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Burn Fat Fast

Check out these great tips to burn fat fast.

Burning fat can be slow and tiring process. It’s easy to lose motivation and just give in and give up. Below you’ll learn 9 ways to stay on track and keep yourself motivated to stay the course till you reach your desired weight loss goals.

Burn Fat Tip #1. Don’t weigh yourself daily

This is a very common mistake that people make. They weigh themselves daily and some even weight themselves a couple of times a day. Your weight fluctuates on a daily basis for a variety of natural reasons such as water retention to the foods you eat.

If you weigh yourself daily and do not see any change on the scale, you’ll just de-motivate yourself and feel depressed. Only weigh yourself once a week on the same day, same time, every week.

Burn Fat Tip #2. Cut your calories gradually

This is very important. If you cut your calories drastically too soon, your body will go into starvation mode. When this happens, your body will hold on to its fat stores desperately and you may hit a weight loss plateau real fast.

Burn Fat Tip #3. Include resistance training in your program

Many people mistakenly believe that cardio is the only way to lose weight but this is untrue. Cardio and resistance training go hand in hand. By combining the two, you will shed the fat fast and furiously. Weight training increases muscle mass and the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

When you are on a caloric deficit, your body may burn its muscles instead of the fat stores. By working out with weights, your body will realize that it needs the muscle and so starts burning its fat stores and that’s what you want.

Burn Fat Tip #4. Consume different amounts of calories on different days

Do not eat the same amount of calories daily. For example, if you consume 1900 calories on Monday, then you may wish to consume 1500 on Tuesday and 2100 on Wednesday. When you keep your body guessing and never let it adapt to a habit you’ll be keeping it on alert and burning fat.

Burn Fat Tip #5. Minimize your carb intake

Cut down your carbs to the minimum that is required daily. Avoid processed carbs that have a high GI. Consume starchy carbs that digest slowly but limit those to the minimum too.

Burn Fat Tip #6. Make HIIT training part of your regimen

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This is very high intensity training with very short breaks between sets and reps. For example, sprinting for 1 minute followed by a 30 second walk and back to a 1 minute sprint.

HIIT training will leave you gasping and panting. It will create an oxygen deficit. That means you will be on fat burning mode for 8 to 12 hours after your workout

Burn Fat Tip #7. Eat more fats

To lose fat, you must eat fat. It sounds contradictory but holds true. Eat healthy fats such as natural nut butters, egg yolks, fish oil, etc. When you eat healthy fats, your body will realize that it can do away with its fat stores since it is getting a healthy amount of fats daily. Your body will burn fat more readily.

These are the 7 key ways to burn and lose more fat. By incorporating these methods into your weight loss program, you will reap the rewards for the long run and will see weekly progress in reaching your weight loss goals.


Liquid Diet Weight Loss

You too can use a liquid diet for weight loss.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about liquid diets which are alleged as being the ultimate solution to losing weight as they are supposed to provide an easy-to-follow method that will yield you some dramatic results in a short amount of time…

A surprisingly short period of time!

If the testimonies of people who have used these diets are to be believed, they are the best thing since sliced bread was invented. However, many people are expressing doubts about what the actual liquid diet weight loss effects are, and if only consuming liquid is really a healthy way of dropping the pounds.

Are Liquid Weight Loss Diets Effective?

For starters, it is important to address the issue of whether or not they actually work. On this front, everything seems perfect as the people who have gone through with the liquid programs have reported seeing some drastic differences at the end of it all.

Some people are even claiming losing as much as twenty to thirty pounds in a 30 day month. However, there is a flip side to the coin that is seldom discussed…

The effort that it takes to achieve this level of efficiency.

Consuming liquids only on a liquid diet means that you will be forbidden from consuming any type of solid food, at least while you are on the diet. You will only be able to drink juices, and at most, nutrient rich meal replacement shakes.

Needless to say, not only would you be constantly fighting with your cravings, but you will also have to contend with hunger for a good part of the diet. In other words, it will take a tremendous amount of willpower and determination to make it through a liquid diet weight loss program, but at least the results are guaranteed… or are they?

Results You May Not Want with a Liquid Diet Weight Loss Plan

Perhaps in the short term it can be said that you are going to get what you paid for. However, what happens after, when you come off the liquid diet? After all, you can’t possibly hope to sustain yourself on liquids for the rest of your entire life.

Well, the first thing that is going to happen is that your stomach won’t be used to processing solid foods anymore, meaning you will have to slowly teach it to do it again. If you planned on eating a big feast at the end of your diet, you better drop that idea right now, unless of course you want to be rushed to the emergency room for your stomach bursting and splashing all the nearby organs in a stomach acid bath.

In addition to that, on top of having to suffer before getting back to a normal diet, how long do you think the results are going to last? While a liquid diet weight loss sure is sweet, it’s really the only thing you will have learned from the program.

