Herbs and Supplements to Prevent Migraines

Herbs and Supplements to Prevent Migraines

You can find herbs and supplements that people use to prevent migraines from happening.

You can find herbs and supplements that people use to prevent migraines from happening.Migraine sufferers are constantly looking for ways and means to prevent migraines from occurring. The pain from these headaches can be so bad that their daily life is affected and they are no able to function properly due to the suffering.

Acupuncture, migraine surgery, medication, yoga, etc. are all techniques employed to either keep migraines in check or to keep them at bay.

Over the years, studies and tests conducted have shown that certain herbs and supplements are highly effective in the battle against migraines. They are considered as holistic methods of treatment and seem healthier than the medication that a doctor would prescribe.

It would be worth noting that while these supplements and herbs are effective, in times of immense pain, you should consume the medication that your doctor has prescribed for you. Natural supplements and herbs can work in conjunction with your medication. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily.

The most common supplements used are riboflavin and magnesium, while the most commonly used herbs are butterbur and feverfew.

Most Common Supplements for Migraine Help

Riboflavin which is a form of vitamin B is found in foods such as eggs, meat, nuts, green leafy vegetables, etc. It is effective for people who have migraine headaches due to low levels of riboflavin.

Studies have shown that daily consumption of riboflavin decreases the frequency of migraines.

Your body can get magnesium from consuming foods such as nuts, spices, green leafy vegetables and tea. Some articles may recommend coffee as a source of magnesium. This is true but it is best to avoid coffee because it also contains caffeine, which is a migraine trigger. If you want the energy of caffeine but don’t want the bad side effects, try a functional whole food product that contains guarana.

It is best to get your magnesium from consuming food. When you consume magnesium supplements, there can be side effects such as diarrhea. Furthermore, the magnesium supplements have been known to react with antibiotics and cause muscle problems or blood pressure issues.

Most Common Herbs for Migraine Help

Feverfew is an herb with a name that sounds as if it was taken out of a Harry Potter novel. This herb has been used since the time of our forefathers to treat a variety of health problems such as asthma, menstrual cramps, headaches, etc.

It would be a good idea to speak to your doctor first before you start chewing away on the feverfew leaves. Certain health problems such as diabetes and liver problems can be exacerbated by consuming feverfew.

Butterbur is another name that usually pops up when talking about natural remedies for migraines. This herb has also been used for ages to treat pain and fevers. Nowadays, it is most popular for treating migraines and is sold commercially.

The butterbur plant contains toxic substances that will affect your liver. So, do not just grab a butterbur plant and whip up a salad with it. You will need to purchase the butterbur supplement which has the toxic substances removed.

These are just some of the natural methods used to treat migraines. There are many more out there. You may do your research online for holistic migraine supplements and treatments to see which suit you best and give them a try for a while. It will take time before you see results but if you stay the course, you might see the positive results you’re looking for.