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Building Muscle on Schedule

Building muscle starts with a schedule.Create a Muscle Building Schedule that Works for You

Your goal is building muscle but your time is limited. You need to create a do-able workout schedule but not sure how to pull it all together. With the truth be told…

Building muscle is not a “One Size Fits All” Plan of Action

When creating your muscle building workout schedule the one thing that you need to remember is that no two people are going to build muscle mass at the same rate when working out the same amount of time. Just as men and women, the young and old all lose and gain weight differently, building muscles is no different.

When couples decide to lose weight together, who is it that ends up losing weight the fastest?

Do an online search for workout schedules and you’ll come up with pages and pages of free and paid membership schedules and complete programs to help you create and follow a set workout schedule but let me try to help simplify this for you here.

Building Muscle with One Scheduled Workout at a Time

When you are working your muscles out you need to let them recover from the workouts that you put them through. One good way to do this and allow you to get exercise daily is to target different muscle groups and rotate your workout routines giving one group recovery time while you’re working another group.

Putting Together Your Muscle Building Schedule:

You need to put together the times that you will dedicate to your muscle building routine. Keep in mind 15 minutes every other day is better than no minutes spent exercising at all, so do what you need to do to get started right away. It would be great if you could eventually get it up to 30 minutes 5 days a week.

When deciding what muscle groups to work with and when to work them, a routine working the following groups on each one of your scheduled muscle building days is:

Workout Day 1 – Back and Arm Muscles

Workout Day 2 – Chest and Triceps

Workout Day 3 – Shoulders and Abs

Workout Day 4 – Legs and Buttocks

Rotate back to “Workout Day 1 – Back and Arm Muscles” and start all over again.

Using an approach like this for your workout schedule for building muscle is effective for beginners because each separate routine does not take that long to do, it allows your muscles enough time to rebuild and recover and the best thing is that you can see and feel the results pretty quickly.

When Building Muscle it’s Important to Rest and Recover

It is very important to rest your muscles so they can rebuild because during your workout you will have stretched your muscles hard and when you relax to recover, they start to build and develop strength. Both men and women build strength but men have a tendency to build muscle mass larger and faster than women.

Planning Your Workout Schedule for Building Muscle Quickly

The discussion continues over the best time of day to plan your workout schedule for building muscle fast. Many fitness experts recommend doing your training first thing in the morning if possible. This is especially good if you have job that requires little movement because your morning workout will give your metabolism a boost throughout the whole day and allow your muscles to grow as your body rests and recovers.

Building Muscle Consistently Works Best

Going back to what we discussed earlier, if building muscle is your goal then you must create a schedule that is do-able for you so you can stick with it. Consistency is of the utmost importance because if you do not use and workout your muscles on a regular basis you’ll regress and the work that you put in already will have been mostly lost.

If you don’t use your muscles, you’re going to lose your muscles.

With that said, if you don’t have enough time to work out in the morning hours then pick a time that best suits your schedule. The main thing is that you train on a regular and consistent basis, rest to recover then keep after it.

So whether you choose 15 or 30 minutes a day, 15 to 30 minutes every other day or making the decision to workout only three days a week set your schedule and stick to it as close as you possibly can. Being consistent is the key.

If weight training is brand new to you then start with a beginner’s workout schedule for building muscle by lifting smaller light weights at first until they become so easy to do that you need to increase the weight in order to progress.

You’ll feel when the time is right to add additional weight to your routine. Gradual increases in your weight lifting are a great way to benefit from each workout session while reducing the possibility of injury – this is very, very important for beginners.

Setting up your muscle building schedule is half of the battle. The other half is learning the different exercises, how to do them correctly and sticking with your plan. Day by day you’ll notice small results that will develop into bigger results. As your routine gets easier, it’s time to step it up to adding in heavier weights and longer workout times as you can fit them in.

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