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Yoga Stretches

Start doing hatha yoga stretches before doing your postures.

Who hasn’t heard of the expression “rise and shine!” at least once in their lifetime? It’s pretty much a good exhortation, but it isn’t as easy to do as it would seem to be. That’s one of the reasons that practicing Hatha Yoga stretches can do a world of good for you.

Energy Doesn’t Just Appear Magically

Picture yourself waking up. You don’t suddenly rise and go bouncing around like a pogo stick with a mind of its own, much less like a hyper pneumatic drill that’s rattling with energy, do you?

Nope, of course not. You need time to recover your faculties and fully wake-up. And even then, you can’t expect to have an optimum supply of energy already available to you. The point is, energy doesn’t appear on command or by magic. When we are tired, it’s not just a physical thing. Our minds and our spirits are also tired.

In general, that’s what makes it hard to “rise and shine!” even after getting a full night’s rest.

How Yoga Stretches Help

Yoga stretches prepare your body, mind, and spirit to face a new day, especially when stretching is done first thing in the morning. However, the stretches are also good at any time during the day, because the stretches can be done when you need:

  • To increase the flow of oxygen and blood in your body to recover strength, to clear up your mind, and to get rid of the blahs or feelings that make you feel sad
  • To improve mobility and flexibility, which is especially good when you’ve got sore muscles from overexerting on another activity
  • To develop and recover equilibrium (mind, body, spirit), sharpen your focus, and improve your basic strength

Yoga stretches, when done properly, can make you achieve all of those goals.

It’s perfectly understandable if, at this point, you may be harboring some doubts or are even downright cynical about such claims. Like with most everything else that is new, it takes some time for key concepts and truths to settle down in our minds.

But we’re very confident about your success regarding this matter.

Just make sure that you read this guide from start and finish, and follow along with the demonstration videos on Hatha Yoga and eventually you’ll be able to see the quality of your life improve as you go along.

Access to the videos can be had by subscribing to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter. Now that we’ve covered yoga stretches, let’s touch on important yoga breathing benefits” and why it’s more than simply inhaling and exhaling.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Most would not think about yoga for weight loss but it is a good way to go for many..

If you’ve ever wondered whether practicing yoga can effectively make you lose weight, now is the perfect time to find out.

Although losing weight is not easy for everyone, with the right kind of attitude and discipline, it becomes less of an ordeal and more of a pleasant reality that can be acquired.Using yoga for weight loss can provide you with the discipline you need to succeed.

How Yoga Can Promote Weight Loss

1. Stimulates the Liver

Your liver has many essential functions, chief of which is to process nutrients from food that you eat. Other functions include the removal of toxins from your body, bile production, and protein building. Certain activities, such as drinking alcohol, can overload the liver. Infections can also make the liver lose its health and function poorly.

Yoga is an extremely powerful cleansing agent and detoxifier; it helps to purify your blood, and hasten fat processing by stimulating the liver. Having a healthy liver is greatly instrumental your body’s removal of unhealthy fats more easily, instead of storing them in your body.

2. Improves Heart Rate

People jog or run for a long time to get their heart rates up, believing that this makes their goal of losing weight more achievable. Research, however, has shown that this is a misconception, and is not a very good way to lose weight at all. It actually stresses the nervous system to the point of creating greater exhaustion, leading to adrenal fatigue.

For better weight loss, your heart rate should be change in intervals, and raising the heart rate should happen in very short bursts – raising it, dropping down, and getting it up all over again. Yoga can make this form of “interval training” possible.

At this point, you can check out the videos to be able to do a round of poses such as “Low Runners Lunge” or the “High Lunge.” Do this for some time and for a few rounds you will feel that your heart rate is at its optimal level, without the exhausted feeling that could get from jogging or running.

3. Develops Strength

Moving your body for shortening or lengthening the muscles will help you lose weight. Muscles are active tissues that consume fat for energy. When you build your muscles, your stored fats get used for energy. That is why strength work is very good for losing weight.

Towards this end, doing yoga for weight loss by practicing proper arm balancing positions are great because the poses engage a lot of your muscles, not just the arms or shoulders, but also your abdominal muscles, your core, and your legs.

