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Dumbbell Workout Program

Are you ready to take action and start doing dumbbell workout exercises?

Setting Up Your Dumbbell Workout Program

As promised in the first article in this series of our dumbbell workout program, we’ll have covered enough material showcasing the best dumbbell exercise program for building muscle mass that you’ve ever seen.

Well, up to this point, it’s the best we’ve ever seen anyway.

So, after going through all the dumbbell exercises, it’s time to take stock of some of the points we’ve discussed and then outline the tools to help you put together your own dumbbell workout plan.

These key points are the reasons that you should get fit and buff through a dumbbell workout program of your own:

  1. Appreciate life more.
  2. Enjoy doing activities that you would not otherwise be able to do.
  3. Avoid getting weighed down by vague aches and pains, which only cause you to worry. (Remember that when you are unfit, you are open to becoming a victim of dangerous diseases)
  4. Have more opportunities for interacting with people who enjoy being around others like you.
  5. Gain more self-confidence, enabling you to do your job better.
  6. Give the impression that you are able to easily do things that other people can’t do as well (read: wake up feeling great, chase and bring down muggers, save people from dangerous or risky situations), therefore, bad elements will be wary of you while good people will appreciate your presence because it makes them feel more secure.

Clearly, reaching for the ideal body build and proportion is not about vanity alone, it’s more about having a better quality of life.

Our dumbbell exercises are progressive, so that means you should start small, then go towards doing more challenging workouts. The more you workout, the more fit and healthy you get!

More details and further instructions about the various dumbbell exercises are given on our dumbbell exercise videos so don’t forget to watch them before attempting to do any of the exercises we’ve talked about.

All right, we’re done with what we’ve set out to do here. Now it’s your turn.

You have two options here. You could just bookmark these articles in your computer and forget about them or you or you rise to the challenge and give yourself a complete muscle makeover.

  1. Read Instructional Articles Below
  2. Watch “The Dumbbell Series” Videos Below That
  3. Start Your Dumbbell Workout Routine

Use this dumbbell training guilde for your muscle building success.

Take some time to browse through these articles so that you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to perform these exercises in the most effective way we possibly can. However, never do anything that you are not completely certain about.

The ball’s in your court now. Go to MyFitnessNut.com and subscribe to the free My Fitness Nut Newsletter and for a limited time get the full set of “Muscle Building Videos: The Dumbbell Series” included with your free subscription then watch them (most less than a minute), review the above articles and get started with your own personalized dumbbell workout routine.

Dumbbell Exercises Shoulders

Dumbbell exercise video training.

Build Shoulder Muscles – Dumbbell Exercises Video 1

Building your shoulder muscles doing Dumbbell exercises is a great way to shape up and gain strength in ypour shoulders. There’s no need for lots of heavy and expensive fitness equipment; just a pair of Dumbbells, the workout routine we’ve prepared for you here and you’re ready to get started pumping those shoulder muscles.

This muscle building training program is broken down into six sections with each section concentrating on one specific muscle group at a time.


3 Choices Using the Dumbbell Workout Video Trainings:

1. Follow along with the main “Build Shoulder Muscles With Dumbbell Exercises Video”. This is the first “larger sized” video that you see listed below. You can use this first video as a complete workout routine. Note that there are two main videos covering all of the arm muscle exercises.
2. Follow along with each separate exercise found on the “smaller sized” videos below the first one. You can scroll down the page to view and practice each separate Dumbbell exercise following the order they are in on the main video or buff up on ones specific exercise that you need to work on most.
3. Make your own personal workout session by combining any video exercises of your choice from the list below or from any of the Dumbbell exercise that you find on each of the following pages:

Arms 1 | Arms 2 | Back | Chest | Legs | Shoulders

Build Shoulder Muscles with Dumbbell Exercises includes Bent Over Raise, Front Raise, Lying Incline Bench Bent Over Raise, Prone Front Raise, Seated Front Raise, Seated Shoulder Press, Seated Side Raise, Side Raise, Standing Bent Over Raise and the Standing Shoulder Press. These are on the smaller size videos below this video right here.

Now let’s get started with our first dumbbell workout routine…

Build Shoulder Muscles with Dumbbell Exercise Workouts

 Below are the individual Dumbbell Workout Exercises as shown in the video above:

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Bent Over Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Front Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Lying Incline Bench Bent Over Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Prone Front Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Seated Front Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Seated Side Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Side Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Standing Bent Over Raise

Shoulders: Dumbbell Exercises – Standing Shoulder Press

This Concludes the Build Shoulder Muscles with Dumbbell Exercises

If you liked the videos that we set up for you here please leave us a vote of confidence using the share and like buttons below, then head back over to Build Arm Muscles with Dumbbell Exercises Video 1 and we’ll take you back through the entire “Build Muscles with Dumbbell Exercises” video series. Once you have learned the different exercises you can opt to use the individual videos alone to practice, brush up with or put together your own personal dumbbell workout routine to fit your specific needs.