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Green Tea and Weight Loss

Studies favor the use of green tea for weight loss.

The benefits of green tea for health in general have already been discussed at great length in scientific journals, the media, and even personal blogs which revolve around the subject of maintaining a healthy of way living.

All the fuss is far from being unwarranted, considering in particular that those who drink at least one cup of green tea every day are about six to seven times less susceptible to developing most types of cancer than those who don’t.

However, it seems that many have overlooked the existing relationship between green tea and weight loss; indeed, it seems that green tea is nothing short of being magical with all the benefits it bears for the human body.

Fortunately, we will not need to go into speculations to determine whether or not green tea can help with weight loss; clinical studies have already touched on the subject.

A 90 Day Study on Green Tea and Weight Loss

There is one placebo-controlled, randomized study in particular that was of great interest. All of the test subjects were considered as moderately overweight adults, and they were divided into two groups. Both of them would be subjected to the same routine and procedures, with the only difference being that one group would also consume 1,900mgs of green tea catechins (GTC), the main antioxidant found in the tea.

The study lasted a total of 90 days, and at the end it was observed that the group who had consumed the green tea catechins lost around 2.65 lbs. on average, and three quarters of an inch from their waist.

It is true that the results do not seem impressive at all at first sight (barely 3 pounds in three months), but they do warrant some further examination. None of the study’s participants were forced to make any changes to their diet, nor were they made to exercise; they simply lived in a way as to sustain their current form, with the only difference being that some of them ingested green tea.

As such, it is actually quite impressive that the green tea alone led to the weight loss as it usually takes a lot more than ingesting one ingredient to get people to lose weight.

A few other studies were also performed in an attempt to elucidate whether green tea and weight loss should be used in the same sentence, and all of them have found the same thing: green tea improves the body’s fat oxidation abilities, consequently leading to an increase in your metabolic rate and energy expenditure levels.

Cholesterol Levels Lowered While Using Green Tea for Weight Loss

In addition to that, it was observed that green tea reduces LDL cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol) while raising HDL cholesterol levels (as you can guess, the good cholesterol) as well as adiponectin, an important protein which prevents your body from becoming desensitized to insulin.

All in all, it can be said with great confidence that there exists a positive relationship between green tea and weight loss, and if you are looking for an easy to way to accelerate your journey to becoming fitter, slimmer and healthier, then you should definitely at least have a cup of it per day, or perhaps even think about investing in green tea-based supplements.


Easy Weight Loss

There's easy weight loss and tought weigh loss.

We are being bombarded with countless messages every day, from the television, radio, billboard and other kinds of advertisements, about how hard it is to lose weight naturally, and about how some pill or workout system will provide you with the easy weight loss ticket you were looking for all along.

However, is there really such a thing as losing weight easily? After all, many people take it for granted that nothing comes free or easily in life, and not without reason.

Easy Weight Loss is Up To You

As it happens, whether or not easy weight loss is possible depends entirely on the attitude you approach your weight problem with. In other words, if before every exercising routine you think about how hard it is and how much work you have to do to get through it, then it goes without saying that you are going to have an extremely hard time losing weight.

However, if you are motivated, if you feel that each and every move you make helps you get fitter and slimmer, you won’t so much be turned off by the pain of exercising as turned on by it. You will actually like doing things that help you lose weight, and when you are doing something that you actually enjoy, the difficulty level goes way down.

In other words, if you adopt a positive approach and maintain an optimistic outlook on your weight loss process, then you will barely experience any difficulties as you are going to be able to find joy and fulfillment in it. However, that is not to say that a bit of motivation will give you incredible powers and make your entire life a walk in the park.

You are still limited by your physical and mental capabilities, not to mention that being human, you are prone to getting distracted from your goals and principles. All in all, if you are looking for an easy weight loss method, then doing what is described above is going to be your best bet.

Is That The Only Way to Easy Weight Loss?

Can’t some external product or influence be used in order to make the process easier without having to do much of anything yourself? Well, if this is what you are looking to accomplish then without a doubt your best bet will be to look for natural weight loss supplements.

They aren’t really going to make the exercises themselves easier, nor will they make your diet any more tasty and filling than it already is. However, what these supplements can do is bring about results much faster, which means that not only will you have to follow your weight loss system for less time, but you also won’t have any trouble finding the motivation you need to keep on going; you’ll be reminded of the tremendous progress you are making every time you look in the mirror.

Unfortunately, that is really all you can do to ease the road to weight loss. As of now, there is no magical, easy weight loss method that simply makes you slim as soon as you take it, and from the looks of it, there won’t be one for a long time to come. Instead of waiting for one, you should simply make use of the methods that are already available to you and make the best of the most powerful weapon you have, your own body and mind.