not the fat they had consumed the day before. The results are promising.

The CLA also promoted improved protein retention. This is good news because it prevents muscle from breaking down easily. During weight loss programs, it is common to lose some muscle along with the fat. That is why it is crucial to include resistance training with the cardio so that we can retain every bit of muscle that we can.

CLA is Another Good Tool to Add to Your Weight Loss Tool Box

So, the bottom line is that by consuming CLA supplements, it might give us an added advantage to holding on to our precious muscle and burn body fat at the same time.

So far, there have been no documented cases of adverse reactions from people who have consumed CLA. That’s a really great sign. With that said, this would be a supplement worth investing in to help accelerate your fat loss and to help you reach your desired weight loss goals.

A word of caution though – Don’t overdo it. It is very common for people to not stick with the recommended doses and take more than the prescribed amount. They naively assume that by increasing the dose they’ll speed up the process because more is better. This is not so and is a huge mistake. Stick with the recommended dose which will probably be around 3.2 g/d.

Lastly, make sure you maintain your training regimen and eat wisely while aiming for a daily calorie deficit of 500 cal/day. If you do this right, the CLA will be a very beneficial tool that you can use on your weight loss quest.


Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick weight loss tips tha you can use now.

While in theory losing weight sounds like something you could do with your hands tied behind your back (metaphorically of course), in practice it just happens to be one of the hardest things to pull off, especially nowadays where we practically don’t have time to dedicate to ourselves anymore.

While there is no way to lose weight without having to make an effort, there are certain tips which you can implement in your daily life to make the process much easier. Here are a few quick weight loss tips that should help you succeed with whatever program you are currently following.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1: Don’t Overdo It

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when trying a weight loss system is trying too hard. They take in even fewer calories than they are required to and they push themselves to the very limit when exercising.

At first glance, this approach simply ensures that you will get faster results… however, what it really does is ensure that your progress gets slowed down. The harder you try, the more you are at risk of suffering some kind of injury, especially if you become weak because you didn’t feed yourself well enough.

Simply stick with the program and don’t push yourself too hard.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #2: Have a Cheat Day

While some diets explicitly forbid any deviation from the program, the truth is that ultimately, we live for pleasure, and if we can’t get any, we’ll do whatever it takes to get some. It is better to control your cravings for pleasure rather than suppress them and see them running wild later.

Food is one of the greatest pleasures humans have come to know, and once in a while, about every two weeks, you should have a cheat day during which you want what you want, and how much you want of it. This will remind you that the weight loss process isn’t nearly that bad, not to mention it will make keeping your food cravings at bay much easier.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #3: Make it a Permanent Goal

When you think about it, losing weight isn’t just a one-time deal… what are you going to do once it’s over, put all the weight back on again? You need to make sure that on your list of goals, weight loss is something that takes up the rest of your entire life. Various studies have actually shown that instead of thinking of a weight loss program as an event or an activity, but rather as a lifetime pursuit, will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #4: The Power of Walking

While it may sound like the most absurd quick weight loss tips on Earth, walking happens to be a very beneficial activity for the human body, especially when performed during the morning. Not only do regular walks contribute to building stronger legs and burning calories, but when done early in the day, they trigger a pleasant release of endorphins and even help to control your blood sugar levels, which in turn contribute to controlling your sweet cravings.


Best exercise for weight loss

What is the best weight loss exercise for you?

Time is money. It seems the expression is used more and more often today, or at least it would be appropriate to do so. People seldom have free time to themselves, spending most of their lives working so that they can sleep, and sleeping so that they can work.

The problem is that the kind of work most people are doing today isn’t exactly perfect to stave off weight gain… in many cases, it actually contributes to it.

In a nutshell, people today don’t simply want to lose weight, they want to do it as fast as possible, which is why many are looking for the best exercise for weight loss and the most effective diet, hoping to combine them together and get rid of their weight problems in a couple of weeks.

So What is the Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

Well, sorry to disappoint, but there really is no such thing as one exercise that will be the best one to lose weight for every single person on Earth. It has been scientifically demonstrated that as our bodies evolve and get older, they also become more unique as they have been shaped by experiences that few others, if anyone else has had.

Different human bodies have different reactions to various types of exercises, meaning what works well for someone may be useless for someone else. While there isn’t one best exercise to lose weight, there is a way of exercising that has been observed to be extremely effective for that purpose: interval exercising.

When your goal is to lose weight, what you are really looking to do is burn as many calories as you can and sweat as much as possible. The best way to achieve that is to exercise in short intervals, meaning that your workouts will constantly have you alternative between fast-paced cardiovascular and muscle-building exercises.

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss: Interval Exercising

How precisely is it more beneficial for you? For starters, you will be required to exercise practically every muscle group you have, the pace is going be very fast, meaning your body has to burn more fat in order to make enough energy to allow you to go through with it.

The second reason as to why interval exercising is much better than traditional methods, for losing weight at least, lies in the fact that it allows you to overcome the plateau effect.

What is that?

Well, the plateau effect is basically what happens when you perform the same exercising routine for far too long and your body becomes adapted to it. When the body is adapted to something, it expands a minimal amount of energy on doing it, which results in there being practically no more results from the exercises.

