The Best Post Workout Supplement

Exactly what you want in the best post workout supplement for you.

Exactly what you want in the best post workout supplement for you.When you’re trying to build muscle, you need to understand that the process involves two stages. First there is the catabolic stage. You want to encourage muscle protein breakdown with your workout, during which your exercises are used to break down muscle protein.

When you do a workout you basically tear your muscle fibers; the workout increases the rate of the muscle protein breakdown. The catabolic stage is when the rate of the protein breakdown is greater than the protein synthesis, which is when amino acids are used to make proteins to maintain or build muscle.

This is followed by the anabolic stage, which occurs when you rest and the muscle building begins. Your body uses the protein and amino acids to rebuild the muscle fibers that were torn.

It’s not enough that you have a nice balanced diet throughout the day and that you take the best pre workout supplement before you work out. For the best results, you’ll also need to use the best post workout supplement that you can find during the anabolic stage, in order to assist in maintaining or building bigger muscles.

What to Look For in the Best Post Workout Supplement

Identifying the best post workout supplement may be quite challenging, but here are some pointers you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Most post workout supplements contain protein, because you need it to build muscle. This just begs the question of how much protein is ideal. According to the latest research, the answer depends on your age. If you are relatively young, you need 20 grams of protein. Your needs increase as you grow older, and by age 70 you will need 40 grams.
  • Amino acids will also be helpful in building muscles. It’s best that you consume amino acids all at once rather than spread out over an extended period of time. Research shows that more muscle protein synthesis results from drinking 20-40 grams in one go, compared to the result of taking small sips in a span of several hours.
  • Many workout supplements also contain carbohydrates. This may or may not be a good thing, though. Carbs are also used as a fuel for protein synthesis. Supplements with carbs can also prevent proteolysis, which is the deterioration of protein. At the same time, you may want to hold off consuming carbs immediately right after a workout, especially if your workout goal is to burn fat and lose weight. Your body is still burning off fat, and you should encourage this process by tapering off your carbohydrate consumption. Once you take carbs, the free fatty acids being burned for energy are returned to your fat cells.
  • Take note of the calories a supplement contains, as well as the flavor. Obviously, the ability to mix easily with liquid is important as well as the quality and the absence of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Stevia is a good choice for a sugar-free sweetener.

Timing is important when taking post workout supplements. Obviously it should be taken after a workout and not before. But most research shows that protein and amino acids should be taken right after, instead of hours later or the next day – which is technically still “after” the workout.

According to some studies, the nutrient uptake is much greater when you take the supplements within a half of an hour after you work out, rather than after even a few hours have passed. So, when you finish your workout, reach for your favorite post workout supplement and reload the important nutrients that your muscles need right away. By taking it at this “window of opportunity”, you ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits from your post workout supplement.

Get Six Pack Abs

Now you get those six pack abs you always wanted.

Having six pack abs is the dream of many a guy…

Alas, the ability to take off the shirt and wow the girls is a fantasy is a dream come true.

Every year millions of dollars are spent on eBooks, paperbacks, gym memberships, weird ab contraptions sold on the late night infomercials, etc. The goal is the elusive six pack abs that so many want but so few achieve.

What You Need To Do For Six Pack Abs

The answer is simple. You need to watch what you eat, work out often and maintain a calorie deficit. It is that simple! So why do so many people fail?

Execution is the answer my friend, execution. The difficulty is executing the simple concepts stated above. It requires immense determination, dedication, patience and the ability to sacrifice small pleasures in life for the greater goal.

The first and most important step is to get your nutrition under control. Your diet needs to be clean and wholesome. This is so difficult to achieve that most guys never get past this step.

For Six Pack Abs Gaining Control over Your Diet is Top Priority

It’s not easy to give up the habit of eating whatever you desire and maintain an ever watchful eye over every morsel you place in your mouth. People with six packs watch their diets with an eagle eye and they do it religiously. No exceptions and no slip ups. Your diet is everything.

So, you will need to do the research and find out what are the foods you should avoid. The sodas, chocolates, pizzas, fried chicken wings, etc. Even reading this may be painful but it is a sacrifice that you must make. All is not lost. You may consume all these foods once a week on your cheat day.

The strange thing is that many people slowly develop an aversion to most of this unhealthy food once they start eating clean.