Furthermore, you won’t have a clue as to how you should maintain your body’s shape; how to maintain a careful balance between losing weight and gaining it all back. In the end, a 100% liquid diet weight loss program will end up being costlier to you than just going through with the weight loss process naturally by using a weight loss program that provides a good balance of both liquid and solid foods.


Weight Loss Challenge

New ways to overcome your weight loss challenge.

Regardless of whether you are looking at weight loss as being a one-time deal or a permanent change to your lifestyle, there is no debating about one factor: you consider it to be a challenge. Otherwise, chances are that you would have gone through with it a long time ago.

In what way does the weight loss challenge manifest itself precisely? Well, there are two main aspects to it which need to be discussed, and so let us begin with the first one, your physical capabilities.

Weight Loss Challenge #1: The Physical Factors

When talking about your physical capabilities we are not only discussing your weight, your age, how far you can run or how many push-ups you can do, although these things do play a factor. There are certain other physical factors in your life that need to be taken into account, such as time and money.

Practically everyone today is living life like a rat race, running from one place to the other, barely having enough time to catch our breath at the end of the day.

As far as money goes, the good news is that losing weight doesn’t require the purchase of fancy machines or expensive foods at the grocery store. You will probably need to invest a little on gaining information, such as a dieting guide or a workout plan, or subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter and use the free resources at http://MyFitnessNut.com – but it doesn’t have to go further than that if you don’t want it to.

When it becomes a question of time things get a bit more complicated, because after all, very few are capable of controlling when the events in their lives take place. Nevertheless, eating right doesn’t really require you to have enough time to do it (in most cases at least), and your exercising routines don’t need to be very long; two or three workouts of ten to fifteen-minute will generally suffice, at least if you are looking to maintain a natural weight loss pace.

Weight Loss Challenge #2: The Mental Factor

Now, it is time to discuss the more important factor, the mental one. The truth is that if you are really motivated to lose weight, if you have a goal in mind that is actually important to you, then rest assured, you are always going to find the time, the money and the reason to go through with it.

If you are constantly finding yourself making excuses as to why you should not or could not go through with a weight loss program, then chances are that you are simply lacking in self-confidence and motivation to lose weight.

Yes, it is true that the weight loss challenge is one of the hardest things in the world to go through with, perhaps because it is also one of the most important ones as well. If you do not take action to lose weight and get in shape right now, then chances are that you will keep on living the way you do for the next five, ten, perhaps even twenty years, at which point your body will likely have had all it could take.

In other words, if you don’t lose weight now, you are much more likely to develop ailments and pass away sooner… it’s only logical, not to mention statistically-proven. If you want to really turn your life around and make some real weight loss progress, then you better re-think your mental approach to it.

To help assist you with your personal weight loss challenge we have assemble a category of weight loss tips and strategies that you can use right now to help conquer your challenges.


Weight Loss Solution

A successful weight loss solution.

If you’re sick and tired of weight loss programs that are ineffective while doing nothing more than wasting your time and money while failing to deliver, then you need to watch this short video below and follow along with the proven weight loss solution it provides you. – Frank and Anna

Here you will find a complete weight loss solution.

How’s that for a scientifically proven weight loss solution for melting away those unwanted pounds without turning your life upside down? Such a nice simple solution for losing weight and you don’t even have to think about it much because everything is so well planned for you.

Certainly you already know that you don’t have to look very far to find hundreds of programs advertised as “weight loss solutions”. The problem is that you’ll spend much valuable time and money yo-yoing and even failing completely just to find the one weight loss solution that will work for you.

Choose a Weight Loss Solution that is Proven and Effective

When you’re ready to start a weight loss program or make an investment in weight loss supplements you want to be sure that what you are buying is effective and not some gimmicky fad diet or false promises in an eye-catching advertisement.

The waste of good money is one thing but more importantly the waste of time and what it does to your mentality when you fail. Even when you know that it’s the fault of a poorly designed weight loss plan, it still takes a mental toll on you when you fail.

So, if you really want a solution to losing weight, one that will help you lose then maintain your weight in simple doable steps; watch, then follow the video above then follow along with where it guides you.

This Weight Loss Solution is the ‘Real Deal’

Very seldom will My Fitness Nut’s Frank or Anna make a personal recommendation let alone both at the same time. We’re usually about researching, testing when necessary, reviewing and then providing additional resources to help you make the best decisions for what you want to accomplish.

This is one of those rare occasions where we both agree that this is a weight loss plan that will work well for most people who follow it. We’ve seen people use this program to get rid of belly fat that numbers of sit ups could never dissolve. We’ve seen people who’ve tried dieting for years, finally become happy with the direction they are going within a few short weeks of starting it.

Waste No More Time Looking for a Weight Loss Solution

It feels good to be able to drop weight quickly in the beginning so that you can see fast results while continuing to see fat melting off week after week moving you closer to your ultimate weight loss goal. It not only feels good, it looks fantastic too.

Don’t waste anymore time, money or senseless frustrations with fad and gimmick diets. Watch the weight loss solution video to the right and follow along with the free trial because we already know that you’ll be so happy you did.