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Remove Cellulite From Thighs

There is one sure way to remove thigh cellulite.

The thighs are a very cellulite prone area. The majority of women who have cellulite often have it on their thighs and buttocks.

There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, the skin inn these areas are much thinner than in other parts of the body. Secondly, women tend to store fat on the thighs, hips and butt.

With men, it’s mostly the belly.

Since cellulite is nothing more than fat, the same rules of fat loss apply to cellulite too. The problem here is that you cannot spot reduce. What that means is that you can’t specifically reduce fat in one spot. In this example, it’s the thighs.

Your Body Chooses How and When it Burns Cellulite

Your body will choose to burn fat in a way that only it understands. Usually the places where you gain weight last will be the first to lose the weight. So, if after gaining fat on your thighs, legs and buttocks and finally your face starts getting rounder – that means when you embark on your exercise program, the first place you will lose fat in will be your face. This is the reason why you may see people lose weight on their face and still have some way to go with the rest of their body.

Cellulite Removal Takes Patience

In this case, you will need to have patience before you can remove the cellulite from your thighs. Once your body starts burning fat in all the different places, it will slowly start burning off the cellulite on your thighs.

You need to persist until this happens. If you give up too early, you may have lost weight on your face and arms but the cellulite on your thighs will still be intact.

Watch your diet closely too. Avoid fattening foods especially those high in carbs. Avoid white flour products, sugary foods and any food that has a high GI. Avoid blood sugar spikes and you will minimize your chances of gaining fat.

Good Exercises for Burning Cellulite on Your Thighs

The exercises most perfected for losing weight will be a combination of cardio and weight training together. Your cardio should focus on your lower body. Running, spinning, stair climbing, skipping are awesome forms of cardio.

Kettlebell exercises provide an excellent workout to burn body fat. You want to perform them at high intensity. You should be panting and sweating profusely. It will not be fun however, 20 to 30 minutes of hard cardio with the Kettlebell 4 to 5 times a week will make you a fat burning machine.

Your metabolic rate will go up and you will be burning fat round the clock. Your thighs, butt and calves will be lean and toned. Your body will be the envy of other women. You do not have to worry about looking like a bodybuilder because that is generally very hard to make happen. Men themselves struggle to gain muscle mass.

What you will get is a body that is lean and taut with cellulite appearance being minimal to non-existent.

Dead-lifts, lunges, squats, leg presses are all excellent exercises to tone the legs and reduce cellulite appearance. If you wish, you may even join a kickboxing class. All the kicks and squats will tone your body and improve your stamina.

The possibilities are endless. As long as you are exercising regularly, eating well and staying the course, you will burn off the cellulite on your thighs slowly but surely. Keep on keeping on. That’s the key to success.


Will CLA Help With Weight Loss?

Another good tool for weight loss is CLA.

If you’re wondering what CLA is, it stands for conjugated linoleic acid. Health stores all over the nation have been selling CLA as supplements to aid in fat loss. As with most other weight loss pills and supplements, it has received its fair share of hype and ‘testimonials’ to convince potential buyers that it is effective.

So is CLA as Effective as the Manufacturers Claim?

Studies have been conducted on rats, mice and recently humans too. The studies have shown that CLA indeed does promote fat loss but the participants also were on a sensible diet and exercise program.

Ah hah! Isn’t that always the case; a sensible diet and exercise program!

CLA is a supplement and just like the word suggests, it is meant to supplement a proper training regimen and healthy diet. Without these 2 fundamentals in place, no supplement or pill or anything that we know of will work to make you lose weight.

Most of the typical fat burners on the market contain stimulants to make your body lose weight. Recently, one of these stimulants, ephedrine is being clamped down on and now illegal in the US because of its negative side effects; which can be potentially fatal.

What are the Side Effects of CLA?

Most fat burners which contain stimulants will produce side effects such as jitters, trembles, heart palpitations, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. None of these are good for you. Fortunately, CLA has no stimulants, so it does not cause any negative side effects.

Now let’s look at studies conducted to determine the efficacy of CLA.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the first study we know of. It was discovered that when the participants were supplemented with 3.2 g/d of CLA (the recommended dose for weight loss benefits) they burned more fat while they slept.

This is excellent news. To make things even better, the fat the subjects burned was stored body fat and not the fat they had consumed the day before. The results are promising.

The CLA also promoted improved protein retention. This is good news because it prevents muscle from breaking down easily. During weight loss programs, it is common to lose some muscle along with the fat. That is why it is crucial to include resistance training with the cardio so that we can retain every bit of muscle that we can.

CLA is Another Good Tool to Add to Your Weight Loss Tool Box

So, the bottom line is that by consuming CLA supplements, it might give us an added advantage to holding on to our precious muscle and burn body fat at the same time.

So far, there have been no documented cases of adverse reactions from people who have consumed CLA. That’s a really great sign. With that said, this would be a supplement worth investing in to help accelerate your fat loss and to help you reach your desired weight loss goals.

A word of caution though – Don’t overdo it. It is very common for people to not stick with the recommended doses and take more than the prescribed amount. They naively assume that by increasing the dose they’ll speed up the process because more is better. This is not so and is a huge mistake. Stick with the recommended dose which will probably be around 3.2 g/d.

Lastly, make sure you maintain your training regimen and eat wisely while aiming for a daily calorie deficit of 500 cal/day. If you do this right, the CLA will be a very beneficial tool that you can use on your weight loss quest.