For Six Pack Abs Gaining Control over Your Exercise Routine is Second Priority

The next part of your plan will be to get your workouts right. You should be exercising no less than 4 times a week. 5 would be great. You’ll need to alternate between cardio workouts and resistance training or do a workout routine that is a combination of both; think kettlebells.

Your workouts must be intense and leave you panting and sweating profusely. Even your resistance training must have very short rest periods to create an oxygen deficit. This will cause an afterburn effect where your body burns calories for hours after your workout.

You will want to include compound movements such as pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, bench presses, renegade rows and other compound lifts. Working out with kettlebells is an excellent way to lose weight. Your core will be engaged and it will be a hard yet rewarding workout.

Cardio sessions need to be high intensity too. A 20 minute hardcore session will beat a slow 60 minute jog any day. Keep thinking intensity, intensity and more intensity.

It will be painful. You may feel like giving up. The whole six pack goal may not seem worth the effort. If you feel like this, then you know you are doing things right. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

Watch videos on YouTube and the ones found here at to motivate yourself. The six pack abs you want is already there and it’s waiting for you to develop and shoe them off. You just need to go through the hard yards to attain it. Rest assured if you keep on keeping on, you will get there.


Are Six Pack Abs Determined by Food Choices?

Food choices are important for six pack abs.

There is a saying in bodybuilding, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” That basically means, that you will only see your abs if you watch what you eat. Is it true? Definitely! It is gospel!

You can give your best at the gym and train till your heart feels like it’s going to explode or your muscles are about to burst but if your diet is not good, all your efforts will be in vain and you will never ever see a six pack. You will be fit but you just will not have a six pack.


Because for a guy to see his six pack abs, his body fat percentage should be around 10 percent or below. Even the genetically blessed guys will have to be around 11 to 12 percent. So, every calorie you eat counts.

Stick with Six Days for Six Pack Abs

Your diet needs to be clean and healthy. You may have one cheat day a week where you go berserk and moderately stuff yourself with your favorite foods. In fact, it is highly recommended that you have 1 cheat day a week. This will motivate you, make you happier and it will boost your metabolism so that your body does not go into starvation mode.

You will want to eat single ingredient foods on the other 6 days. That means you will want to avoid processed foods such as pizza, pasta, etc. A single ingredient food would be chicken breast, broccoli, fruits, etc. It sounds cliché but it is these foods that will give you the six pack. You need the right proportion of protein, carbs and fats and they must be derived from healthy sources.

Foods That Turn Your Six Pack Abs into One Pack Abs

There are some foods that are cardinal sins to consume. Eating these will just about guarantee that you never have six pack abs. Not only do they pile on the calories but some are not even good for your body.

Avoid white flour products. Bread, pastries, cakes, etc. Avoid white rice too. These foods have a high glycemic index. What that means is that these foods will trigger an insulin response in your body. When your insulin levels spike, that is not good for fat loss. You want to maintain a steady insulin level in your body.

Avoid sodas including the diet sodas which contain aspartame. Many people have reported on the ill effects of aspartame. Nothing is proven yet but let’s err on the side of caution and just avoid them. Drink water. It is your best friend. Your body needs water to metabolize fats.

Avoid dairy products and milk. There are 2 groups of people. One who think dairy is good and the other who think it’s bad. My suggestion, stick with the water. Always.

Ice cream, candy, popcorn, pizza, pasta, peanuts, pancakes, junk food, etc. are all foods that must be kept at bay. The fact of the matter is this. You already know the foods to avoid. Deep down you know. It’s the sacrifices that make the process so difficult.

Maintain your determination and discipline with your diet and the elusive six pack will be yours in no time at all. You are what you eat.

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Protein Supplements for Six Pack Abs?

Protein supplements or not for six pack abs.

Do I Need Protein Shakes and Supplements To Get Six Pack Abs?

The muscle magazines and supplement manufacturers will have you believing that by taking the latest supplements, you will become a fat burning machine with bulging biceps, pulsating pectorals and tree trunk thighs and fully defined six pack abs. Words like ‘breakthrough discovery’, ‘scientific formula’, ‘serum’, etc. are used to hype up their claims.

So the big question is if you need to buy these costly supplements? No. That’s it. A simple no.

Six pack abs are not defined by supplements or hype. They can only be achieved with hard work, correct nutrition, determination, discipline and patience. Yes, this sounds boring when compared to the supplements’ sales pitch. It’s so boring that you know it’s true.