In essence, yoga can give a full body workout, depending on your selection of the poses that you hold. Proper breathing is also key to burning more energy as you assume the poses, and that, in turn, helps to remove fats from your body.

Other Yoga for Weight Loss Benefits Include:

  • Activating the internal heat in the nervous system
    Cleansing the colon
  • Creating the right amount of pH levels
  • Maintaining the right balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Activating the thyroid gland

In the next article we’ll cover doing “Yoga Stretches” to get your blood flowing. If you have not done so already, be sure to subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter so that you can get access to the Hatha Yoga Video demonstrations and get started doing yoga for weight loss right away.

Doing Yoga for Women

Yoga for women comes with a host of benefits.

At the risk of sounding sexist, we have to ask this question to clear the air: is yoga all about cultivating emotional well-being? Is that the reason that yoga for women has been widely accepted?

Bollocks, as our dear neighbors from over the pond would say.

 Yoga for Women is Not Just About Emotions

Yoga is not just about pandering to the emotions. Women are not just about feelings and expressing them. Yoga is about getting fit, developing health and wellness. Women don’t just have emotions. Women think, women have a spiritual side that needs to be balanced, women have bodies that deserve to be taken care of, just the same as men do.

That’s the good ole threesome that Hatha Yoga focuses on evolving, towards a unified fulfillment: body – mind – spirit.

Does the mere thought of spirituality make you feel queasy? No worries. Keep in mind that yoga is a philosophy, a humanistic school of thought. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga develops mental, physical and spiritual (read: “inner you”) fitness. That’s why yoga for men, and yoga for women, are just as equally beneficial.

Yoga for Women: What’s the Deal?

So, if men and women can equally benefit from yoga, is there even a difference between yoga postures that either gender can practice?

Yes, there are differences and most of them are based on anatomical considerations and biological functions. For one thing, women can get pregnant. That condition precludes assuming certain Hatha Yoga poses that could put at risk the viability of the fetus that a woman is nurturing in her body, and trying to carry to term. For another, there are, initially, matters of suppleness to consider. Like it or not, it’s a fact that most women are limber than men.

This doesn’t mean though that it’s pointless for men to ever hope to achieve the same level of yoga-induced fitness that women are able to eventually acquire over time and dedicated practice.

See, those are the key words that weigh a lot: time and dedicated practice. Yoga is a process that moves from one level to another, until an ideal goal has been attained. Whether it is a woman or man practicing the poses is immaterial. The important thing is to achieve the fitness goals that have been predetermined.

Be sure to subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter to get access to the 70 Hatha Yoga Videos that go with this guide. Yoga for Women is a great idea and in the next article we’ll take a closer look at Yoga for Weight Loss” and just how effective it is for both men and women.

Doing Yoga for Men

Yoga for men is becomming more poplular in recent times.

For many years now, ever since it was introduced to the West, yoga has been mostly popular among women. While this is a good state of affairs, the fact that not as many men practice yoga is disappointing, to say the least. Yoga for men, at this point, continues to be an unusual concept of sorts.

There’s a notion that “yoga can’t be for men because it’s not active or challenging enough, as far as physical exertions are concerned.”

Right? Nope. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yoga for Men – The Quest for Fitness

Striving to be fit, to attain health and wellness does not always require a certain level of aggressiveness or competitiveness, whether you are competing against others, or yourself.

If you’re male and you’re reading this, understand that you don’t necessarily have to be a grunting, heavily perspiring, excessively muscle flexing real-life version of He-Man, Master of the Universe all the time to prove that you are taking care of your body seriously.

In your quest for fitness, testosterone-driven activities such as competitive swimming, running marathons, weight lifting, and cross county cycling can do you good, no doubt about that. But can those activities also give you inner tranquility and mental acuity or keenness of thought?

That’s very much debatable.

Why Yoga for Men is Recommended

If you work in an office, think of someone who highly irritates you over there. It could be your boss, a co-worker, or even yourself. Maybe you don’t know how to express your dislike for certain systems, procedures or situations that are not conducive to your well-being without coming across as a totally aggressive and unreasonable Neanderthal.

Yoga helps you to focus your negative energy, and convert it to a positive way of thinking and dealing with things, in order to have a favorable outcome for yourself, as well as others around you. And when you are able to use your clear mind and focused logic to easily deal with stressful situations, then you achieve inner peace.

