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Shavashana Yoga Pose

Here is how to do the shavashana pose.

There are numerous things that delineate the differences between the cultures of the West and the East, and among the more highly interesting ones is the dissimilarity of perspectives regarding death.

The West views death as the complete cessation of someone’s physical life. in such a belief system, life is a one-shot deal and death is the final equalizer. Meanwhile, many in the East, particularly those who are followers of Hinduism and Buddhism, believe in a cycle of death and rebirth.

This latter belief is most likely one of the reasons why many in the East do not see death as something strange and to be feared. On the contrary, for those who believe in the death and rebirth cycle, death is a mere portal, a transition from one state of being to the other, with numerous possibilities for the continuation of life, albeit in another state of existence.

Shavashana yoga internalizes the effort to open up to a world of possibilities. It is literally translated as Corpse Pose. Another name for Shavashana is Mrtasana, directly translated as ‘death pose,’ which stems from the base form of the pose and mirrors the position of one who is already dead (physically).

Qualities of the Shavashana Yoga Pose

Shavashana yoga is a form of meditation. Although considered to be the ‘easiest’ pose in yoga, there are still variants and modifications to this pose because of the understanding that not everyone understands what comfort is, in the same manner. Comfort is main factor of this pose. As a form of stress relief, Shavashana helps the body and mind to synchronize and reset itself from any internal or external form of stress.

Towards the achievement of optimum results, focus is essential in Shavashana. Integrate the same level of focus into your daily routine, to help your body become rejuvenated, before continuing on to meet the everyday stresses of your life.

Here’s a Vidoe Demonstration of the Shavashana Yoga Pose

Benefits of the Shavashana Yoga Pose

  • Mental – the Shavashana Pose improves overall concentration, trains the mind to stay calm even when panic is already ensuing all around, increases your capacity to focus, lessens the incidence of anxiety attacks.
  • Physical – the Shavashana Pose is able to control heart rate and respiration. It loosens tense, bunched-up muscles and lowers blood pressure.
  • Spiritual – the Shavashana Pose allows the inner self to get in touch with concepts that are tied up with possibilities, or realities that are, as of yet, non-existing. By freeing the mind anxiety and stress, a whole world of pleasurable creativity is released within you.

Safety Alert

Shavashana Yoga is often so pleasurable to weary yogis seeking relief such that they sometimes fall asleep! When you’re performing this pose, try to soften your jaw and feel the heightened sense of your hearing. Initiate a heightened sense of withdrawal to get as relaxed as possible.

Avoid any wrestling of thoughts while trying to avoid sleeping, as this is one of the many distractions that you may encounter.

This pose is not recommended for people with back injuries that have not yet fully healed. Pregnant women who do this yoga exercise are also reminded to use props such as a rolled-up blanket to slightly elevate the head while lying down in order to avoid possible dizziness.

You have now learned about one of the most relaxing yoga poses there is; Shavashana Yoga. Use the demonstration video to see this pose in action, if you really want to call it action. It’s more likely you’ll have to resist falling asleep if you’re the least bit tired when you decide to practice it. Go ahead and subscribe to the MyFitnessNut.com Newsletter to get your hands on all 70 yoga videos. Next up, we’ll dive into “Namaste Yoga” and connect with the diving spark of life.