If you have watched documentaries of farmers or laborers in Africa slogging it out in the heat, you will notice that many of them are ripped. They have the ‘onion skin’ look. They look ripped and have abs. They are not on supplements. So how did they get abs?

Body fat percentage. That’s how. These farmers are on a diet that is low in carbs and most of them do not eat the processed junk food that we normally do. Their manual labor burns off their calories and fat stores.

Since, they have such a low body fat percentage, their six pack abs show in all their full glory. This is what you need to aim for. To bring your body fat percentage to 10 percent or below. Once you do that, by diet and exercise you will be ripped too.

Good Diet and Workouts for Six Pack Ab Success

While on your six pack abs quest, your diet will have to be clean. All your calories will need to come from wholesome, healthy foods. Your protein sources will come from tuna, chicken breast, turkey meat, etc. Your carbs will come from vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, asparagus, etc. Your fats will come from sources such as olive oil, peanut butter, etc.

You will want to avoid sodas, junk food, white bread, white rice and other foods with a high GI index.

Protein Shakes Helpful but Not Necessary to Build Six Pack Abs

While protein shakes are not necessary, if you can afford them, they will make things convenient. For example, if you need to eat some protein and you do not have the time or energy to steam or cook a chicken breast, then making a quick protein shake will deliver the same amount of protein.

They are just a quick substitute for a normal meal. These shakes are a means to an end and not an end itself. The ads will have you believing that the shakes and serums will burn your fat off and put on slabs of muscle on your body. That is not true.

Only hard training and a proper diet can give you the abs you want. The shakes are just there to make life a little simpler. There is no shake that can give you benefits that normal food can’t. The only difference is that protein powders and other supplements are more expensive.

My advice would be to get your diet and training spot on. Once you are going with the flow, then you may take your time and consider if these supplements are really necessary. Most often, your results from good training and nutrition will be so good that you will not even think about forking out money on supplements.

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Are Six Pack Abs An Impossible Dream?

Most people only dream of six pack abs.

This is a question that has run through many guys’ minds as they have struggled over and over to get the washboard abs that gets the girls sighing. It looks so easy on the television with all the guys walking around parading their abs like it’s so normal. So why is it so difficult to get six pack abs?

Firstly, do not believe everything you see on TV. The directors are not going to cast a fat slob as an action hero. Even the major stars go on ridiculous diets and hardcore training for months before even getting in front of the camera. Henry Cavill took 11 months to train for Man of Steel.

Building Your Six Pack Abs Takes Patience

Patience is crucial. To see your abs, your training sessions must be intense and rewarding. You will need to combine resistance training with cardio workouts on alternate days. You will need to be doing full body workouts comprising mostly of compound movements.

Your cardio sessions must be of high intensity. You will end up panting and gasping for air on most sessions. Your shirts will be soaking with sweat after every workout. You will have to raise your metabolic rate and your workouts must be tough enough to create an oxygen deficit and produce lactic acid.

When you create an oxygen deficit, your body experiences an after-burn effect. What that means is your body will be in fat burning mode for 8 to 12 hours after your workout. This after-burn effect only occurs if you work out at full intensity.

Building Your Six Pack Abs Requires Strict Fitness Nutrition.

Your diet must be spot on. You will need to watch everything that you put inside your mouth. You can’t consume empty calories such as sodas or candy or chocolates. You’ll need to be on a clean, wholesome diet comprising of the correct amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Above all this, your calorie consumption must be at a deficit of about 500 calories of your daily requirement.

This is where most guys falter. They can’t handle the diet. Or rather, the sacrifices just seem too much. The body starts craving for the usual unhealthy food. The pizzas, burgers, pasta, beer and other wonderful delights just keep beckoning to them. They give in a little and eat a slice here and have a sip there and sooner or later, they’re eating whatever they want.

The workouts can’t compensate for their poor diet. The calories accumulate and instead of losing fat, in some cases they gain fat. This is even more depressing and makes them want to quit. They do not understand that they are sabotaging themselves. They fail to realize that it takes time to get a six pack and there are sacrifices.

It is not as easy as the movies make it out to be. Only about 2 percent of the world’s population has ripped abs. There is a reason for that. It’s difficult but it is NOT unattainable. It is not a dream that cannot be achieved.

Anybody who really wants a six pack bad enough and is willing to endure the sacrifices, go through the hard yards and have patience will see his six pack. That is almost a guarantee. It is a dream that can come true.

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