Life with Kettlebell Cardio

Life with Kettlebell Cardio

Use Kettlebell cardio exercises to get the heart pumping.

No matter what you may have heard from other people, more is not necessarily always better. If you’re still doubtful about that, just think of people who have had one too many to drink.

Acting like a Bozo the Clown wannabe because of having had too much alcohol sure doesn’t make the grade for “better”.

That point also applies to exercise, because when you push your body to keep on going with a certain routine, you will eventually plateau, which means you won’t be getting anymore benefits from the activity no matter if it’s cardiovascular or strength building.

The only way you can remove yourself from that plateau is by raising the speed and incline levels, if you’re using a treadmill, for example; or by challenging your body by adding more weights when you’re using a home gym or lifting barbells or dumbbells.

The Huge Kettlebell Cardio Difference

Those things are not concerns that arise when you’re doing Kettlebell cardio, because there’s a huge difference in the nature of typical cardio exercises and endurance building exercises and Kettlebell exercises; Kettlebell workouts do both (cardio and endurance building) at the same time.

This is because:

Kettlebells don’t have evenly distributed weights, unlike that of other weightlifting equipment used to build strength such as barbells and dumbbells. This uneven weight distribution makes you strive harder for balance, and gives Kettlebells explosive power with each rising and swinging movement.

Kettlebell cardio benefits include the improvement of aerobic capacity (the maximum capacity of your body to use oxygen while exercising), THEN improving your anaerobic capacity which is the ability of your body to keep on functioning at high performance levels, without too much reliance on oxygen.

In short, when you do Kettlebell cardio exercises, it’s not just your cardiovascular system that’s being showered with your love; your muscles are also rejoicing because they also get the strength building workout they need to be in tip-top shape.

Can’t get any cooler than that!

You have several Kettlebell cardio exercises to choose from in the videos that come with this guide. You’ll want a mix of different exercises like the ones on the Kettlebell Videos that come with your subscription to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at Next on the agenda is “Kettlebell Squats: Killer Exercises for a Longer, Fuller Life”. Remember, when you do a variety of different exercises you get the benefits of doing Kettlebell cardio as well as full body endurance building.