Seeing Kettlebell Benefits

Seeing Kettlebell Benefits

In no time you'll start seeing Kettlebell benefits.

Read Along and Enter Kettlebell Heaven

Now that you’re in the proper frame of mind, let’s enter Kettlebell heaven, where many old school methods and ideas concerning fitness, fat burning, and muscle building get shoved out of the window.

For real. For good.

Kettlebell training is innovative. As was earlier mentioned in the Introduction of this training guide, a Kettlebell workout is focused on making the best use of time to strengthen your muscles and bones, firm up your core, and give your cardiovascular system a thorough boost.

One of the best parts of such training is that you can achieve your goals by working out with Kettlebells in only twenty to thirty minutes, at least three to four times a week.

When you’ve already got the hang of Kettlebell swings, Kettlebell snatches, and Kettlebell squats, you’ll probably want to go through your exercise routines for the whole week, but that’s another story altogether, and will be discussed in another chapter.

Anyway, when you choose to get fit through Kettlebell exercises, there’ll be no more huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf on the treadmill for one hour or more, just to reach the best metabolic rate sufficient to burn calories.

When Doing Kettlebell Training There Will be No More…

No more pumping your legs up and down over and over on a stationary bike, as if you were trying to cycle your way to and through China.

No more dreading the weights that you’ll have to lift, worrying that you’ll need to make the weights go heavier and heavier until failure, because if you don’t add to the weights as your sessions go by, you’ll just be wasting your time.

No more of those aggravating concerns. Instead, you will be doing twenty to thirty minutes of a power workout – then that’s it!

Twenty to thirty minutes 3-4 times a week; think about it.

That’s about the time it would ordinarily take you to watch your favorite sitcom, assuming you can stand watching even the advertisements, while your life as a couch potato silently scrolls on by in the background.

When you decide to train with Kettlebells, you’ll be able to make one of the best uses of twenty to thirty minutes of your life and each day that you pick up a Kettlebell you’ll repeat that.

We call working out with Kettlebells as Kettlebell heaven because Kettlebell training involves getting into a determined but relaxed state of mind in order to reach your ideal physical fulfillment.

Solid Kettlebell Training Benefits

Now, we already know in a general sense that a Kettlebell is really advantageous for us. We know that working out with a Kettlebell is great because it combines both weight training and cardio. But are there any other advantages?

What are the other Kettlebell benefits that we can look forward to?

Kettlebell training can ensure that you won’t need to shell out exorbitant amounts of money to buy gym equipment that in all probability will be sold second hand for cheap or just moulder away, collecting dust and rusting silently in a corner of your home before collapsing into a pile of junk.

This will never happen with Kettlebells for the simple reason that they are cheap!

Besides, when starting out, you will only most likely need to buy one Kettlebell. You read that right. Just one initially and it’s good, because they don’t come in matching pairs, unlike noisy lovebirds that always do. (Note that a Kettlebell is quiet and all it thinks about is how to get you fit chop-chop!)

It’s your choice whether to buy different Kettlebell weights immediately (this will be discussed in the next article), or to go slow and buy one at a time.

Kettlebell benefits include exercising your mental muscles, as well as your physical ones, because while working out with Kettlebells, your mind will be busy thinking of ways to keep the workout safe and efficient for you.

You’ll understand this better when you first get hold of a Kettlebell. When you are new to it, you’ll most likely be caught off-guard when you try to swing it for the first time: What the heck, does this funny looking iron thing have a mind of its own? Is it trying to make me turn left even if I’m trying to swing right?

Don’t worry! First of all, Kettlebell exercises don’t require Mensa membership. They’re not that hard to do.

Second, the 22 demonstration videos that accompany this guide will show you the exact moves you need to do, the exact form that you need to adopt, and the techniques that would lead you to achieve your fitness and health and wellness goals, so, it’s all good!

Kettlebell Training Works 8 Major Muscle Groups

Kettlebell training will maximize the use of all of your eight major muscle groups instead of just one isolated muscle per session. Imagine your abs working harmoniously with your back, your shoulders, your arms, your chest, your calves, and your thighs, and even your butt!

That’s the Kettlebell Benefits We’re Talking About

Yes, Kettlebell benefits also include enabling your butt to finally take center stage with your abs at the same time! No longer will you worry about the indignity of having ripped abs in front, but a sagging or flat butt at the back.

Think of yourself looking gorgeous in a body-hugging tee, and even more gorgeous in a well-fitting pair of jeans that proudly show off a well-developed butt! Cheers for Kettlebells!

Loving those Kettlebell benefits yet? There’s more!

When you regularly work out with Kettlebells for about a month to a month and a half, you’ll be able to train your body how to properly move and this will go a long way to help you handle basic, functional movements in your daily life.

If you’re the type who frequently (by accident) bumps into objects that you encounter or pass by, or if you find yourself unable to carry bags of groceries without feeling worn out, then training with a Kettlebell benefits you because you will be able to build up strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance.

Go Solo or Get a Trainer with Kettlebell Certification?

The inherent beauty of Kettlebell training is that you can have a choice of training solo, or getting a trainer who has passed a Kettlebell certification program.

When you have access to training or instructional videos, like the ones provided as accompaniments to this guide, then it is possible to begin training on your own. The basic information that you would need to get started is covered in the articles that follow while the videos demonstrate how to do the exercises, paying particular attention to correct technique and form.

When you start having an interest in more advanced moves, then it could be a good idea to think about getting the services of a professional instructor who has gone through a Kettlebell certification program.

A Kettlebell certification program qualifies the trainer to give professional-level training. There are numerous Kettlebell instructor training courses that can be availed of, to eventually acquire Kettlebell certification. This certification is proof that an instructor has gained expertise and is qualified to provide new Kettlebell students and or enthusiasts with the kind of training that can help them in working towards athletic level conditioning.

In the next article I’ll talk a little bit about the origin of Kettlebells and different types of there are. If you already have a Kettlebell or set of and are happy, you can blow past this next article titled “The Kettlebell Saga: From Farmers to Fitness Nuts” or read it for entertainment and some good information. After that, we’ll move on to Kettlebell training workout routines and begin reaping the benefits we’ve been talking about here. Isn’t it time to start getting your own little piece of Kettlebell Heaven?