Remove Cellulite Through Lymphatic Drainage

You will not remove cellulite with lymphatic drainage.

There are several websites that promote lymphatic drainage to reduce cellulite. They are all wrong. The reason for this is because cellulite is fat. It is not about toxins or poor drainage or whatever reasons that are so often tossed around. All these misconceptions and fallacies are designed to make women spend money on cellulite products and treatment.

It May Look Different But it’s Really Just Fat

The simple fact is that cellulite is fat. It looks different from normal fat. There is a reason for this. Beneath our skin is a hard fibrous tissue with bands that connect the skin to the muscle. These bands are known as septae. Women have perpendicular bands while men have bands that connect in a cross-checked pattern. This is the reason why men do not show visible signs and even thought they have it too, it just can’t be so easily seen.

When the spaces between the bands are filled with fat, the fat is squeezed upwards and presses against the skin. This is similar to a fork pressing down on a marshmallow. Notice how the marshmallow comes up looking all clumpy. That’s because the fork is hard and stiff just like the bands of tissue in our body.

Women also have thinner skin than men. That’s a double whammy because the cellulite is even more visible. So, now that we have established that it’s just plain ‘ol fat, why are people talking about lymphatic drainage?

Fat Profits in Reducing Cellulite

The reason for this is that there are several products and services such as cellulite massages and other treatments such as Endermologie that claim that they can massage it away by breaking down the fats and increasing the blood circulation to the problematic areas.

It is not profitable to admit that cellulite is fat because if it was just normal fat, women would realize that watching their diet and exercise would remove the cellulite stores. By using words like ‘lymphatic drainage’, it creates the illusion that more specific and targeted measures are required to deal with this stubborn issue.

Lymphatic Drainage Provides Benefits – But Not Cellulite Loss

The crux of the matter is that lymphatic drainage will not rid the body of cellulite. It may have other benefits such as improving circulation and maybe detoxification to a certain extent, but it will not remove it because fat cannot be massaged away.

The best thing you can do for yourself will be to try and reduce your body fat percentage. You will have to watch your diet closely and eat wholesome, healthy food. Avoid junk food and processed products which are also junk. Eat fresh, eat clean should be your motto.

Exercise to Lose Fat and Reduce Cellulite

Embark on a training program that involves a mix of cardio and resistance training. Perform exercises that tone your lower body. Squats, lunges, stair climbing, etc. All these exercises will tone and strengthen your thighs and butt. Toned muscles are taut and the visibility of cellulite will be reduced.

When you are at a body fat percentage of about 15 to 20 percent, your fat stores will be minimal. You may still have some fat but the lumps and dimples will be barely visible. If you still wish to lose the rest, you need to drop your body fat percentage even lower.

That’s how you rid your body of cellulite effectively and this way beats any lymphatic drainage method out there. Learn more about cellulite reduction to help you shape up your appearance and take the guess work out of it.