How’s that for a triple home-run?

Mountain biking across the whole country can’t do that for you. Neither can lifting all the weights in the world, but doing yoga for men most certainly can. In the previous article we talked a little bit about doing basic yoga poses. Be sure to subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter to get access to the 70 Hatha Yoga Videos that go with this guide. Next we’ll look at “Yoga for Women” and the development of harmonious and beautiful proportions.

Doing Basic Yoga Poses

Four basic yoga poses that you can start with now.

Your actual initiation into the world of Hatha Yoga begins not at the moment that you started to read this ebook. Rather, your initiation starts when you begin to assume the postures that are integral to practicing yoga. In this chapter, we present four basic yoga poses to get you into the appropriate flow of fitness energy.

These four basic yoga poses have been specifically selected for brand new initiates. However, they can also serve as refreshers for those who are already active yoga practitioners. Keep an open mind about these poses. Some who are new to Hatha Yoga have expressed their misgivings, saying that they are embarrassed about assuming certain postures that are based on those that are seen in both inanimate and inanimate objects.

But remember that the goal of yoga is not to turn you into the object from which a certain pose has been based on and developed. We are totally one with you on that. After all, no one in his or her right mind would want to turn into a tree or mountain, when one can more fully enjoy life as a human being.

That being said, keep in mind that when you are asked to assume a specific Hatha Yoga pose, it is the attributes or essence of the posture that is being sought to be developed within you.

It may feel awkward at first, but don’t worry. That’s the purpose of the more than 70 videos that clearly show you how to go about executing or practicing each of the basic yoga poses presented in this article, along with other, more fitness-targeted postures.

Four Basic Yoga Poses:

Basic Yoga Pose #1 – Mountain Pose

The Mountain Pose, also know as the Triangle Pose, is a gentle basic and much liked pose that is useful for introducing your body to stretching and to breathing rhythmically. Think of a mountain as being sturdy and solid, not suddenly collapsing even when buffeted by strong winds or roaring flash floods. Imagine yourself as a mountain rising up and reaching for the glorious sky.

Basic Yoga Pose #2 – Tree Pose

This is awesome for acquiring a sense of balance. Have you noticed how the clumsiness of some can diminish their sense of worth because of intolerance and name-calling? The tree pose can help you develop physical stability, such that the sense of control generated also stabilizes your mental processes, and sense of self. Great for developing fitness on three levels: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Basic Yoga Pose #3 – Foot-to-Hand Pose

The foot-to-hand pose, also known as Standing Forward Bend, is meant to integrate suppleness in your body. All the cramped muscles, tendons, and nerves are given a new bracing energy boost as they are gradually released from the confines of your accumulated tension and stress. Great for internal cleansing as toxins in the bunched-up muscles of your body are loosened and it becomes easier for your circulatory system to dump them later.

Basic Yoga Pose #4 – Warrior Pose

Does this sound more like what you were expecting, or does the sound of this basic Hatha Yoga pose raise your hackles? Whatever your initial reaction may be, you will find out once you practice this pose that there is nothing even remotely threatening about it. As far as basic yoga poses go, the Warrior pose is meant for making your arms, shoulders, thighs, muscles of the back, as well as your ankles, stronger, thereby putting you in the right groove for further fitness development.

How do you feel after trying out the four basic Hatha Yoga poses described in this chapter?

There’s more to come in succeeding sections of this guide, along with demonstration video for all of these poses and many more when you subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter. Next we’ll get into “Doing Yoga for Men” and talk a bit about the benefits of yoga for men, so keep on reading!

Important Hatha Yoga Benefits

Hatha Yoga benefits your life in many ways.

Hatha Yoga as a means of achieving fitness is very special because as explained in the introduction section, Hatha Yoga benefits do not just concentrate on one aspect of your being. It has a threefold approach to nurturing and protecting your whole being, encompassing the physical, mental, and spiritual; providing both preventive and therapeutic benefits.

How Hatha Yoga Benefits Impulse Control

Addiction to smoking and drinking are hard to get rid of, the same with over-eating or over-sleeping. But just by simply practicing Hatha Yoga you can see for yourself how your body will effectively eliminate cravings and flush out the toxins from your body.

