Chair Yoga Poses

Chair Yoga Poses

The chair yoga pose can make you stronger and more stable.

If you’re ready to let your imagination run free and obtain some physical stability in your life, you’ll want to read on and check out what doing “Chair Yoga Poses” can do for you.

Think back to the time when you were young, and your imagination was a dominant force in your life. What you could imagine was real and had power. You can still do that now with the Chair Yoga Poses.

Qualities of the Chair Yoga Pose

To those unfamiliar with the gentle ways of Hatha Yoga, the pose might seem to be an extremely painful position to assume. After all, the first impression that one gets upon seeing a yogi using the Chair Yoga Poses is that he or she is starting to sit, does get seated, and will then start to rise from a chair – an imaginary chair.

It looks as if a gigantic or intense effort is being made to do the postures involved, and that’s why in Hatha Yoga, we have the Chair Yoga Poses, or Utkatasana in Sanskrit (utkata = intense, gigantic, and asana = pose) as being representative or symbolic of the actions of the mind to control one’s surroundings through physical exertion.

Demonstration of One of the Chair Yoga Poses

Benefits of the Chair Yoga Poses

  • Mental – this yoga pose shifts the interest of the mind to maintaining balance, thereby giving life to the concept of willpower, or striving for success amidst great odds.
  • Physical – the center of attention of this pose is on the thighs, but it can also benefit other parts of the body such as the chest and shoulders, the spine, the thighs and the legs, while stimulating the diaphragm, the heart, and the organs in the abdomen.
  • Spiritual – holding this yoga posture requires intense concentration. The more frequent that high levels of concentration are achieved, the more that portals leading to enlightenment become opened.

Safety Alert

This pose is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, recurrent headaches or insomnia.

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