When you are working out in short intervals, you are not giving your body the chance to adapt to whatever it is you are doing, ensuring that it is constantly burning fat at a high pace.

All in all, while there may not be a best exercise for weight loss, there are certain measures which you can take in order to make your exercises much more efficient in those terms, and interval exercising is one of them. As a matter of fact, it is deemed so effective that entire workout systems have been based around it, meaning it can definitely work for most people; you included.


Good Weight Loss Diet Plan

A weight loss diet plan that provides results.

While it is true that there are many different schools of thought on how people should go about losing weight, if there is one thing they can all agree on, it’s that you’re going to need to change up the way you eat; after all, the science of weight loss ultimately boils down to burning more calories than you are taking in via eating food.

However, what do you really know about nutrition? Unless knowing about nutrition is part of your job or your hobby, chances are you won’t know nearly enough to change your diet in a safe and healthy way. Long story short, what you need is a weight loss diet plan, and before going out there to look for one, it is important to know what factors you should pay attention to.

The Flexibility of Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

The first thing your weight loss diet plan needs to be is flexible. While practically every diet that has come out until recently required people to follow one strict way of eating, recent studies have reported that it is by far one of the least effective methods to approach the problem. We all have bodies that are wired in different ways, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Fortunately, there are a few weight loss diet programs which are flexible in the sense that they provide you with your diet plan based on your physical attributes and capabilities.

For instance, there is a program called The Diet Solution which requires you to fill out a form that contains numerous questions as to your height, your weight, age, gender, daily caloric intake, body type, and your goals, after which you are provided with a plan that is perfectly customized for you.

Your Weight Loss Diet Plan Needs to be Reliable

Regardless of what we may think right now, the fact remains that life is short, or at least short enough that we don’t want to spend our entire time going from diet to diet. You don’t really have the opportunity to give many systems a shot or make mistakes, meaning that before trying a weight loss diet plan, you need to make sure that whatever information in it is reliable.

How are you to accomplish that?

Well, there are two courses of action that you can possibly take. For starters, you can run the system creator’s name through Google to see what kind of reputation he or she has, and whether or not they actually have the proper credentials to be making dieting systems.

Another thing you can do is simply have a look at customer reviews for whatever system you are considering to buy. If you aren’t looking at something obscure that hasn’t hit the market yet, chances are that you are going to find plenty of honest customers who have taken the time to write up about their experience and depict to you the situation the way it really is.

However, you need to be careful when looking for information about a weight loss diet plan as some companies have taken on the habit of creating websites where they pose as customers, when in fact they are reviewing their own systems. All in all, simply make sure that your source of information is a reliable one, and you won’t have many problems finding a system that is right for you.


Safflower Oil for Weight Loss

Using Safflower oil for weight loss.

It is no secret that the world is beginning to experience a large problem, other than wars, poverty and global chaos…

The problem referred to is obesity, an epidemic that’s sweeping through more and more countries around the planet, stemming from the simple fact that cheaper foods are now less nutritious and contain many more harmful ingredients for the human body.

Unfortunately, cheaper foods are also sometimes tastier than healthy ones. In any case, it is no secret that traditional weight loss methods simply aren’t going to work for many people, which is why certain researchers are expanding their work and looking into any new methods that can help people lose weight.

As such, some people ended up looking into the safflower oil weight loss effects, and from that resulted a clinical study, and it is quite promising to say the least.

What the Study on Safflower Oil for Weight Loss was About

This clinical study being referred to took place over the course of sixteen weeks during which two groups of subjects were made to follow the exact same routine. The only difference between them was the fact that one of the groups was made to ingest conjugated linoleic acid, while the other one took safflower oil.

At the end of the study, it was noted that those who used safflower oil for weight loss had lost considerably more fat in their abdominal area than those who didn’t. While the study is indeed promising, there are certain things holding it back from being the definitive answer as to whether or not safflower oil works for weight loss.

What was Wrong with the Safflower Oil for Weight Loss Study?

First of all, the number of people who have participated in this study was actually relatively small, with there only being fifty-five subjects in total. Throughout the course of the entire study, twenty of them dropped out, leaving thirty-five actual test subjects… which actually brings us to the next drawback; the people they were doing the tests on.

As it happens, all of the subjects were postmenopausal women with type II diabetes. This means that we still do not have the data necessary to know how the oil is going to act on younger women and men in general. All in all, these facts are keeping the study from being seen as a true indicator of safflower oil’s potential.

What that Means for the Study on Safflower Oil for Weight Loss

Despite having numerous things working against it, the study isn’t exactly useless. As a matter of fact, it may serve as an important milestone which will push for the creation of new studies that will look into the safflower oil weight loss benefits in much greater detail. It has allowed us to see that at least when it was used on a certain type of person, the results were nothing but positive.

As of now, it can be conjectured that within a few years more clinical studies will appear to confirm safflower oil’s efficiency as a weight loss supplement, which in turn will give birth to a whole new line of products for dieters to make their choice from. It may not be the solution the world is so desperately in need for to help win the battle on obesity, but it will sure help our cause and is a step in the right direction.