Other Hatha Yoga benefits include its ability to relieve some painful symptoms that occur in illnesses and diseases such as: arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and even AIDS. Hatha Yoga has also been proven to counter or slow down the effects of body ravaging as people grow older.

How Hatha Yoga Benefits Cleansing and Purification

Hatha Yoga postures and breathing methods purify your physical body to the extent that you become stronger, more flexible, and more toned. At the same time, you become more focused, giving your mind the serenity it is entitled to have.

Hatha Yoga also helps to relax your muscles, freeing your mind from distracting pain and sharpening your concentration.

No Age Barriers to Enjoy Hatha Yoga Benefits

Hatha Yoga can work for various ages. It has no age limitations, and is great for both the young and those who are more mature. With its near-perfect fitness routines, it keeps you in shape, invigorates your body, perfects your coordination, and makes you one with yourself; a concept and reality that will become clearer as we progress in our study of Hatha Yoga.

All of these make it distinctly different from all other forms of exercise. For one thing, the motion generated by Hatha Yoga causes no strain and imbalances in your body. Although it is not entirely aerobic, it can involve all parts of the muscles in your body, challenging your body by way of making your limbs function as free weights.

Weight resistance comes from the center of your body’s gravity, strengthening you and making you more capable of continuing more poses that can be held for long periods of time.

How Hatha Yoga Benefits – It’s Quality Over Quantity

Unlike most work out regimes, Hatha Yoga focuses more on quality over quantity. Learning and developing self-discipline is a major part of Hatha Yoga as is developing coordination and helping improve both concentration and memory.

More regular practice improves flexibility as years go by.

The discipline that’s integral to yoga helps practicing teenagers to have inner strength to say “no” to negative influences. On the other hand, older people can retain mobility and will be able to cope better with conditions such as arthritis and poor blood circulation.

For pregnant women, not all Hatha Yoga poses are recommended. However, those poses that are can promote good health for both the mother and her unborn child. In addition, pregnancy is a very good time for meditation.

Overall, Hatha Yoga benefits everyone who makes it their regular exercise routine without their active lifestyle being affected or degraded in any way. Now you can get the full set of Hatha Yoga poses when you subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter. In the next article we’ll take a closer look at “Doing Basic Hatha Yoga Poses” for some yoga postures to get you started.

Guide to Hatha Yoga Poses

Your all inclusive guide to Hatha Yoga poses.

Congratulations for deciding to read this guide on Hatha Yoga for Beginners! You’ve made the right choice to let strength surge within you, and make positive changes in your life.

What is this strength that we are talking about?

It’s the kind of strength that’s gradually built up without undue pressure. Its foundations are found in relaxation – in a calming and gentle process and effect.

If you think that surging strength and gentle relaxation are at odds with each other, we’ll show proof how that isn’t the case, at least not as far as Hatha Yoga poses are concerned.

The strength promoted through Hatha Yoga for beginners is one that is based on the release of energy that encourages your holistic development. Through the regular performance of Hatha Yoga poses, you will be able to:

  • Accomplish the union of your mind and body, such that they don’t function as separate parts of your being, but as fully united components working for your best welfare.
  • Acquire a working balance between mind and body, together with your spirit, so that the quality of your life will improve in a holistic manner.
  • Achieve greater suppleness, enabling you to move with more control and poise, avoiding clumsy movements that can cause injuries.
  • Attain not only a youthful and optimistic outlook, but actually feel young and energetic, with greater capacity to achieve tasks and fulfill your dreams and passions.

That is exactly why we have prepared this guide on Hatha Yoga for beginners for you, along with the simplified Hatha Yoga poses that are clearly depicted in the more than 70 videos that are an integral part of this whole package.

Whether your interest in Hatha Yoga comes from plain curiosity, or an intense desire to take charge of your life, you are heading down the right path. As you start to learn these yoga poses, you’ll start to bring a rejuvenated, positive viewpoint into your existence. You’ll begin recharging your flagging energy and weary self through the simple lessons and explanations provided.

Along with the videos, you’ll be able to appreciate the powerful freedom that Hatha Yoga practice can bring to your mind, body, and spirit; once they start working as one for your ultimate good.

