Killer Kettlebell Squats

Killer Kettlebell Squats

A nice compliment to your exercise routine is doeing Kettlebell Squats.

It’s funny how Kettlebell squats also go by the alias of the “Killer Exercises.” But Kettlebell squats are a different breed of “killers.” Instead of doing away with us, they actually help in making us enjoy life longer by making us fit and by making us healthier and stronger.

Kettlebell Squats – Weird but Healthy

To be very frank about it, a squat is a weird or unnatural position to take. Humans weren’t meant to squat. But in Kettlebell workouts, squats are a routine part of exercising. And, surprise, surprise! When you do Kettlebell squats, you’ll notice that the benefits will outweigh any sort of inconvenience you might feel for a short time.

In a nutshell, a squatting position is really unusual, but it’s healthy, so go on and do it if you are in good enough shape to be able to do so! Start slow and build up while being mindful to avoid injury from pushing yourself into something you are not ready for.

How Healthy is Healthy?

The question of just how healthy is healthy will arise among non-believers. That’s a good attitude to take, so don’t let snake oil slither into your life. Anyway, here’s proof that Kettlebell squats are great for you:

They improve mobility, which is perfect for those with creaky bones and tight muscles

They make your lower back, legs, core, and hips stronger, more powerful for running, walking, cycling, bending, and kicking (be careful of what you kick!)

They burn calories and melt your fat

And, if you continue with your Kettlebell workouts, you can be sure that if ever they make a sequel of the movie 300, you’ll be able to audition for one of the roles reserved for one of the beefy warriors!

Hey, why not?

It’s what Gerard Butler did. He had to undergo 4 months of training, of which Kettlebells were a featured performer. 4 months of training to get a warrior’s physique! Well, of course, he also did other exercises, but without the Kettlebell routines, he probably wouldn’t have made a convincing King Leonidas.

Here’s a Demonstration of a Kettlebell Goblet Squat:

Remember what we talked about in the “Inside Kettlebell Heaven” section of this guide…

You’ll understand this well when you first get hold of a Kettlebell. When you are new to it, you’ll most likely be caught off-guard when you try to swing it for the first time: What the heck, does this funny looking iron thing have a mind of its own? Is it trying to make me turn left even if I’m trying to swing right?

So, how about it? Are you ready to pick up a Kettlebell and add Kettlebell squats to your exercise routine? Review the videos that go along with this article then pick up the whole set by subscribing to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter at Last thing, before you start exercising the Kettlebell way, check out the “Form and Technique are Crucial in Kettlebell Exercises” segment of this guide for some final but important information.