Hatha Yoga Dancer Pose

Hatha Yoga Dancer Pose

Taking on the dancer pose is a great addition to your yoga exercise workouts.

Think of dancers, and the predominant idea that will enter your mind is one of artistic grace. Dancers the world over are respected and appreciated not only for their command of their craft, but for the delicate beauty of their movements that can communicate a wealth of deeply varied emotions.

In Hatha Yoga, we have the Dancer Pose, also known as Lord of the Dance Pose or Natarajasana in Sanskrit (nata = dancer or actor, raja = king, asana = pose).

The “king” in the Sanskrit name refers to Shiva, one of the Hindu deities, known to be their supreme god. Shiva is linked to Hatha Yoga, and is also known to be a “cosmic dancer” in one of his forms. This form is in keeping with much of Hindu culture that incorporates a lot of celebratory dancing in daily life.

Qualities of the Dancer Pose

Fittingly for the purposes of Hatha Yoga as a fitness discipline, the Dancer Pose is unique in the sense that it develops and focuses not only on the external part of the body such as the limbs (which is typical for most the of the other poses done under Hatha Yoga), but also on the internal organs, most notably the kidney and the lungs.

Demonstration of the Dancer Pose

Benefits of the Dancer Pose

  • Mental – this pose, with its subtle effect on using graceful strength as a means of conditioning the body, also conditions the mind to be calm and gentle in making decisions.
  • Physical – parts of the human anatomy that receive focus from this pose include the Shoulders, Spine, Chest, Pelvis, Knees and Ankles, strengthening them, and stretching the Groins, Thighs, and Abdomen.
  • Spiritual – as is appropriate with real life dancing, the pose develops physical balance, which in turn, leads to a more poised disposition.

Safety Alert

This pose is not recommended for yoga practitioners who have low blood pressure.

Besides the physical benefits of strength, the Dancers Pose offers you positive effects to your internal organs and is just one of the 70 different Hatha Yoga demo videos that you’ll have at your disposal when you subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter. In the next article of this guide we’ll look at how the “Camel Pose” can help you to become more protective, versatile and resilient.