A Brief Background on Hatha Yoga

Health and wellness are very subjective. How they are defined is based on personal ideas about being fit and how to become so. For some people, what their thoughts conjure up are images of various kinds of food, both the forbidden and the allowed (dietary restrictions). Some also think of strenuous activities, ranging from spot toning to overall workouts (physical exercises), while others focus on drugs, medicines, or organic compounds (prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, steroids).

Not everyone is able to easily reconcile themselves with such thoughts. They think that being healthy and well is too much of an imposition, that it requires too much effort, sacrifice and stringent discipline. In other words, for some people the road to being healthy in mind and body is no fun at all.

Hatha Yoga Poses are Here to Change that Perspective

Hatha is a Sanskrit or ancient Indian word. Ha is the sun. Tha is the moon. Yoga, on the other hand, is also a Sanskrit word that literally means “unite” or “yoke” (together). When you mention Hatha Yoga, you are in effect saying “the union of opposites.”

Three Key Elements of Hatha Yoga Poses

Meditation, posture or poses and breathing are the three key elements of Hatha Yoga. They are the basis on which the Hatha Yoga poses have been created.

If you are new to meditation, you are in good hands. This guide will guide you on why meditation is ideal for you, to quiet your mind, free it from clutter, and enable you to harness the power of concentration or focused thinking.

The same applies to breathing. Of course, breathing comes naturally to all living creations. However, there are numerous breathing styles. Some of these are harmful, while some are beneficial. This guide will help you understand the differences and show you techniques to master your breathing.

As for the postures or poses, they are central to learning. You will be presented with explanations about each pose, as well as what they can do for you.

Remember though, that while this guide contains information that is sufficient as an initial step towards getting fit, you will best be able to enjoy a fuller more comprehensive engagement with your mind, body, and spirit by watching the more than 70 Hatha Yoga videos you get by subscribing to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter. Next, we’ll delve deeper into some “How Hatha Yoga Benefits Your Whole Being”. The key to understanding and living life the Hatha Yoga way is just a couple clicks away.

Guide to Hatha Yoga

Here you have the beginners guide to Hatha Yoga.

Do you know that Hatha Yoga; a non-invasive, gentle, and complete approach to achieving health and wellness, could very well be the answer to your recurrent aches and pains?

Are you aware that Hatha Yoga will improve your physical well being, and will also help you attain a more relaxed yet more productive state of mind? Not only that, it also gives you the kind of internal peace that is much sought after in this modern world that is filled with all kinds of stress coming from different sources.

Hatha Yoga – When Fitness is Your Goal

When Fitness is your goal, it’s not just your physical body that you should pay attention to! Your mind and your spirit are just as important as your body!

Neglecting to take care of one aspect properly can, and will likely lead to problems that pile up one after the other! Problems that may seem overwhelming… problems that may drag you down and take away your passion to live!

Are you overweight? Easily fatigued? Do you have recurring headaches and back pains? Do you have digestive problems?

What about the state of your mind? Can you make logical choices and decisions with ease? Or is your mind so full of clutter, worries, and thoughts spilling out incoherently because of the pressures you experience in your daily life?

The Beginners Guide to Understanding Hatha Yoga

This Beginners Guide to Hatha Yoga and its accompanying 70 videos on numerous Hatha Yoga poses (much, much more than what are mentioned in the guide!) will show you the way to address your concerns about your body, your mind and thought processes and the condition of your spirit or inner self!

Both the guide and videos are presented in a friendly, instructional and motivational manner to ensure that each step of your learning process will not only be enjoyable, but highly doable as well!

In this guide you’ll be given a short background on each of the Hatha Yoga poses and the benefits that you, as a yogi, will receive once you start doing the poses as recommended. Safety tips and cautions are also included, but to help you remember to make sure that your well-being is protected on all fronts, you’ll want to have your doctors approval first.

Meanwhile, all of the videos have been produced with your practical and comfortable compliance in mind!

Through clear verbal and visual demonstrations, you will be able to eventually master Hatha Yoga to the point that you will be able to show to all your friends and loved ones how this discipline was hugely instrumental in your rebirth—a new, healthier, smarter, and more even dis-positioned version of yourself.

If you are not satisfied with the way that your life is going now, don’t despair! It may simply be a case of your physical, mental, and spiritual rhythms not being properly aligned with one another.

