10-Minute Workout

10-Minute Workout

No time excuses with a 10-minute workout.

In our daily hustle and bustle of life getting in the way, climbing on board with a 30 to 40 minute a day exercise plan can be tough to do. But, it’s tough to make the excuse that you don’t have the time when you can do quick workout in as little as 10 minutes and still get the benefits of a good workout. This is done by increasing the intensity of your workout as you decrease the amount of time dedication.

With a high intensity workout, there’s absolutely no excuse for not finding 10 minutes a day to devote to your better health.

Have You Ever Tried Circuit Training?

While some people will workout specific muscle groups on specific days to the week, others what to cram in a complete full body workout routine in the little amount of time they have available for their workouts. A full body workout may entail doing upper body, lower body and ab or core strength training all in one swoop. They might start with the upper body first with a high intensity workout, working the muscles to complete exhaustion, take a very short rest and then move on to a high intensity ab workout; again working that muscle group to complete exhaustion and then move on to the lower body muscles with intensity.

Target Specific Muscle Groups One at a Time

Other people will choose to target certain muscle groups one at a time. Here you don’t want to be working your muscles to total exhaustion and failure but instead, by using two minute timed exercises with a short rest in between, you’ll workout only one specific muscle group in that session. You might go for working out your abs today, your lower body tomorrow, your upper body the next and then repeat the cycle.

Sample 10-Minute Workout Routine without Equipment

Here’s a quick sampling of what a 10-minute workout without using any type of equipment might look like. In a short five minute block of time you could, depending on your physical condition of course, do 50 jumping jacks, 50 knee raises, 50 pushups and 50 set-ups. Stop for one minute and have a few sips of clean, clear water and then do that same 50-50-50-50 five minute routine once again. If time or your physical abilities are an issue, you can even split this 10 minute workout in half and do it at least twice through the course of your day.

Increasing Your 10-Minute Workout Intensity

Now, even though you can get started doing 10-Minute Workouts without the use of any equipment, when your workout routine starts getting easier to do, you’ll need to increase your intensity if you want to continue to get favorable results. To do this, you might want to add some weight or resistance to your workout with something like a kettlebell, dumbbell set, a sandbag or resistance bands – all of which are relatively inexpensive. When you add these to your routine, they will make your muscles work harder and harder while burning more calories faster than you could without them.

Besides the minimal time consumption of doing high intensity 10 minute workouts, you’ll benefit by your metabolism staying revved up for a longer period of time as opposed to doing longer and lower intensity workouts. So, you’ll not only save time but you’ll be burning more calories at a faster; a great side benefit indeed.