Diet Fads That Attract Desperate Dieters

Crazy diet fads can harm your health.

Watch out because when people are desperate to drop fat and weight off fast there’s no telling what they might resort to but these diet fads below should be labeled “Don’t try this at home” diets.

Absurdly Silly Diet Fads People Really Do

From starvation diets, tongue patch diets, boredom diets to cotton balls are all on the list of freaky diet fads desperate people use to try to find an effective weight loss solution.

Some people will try anything when they are desperate to lose weight and I mean anything. Looking at some the diet fads circulating around the internet it’s almost laughable to think people really do this stuff to themselves.

Sadly, desperate times call for desperate measures which leads some people into making poorly thought out decisions. Some people will try just about anything as apparent by the following diet fads; diets that claim to help you lose weight without putting much effort into them.

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Diet Fads Rarely Deliver on Their Promises

With few exceptions most of these diet fads simply can’t deliver on what they promise to do and others can be downright harmful to your long term health. Below you’ll find some diet fads that are floating around the internet and at the top of the freaky diet fad list is…


The Cotton Ball Diet – Freaky Diet Fad #1

Can you seriously believe this? What’s being said is that some already bony thin models thought of the bright idea to eat cotton balls dipped in a juice, such as orange juice. They do this instead of eating regular food and it’s supposed to help them feel full and avoid high calories in order keep thin.

What is supposed to happen here is that the cotton balls dipped in fruit juice will make you feel full while adding very few calories. The problem is one, this provides inadequate nutritional value and two, the cotton ball is supposed to slowly dissolve away but it doesn’t always work that way and can cause severe complications.

No, your cat’s hairball formula isn’t a good fix for cotton balls plugging your internal piping so check that one off crazy thought list. Visualize a skin and bones super-model thinking this might be a terrific way to lose those last two ounces then forget about it.

What goes through a persons mind here? This doesn’t seem right to do this to yourself because it should be obvious this is not a healthy eating habit. For some people nothing much matters in the name of skin, bones the idea that’s what it takes to look beautiful.

People need real food, real nutrition and yes real calories in order to enjoy good health and true beauty. It should be no surprise to learn that most if not all people who go to this extreme level of dieting are suffering from an eating disorder and may need some psychological help.

The Cotton Ball Diet is one of the most extreme diet fads we’ve uncovered here. From clogging up your intestines with foreign objects to not getting the nutritional intake to meet your basic needs, you’re putting your body and health in danger.

Never agree to a diet that asks you to eat objects that are inedible.

The Boredom Diet – Freaky Diet Fad #2

This one sounds exciting right? Who wouldn’t like to stick to a boring diet for the long term anyway? Seriously, the question should be “who would want to?” You know it’s not going to work just by the sound of it.

The bright idea behind the boredom diet is to make eating totally boring, lacking in both excitement and variety. It’s debatable whether it really works or not but the trick is that if you can make your food super boring then you won’t be as likely to overeat.

It makes sense that a nice variety of mouth watering foods would make you want to eat more than the same old boring thing meal after meal.

Because eating the same things all the time sucks for most people it is supposed to help you learn your hunger pang cues because when you don’t enjoy eating, you begin to do it only when your body needs to eat. You supposedly start eating only when you have to – not because it’s time to eat and you’re really looking forward to eating a great meal.

If the thought of eating only your favorite food sounds good, you might want to think that thought over again. Eating one type of food only for extended periods of time is not at all good for you because your body needs a wide variety of nutrients that for the most part can only be obtained by consuming a wide variety of foods.

When your boredom diet eating patterns kick in and get really boring you are naturally going to crave other nutrients. The only way to get what you’re missing is to put an end to your boredom diet and start eating some variety each day. Your body will steer you in that direction, cravings will take over and you will be compelled to eat other types of food so that your body can satisfy its nutritional deficiencies.

The boredom diet is a diet destined to fail from the start. I mean who in the world would want to eat the same exact thing all of the time anyway?

Feast 5 Starve 2 – Freaky Diet Fad #3

Yet another diet fad destined to fail before we can even get out of the gate. Imagine a diet where you can eat whatever you want to eat for five full days. Sounds like and easy-to-do diet until you hear what you have to do the next two days. Starve.

Two days each week you must keep your calorie count below 600 so you’re not totally starving for two full days but close enough that your body starts shedding weight. The irritation, fatigue and anxiety you go through can be extreme and generally speaking, you’re not going to feel so great going through these two days. If you make it, you will positively not want to do it again and you’ll probably feast and gain all the weight back quickly.

It’s hard to say what this will do to your body’s health over the long run but normally when you yo-yo like this, each cycle makes it harder and harder to lose weight and keep it off. Besides, how long could you last starving yourself so severely for two days every week?

Mind Blowing Tongue Patch Diet – Freaky Diet Fad #4

Just when I thought that I’d had enough of these freaky fad diets, this little oddity reveals itself – the tongue patch diet. Can you believe it?

This latest fad in dieting is done by a cosmetic surgeon. Crazy as it is, a surgeon actually sews a rough patch to your tongue designed to create discomfort. Read that again… designed to create discomfort. This patch is designed to cause pain when eating solid food.

To avoid the pain you get by chewing solid food you are supposed to choose liquids instead of solids which can help you lose weight. Nuttier than the cotton ball diet, the tongue patch has reported issues such as uncontrollable drooling, speech difficulties and pain.

People will pay thousands of dollars for a tongue patch that has a strong risk of infection, causes discomfort, could come lose and choke you, will fuse to your tongue if not removed and surgical reapplied in thirty days if you chose to keep it.

The tongue patch diet is all around a bad idea. Eating should be pleasurable if you are going to stick to any diet plan. Besides, you are not going to be happy and survive very well drinking a pure liquid diet every single day.

Replace These Bad Idea Diet Fads with Good Idea Diet Tips

There you have a few modern day fad diets that you probably want to stay away from. For valid weight loss tips that can really help you, see Good Diet Tips That Rule over Fad Diets and learn how to spot bad diet fads and what dieting tips will help you make healthier dieting choices.