Hatha Yoga’s holistic approach to promoting health and well-being is the ideal answer to such a situation, which is something that is commonly experienced by many people today.

Ask around. Talk to your friends. The people you work with. Relatives that you haven’t been with for a long time. Ask even those who are on your social media networks. Ask them what they are most concerned about regarding their health, and chances are, the answers that you will receive will mostly be about physical issues.

Hatha Yoga – It’s More than Mere Physical Fitness

That’s sad, because the physical body is not an independent part of existence. All three – mind, body, and spirit – must be healthy, must be in good shape, and must be protected from harm in order for you to be totally fit. And again, this is something you will achieve through Hatha Yoga.

So, don’t wait any longer!

Get started using the Beginners Guide to Hatha Yoga PLUS the 70 easy to follow demonstration and motivational videos that you will want to watch, learn from, follow and review on your way to becoming a well-trained Hatha Yoga practitioner.

Learn Hatha Yoga in the comfort of your own home at your most convenient time! This is a great chance to find out how meditation, proper breathing, and the yoga poses can all work together for your absolute fitness.

Live Life as You Were Meant to Live it with Hatha Yoga!

Gain solid health benefits from easy-to-perform exercises that won’t put undue or competitive pressure on your body.

Experience the wonderful difference of having clarity of mind when you need to make important or life-changing decisions.

Live as you were meant to live; enjoying life, effectively managing stress, no longer being subjected to debilitating insomnia and also being highly capable of avoiding fatigue and burn out.

Take the opportunity to improve your life in ways you never thought possible! Let strength surge within you by following the “Guide to Hatha Yoga Poses” and subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter to get the full set of accompanying Hatha Yoga pose demonstration videos. Let strength surge within you and begin to feel the great and positive changes in your life.

Kettlebell Workout Training Guide

Introducing the Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide.

Blast Fat Away… Be Fitter…

Be Healthier… Be Stronger!

Check Out the Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide and be on the Path to Living Your Life in a More Fit and Healthy Way!

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with the shape of your midsection and the rest of your body?
  2. Can you go to the beach and confidently show off your toned and sexy body?
  3. Do you have strong arms, powerful thighs and legs, a sculpted core, and a sturdy back that can withstand pressure?
  4. Is your butt firm and really attractive, something that you can be proud of?

If you weren’t able YES to any or all those questions; if there’s something about your body that makes you cringe, or want to conceal it in loose ill-fitting clothes…

If you do not have a medical condition but you lack energy, focus, strength, and the passion to welcome life and its daily challenges, then something needs to change!

Something needs to be changed and it needs to be changed NOW!

How would you like to burn and extra 400 calories in 20 minutes? Just think of how many calories you can burn in one, two and many more hours as you keep following along.

Excess calories would normally turn into fat but with a Kettlebell workout routine, you can make your body a more efficient muscle building and fat burning machine.

With a Total Body Kettlebell Workout You Will…

  • Become leaner
  • Build more muscles
  • Become stronger
  • More flexible
  • Improve your endurance and mobility

You’ve wasted enough of your life. If you’ve tried all sorts of diets that are difficult to comply with… if you’ve exercised using different kinds of equipment, but still failed at losing fat and building muscle… we know the feeling, because we’ve been there.

We know how it is to hope, only to be disappointed. We know how it is to work so hard to reach your goal, only to be frustrated when nothing happens. This time, you can be assured of the effectiveness of what you are about to embark on:

A new lifestyle that focuses on attaining fitness, health and wellness!

Get started with the complete “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide” and follow along with the Kettlebell Workout Videos that come with it. The guide gives you overviews about the exercises included in the Kettlebell Workout Videos, and tells you about the benefits to be gained by using Kettlebells to shape your body and improve your health.

Meanwhile, the 22 Demonstration Kettlebell Workout Videos clearly show step-by-step how to execute the moves that will make the most profound changes in your physical appearance.

You’ll learn why having a good sense of balance is so important to being able to correctly perform exercises that allow you to lose unwanted pounds safely, without the need for any medication, invasive surgery, or diets that are unrealistic and nearly impossible to maintain.

