About the Atkins Diet

About the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has good and bad points to it.

The Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular diets and thousands of people have reported benefits by going on the Atkins diet. Even famous celebrities have come out and vouched for its effectiveness.

The Atkins diet is indeed effective because it uses nutrition principles that are very sound.

The Atkins diet also known as the ‘fry up’ diet strictly limits the amount of carbohydrates consumed to the bare minimum. This is the key principle behind the Atkins diet. It aims to make the body convert the stored body fat to energy instead of using glucose as a source of energy. This is known as ketosis.

What You Can Eat on the Atkins Diet Plan

Food will be restricted but you will be able to eat foods that other diets will never recommend. You will be allowed to eat oily and fatty foods but will not be allowed to consume carbs or foods which contain sugar. You are forbidden from eating foods like white bread, pasta, cakes, etc.

You are allowed to eat any kind of meat, fish and shellfish. It does not matter if the meat is fatty. In fact, eating fats are encouraged in the Atkins diet. Most vegetables are allowed on the Atkins diet except the starchy types of vegetables such as potatoes, peas and corn.

You may eat butter but margarine is not allowed. It is recommended that you consume fish oils or omega 3 supplements. In fact, you may eat cheese, creams, sauces, condiments and spices as long as they are low in carbohydrates and do not contain sugar.

The Atkins Diet Plan Totally Rules Out Sugar

There are no restrictions on beverages either. However, as mentioned earlier, your beverages should not contain sugar. Even natural sugars like honey are not allowed on the Atkins diet. Artificial sweeteners are fine but controversial in regards to the health and safety of them. Try stevia leaf instead.

All these requirements make the Atkins diet very effective. Just cutting out the high GI foods itself is a very effective measure. The body will not experience insulin spikes and blood sugar levels will be constant. This will make fat loss easier and it will be more difficult to gain fat.

Sugar is detrimental to any weight loss program if it exceeds the daily requirement. Many people drink their calories from sodas, sweetened fruit juice, etc. The Atkins diet puts an end to unnecessary calorie consumption from sweetened drinks.

That’s the Biggest Problem of the Atkins Diet

The problem with the Atkins diet is that it restricts the unrestricted carbs for life. Any diet that uses restrictions will not be effective for the long run.

There may be occasions when you feel like having a plate of pasta or a pizza. However, if you are doing the Atkins diet, you will not be able to eat these kinds of foods.

This may be inconvenient and in some cases, the self-denial may cause you to binge on junk food. Cravings may reach a point that you just have to satisfy them and when you do, you will likely go overboard.

The best way to lose weight will be to adopt a healthy diet that does not have extreme restrictions. Eat sensibly and have a  good exercise program in place. If you are maintaining a calorie deficit daily then having a pizza every now and then can’t hurt. Life is meant to be enjoyed and having a meal that you crave occasionally shouldn’t be a sin.