Get Bulging Six Pack Abs

Get Bulging Six Pack Abs

The way to go when you want bulging six pack abs.

Why Do My Abs Not Bulge Like a Bodybuilder’s Abs?

If you’re asking this question, then you probably already can see your abs and they are not as prominent as you want them to be. If you still can’t see your abs, you have no business worrying about this and should be busier getting your fat percentage down to 10 percent or below.

There are two kinds of looks that guys go for. The lean six pack look that Brad Pitt had in the movie Fight Club or the hard, bulging abs that professional bodybuilders have.

The difference between the two is the amount of work involved. If your diet is fantastic and your workouts great, you will attain a six pack that is lean and flat just like Brad Pitt’s. No problem at all. Most guys are able to achieve this if they stay the course.

However, to achieve the bulging look, you will have to give special attention to your abs workouts and your training must be targeted. It is best to only start targeted training once you already have a lean six pack. There is no point hitting your abs hard if you can’t even see them because of the layer of fat on your belly.

When Lean Six Pack Abs Are Not Enough

Targeted training involves working the abs with weights. You will need to do sit ups with weight plates, hanging leg raises with ankle weights, cable pull downs, medicine ball drills for the abs, etc. There are many exercises designed to hit the abs and hit them hard.

You will also need to consume adequate amounts of protein so that you will be at a slight calorie surplus. Yes, you may put on a teeny bit of weight but that’s ok. Hopefully, it will be lean muscle.

The goal of bulging abs involves bodybuilding. It is no longer about shredding the fat off and getting a lean look. Bodybuilding is a whole different game. You will need to work abs on specific days. You will need to keep an eye on your sets and reps. Of course; your nutritional intake will play a huge role.

Protein Shakes Can Compliment Your Muscle Building Goals

You may wish to invest in protein shakes and muscle building supplements to speed things up a little. The protein will help you repair and rebuild your muscles when consumed in regards to your workout schedule. Creatine can make your abs look more full and defined but some people question its use while others praise it.

We must also be aware that the bodybuilding scene is rife with steroid use and many builders also use human growth hormones (HGH) to get results that a normal person will just never see if they are not on steroids. So, it would be wise not to compare yourself with these guys.

I’d never advocate steroids under any circumstances. Some people may say that steroids can be taken safely in the right doses. My answer to this hot topic is that if it is not found naturally, it does not belong in your body.

You can build a great body naturally and have beautiful abs if you work out right and eat right. Just remember that as great as getting a ripped six pack of abs is, your overall health is what matters in the end.

Learn More about Fitness Nutrition and Developing Bulging Six Pack Abs

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