You’ll find out how to have the kind of endurance that prevents fatigue, or a feeling of being burned-out, from trying to take control of your life. You’ll discover unknown physical power residing within you. You’ll experience this special power that’s unique to you and your life, released in an explosively potent way!

And all of these will happen through a set of easy-to-follow Kettlebell exercises that teach you how to make the best use of your 8 major muscle groups to not only get the kind of physical stamina, strength, and sensual attractiveness that you desire, but also the level of health and wellness that are sure to be the envy of others.

If you lack energy and do not have the kind of body build that commands admiration…

It’s easy to say that you just weren’t fated to have great genes.

It’s easy to claim that your metabolism is simply slow, and leave it at that.

It’s easy to state that you plainly don’t have the time or patience to perform a grueling and long workout with precision and dedication.

It’s easy to assert that everyone only has one life to enjoy on earth, and you’re not about to waste yours by depriving yourself of the food you love in an attempt to look good!

Yes, it’s easy to insist that the cards are stacked against you; that you’ve done all you can… and that the best thing to do would be to accept your destiny as a person who has low energy levels, who is lacking in flexibility and mobility, and who gets easily worn out by doing even common household chores!

Yes, it’s easy to say all that… But should you?

You Know Better Than That!

Deep inside, you know that you deserve better!

A better life… A better sense of fitness… A better approach towards facing the challenges that come each day! You deserve it.

Embrace this opportunity to turn your life around.

It’s time to get your rightful share of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Don’t pass up on this opportunity. Don’t doubt your ability to finally shed that body fat and build fantastic muscles in all the right places. Subscribe now to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at the top of MyFitnessNut.com and get access to all 22 Kettlebell exercise videos that go with the “Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide”. Start now and in a short time you can be on the path to living your life in a more fit and healthy way!

Kettlebell Exercise Form and Technique

Practising the proper form and technique doing kettlebell exercises is important.

We’ve been mentioning form and technique from the beginning of this Burn Body Fat Kettlebell Training Guide so it’s about time that we discuss both, and what makes them important as far as doing a Kettlebell workout is concerned.

When using Kettlebells as a fitness tool, form and technique go together. Mastering one is useless, if you don’t have the other.

Kettlebell Exercise Form

The actions listed below should be done immediately before doing Kettlebell exercises.

Note the position of your legs. Some Kettlebell exercises require that they be positioned about 5 inches more than your shoulder width. Some don’t. Observe the proper position so that you can always maintain your balance.

  • Let your body weight be supported by your heels.
  • Keep your chest up. This helps you in maintaining proper breathing.
  • Retract your shoulders, or keep them squared back.
  • Loosen your arm muscles, but be ready to have the muscles contract and expand when you pick up the Kettlebell.
  • Make sure you have a steady grip.
  • Avoid slouching.
  • Relax your neck muscles. Let them support your head, which shouldn’t be positioned stiffly downwards or upwards.

For certain Kettlebell exercises, your head position should allow your eyes to naturally focus on the ground, about 5 to 6 feet ahead. For other exercises, your eyes would need to follow the movements of the Kettlebell. Do check the demonstration videos that accompany this training guide for more specific directions.

Finally, tighten your butt, abs, and thighs as you do each of your Kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Exercise Technique

Your techniques will depend on what Kettlebell exercises you are doing during your Kettlebell workout. The 22 demonstration videos that accompany this guide will be very helpful to you in using the proper techniques, as each video provides clear and easy to follow audio and visual steps.

Still, it’s useful and always a source of comfort to keep these general pointers about technique in mind, particularly when you are just starting with Kettlebell exercises.

Don’t be intimidated by the skill of others doing a Kettlebell workout. Remember that everyone was a beginner before. Just focus on your own performance and keep steadily at it, until you notice improvements happening.

Consider the condition of your own body. Kettlebell exercises can be very engaging, to the point that you will be tempted to repeat them beyond what is recommended. You may also be inclined to speed up the movements. Doing such things is counterproductive to your fitness and wellness goals.

Remember that steady progress is more important than speed.

A Kettlebell workout should be fun, not physically taxing to the point of sheer exhaustion and frustration. So, enjoy doing all your Kettlebell exercises by focusing on the way your body feels and how it’s improving as weeks go by. Remind yourself always that all your exertions will be worth it once you accomplish what you set out to achieve: a leaner, stronger physique.

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