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Dumbbell Exercises

Muscle building doing dumbbell exercises works, so put together your own routine of dumbbell workouts with this guide.Tired of Being Weak, Scrawny or Overweight?

Fitness Nuts – How would you like to build a muscular toned body that commands attention and turns heads everywhere you go?

Fitness Newbie’s – How would you like to get in shape, gain a little more muscle and maybe lose a bunch of unwanted body fat?

Sounds good right?

Well, fitness “Nuts” and “Newbie’s” alike can benefit by doing these muscle building workouts using this very in-expensive piece of exercise equipment, actually it’s two small ones – a dumbbell set!

Dumbbell exercises are great for men, women and people of all ages. You can do dumbbell workouts from home and avoid the cost of fitness clubs or hiring a fitness coach. All that you need is a dumbbell set along with the muscle building video series you’ll find below and you’ll be ready to start your dumbbell workout routine in a matter of minutes.

Do your dumbbell exercises based on your schedule and capability.

The only thing you’ll really need to do is to choose your workout schedule and follow along with the video training. Your dumbbell workout routine will consist of 52 popular dumbbell workouts that you can pick and choose from allowing you to create an exercise routine that works best for you.

What you’ll want to remember is that no two people build muscle or lose and gain weight in the same way or at the same rate. And getting started can be confusing at times with so much conflicting information. We hope to help you take the pain out of it and give you a muscle building dumbbell workout routine that makes total sense.

Here’s How the Dumbbell Exercises are Broken Down:

Each of the dumbbell exercise videos are designed to work on specific areas of your body. For a complete dumbbell workout you’ll want to use all of the video sets so that you can work your entire body. If you’re already fit and just want to target one area only to “buff up”, you can do that too.

First, you’ll get 5 video programs that contain the dumbbell workout routine for each of the key areas; your arms, back, chest, legs and shoulders.

Secondly, you’ll get 52 individual dumbbell exercises that you pick and choose from to create your own workout routine based on your own personal preferences. These individual exercises are great for learning or buffing up on a specific area of your body without having to sift through the entire program to find the one you want.

Here’s All 52 Follow-Along Dumbbell Workouts…

23 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Arms:

Bicep Curl, Concentration Curl, Decline Lying Extension, Decline Lying One Arm Extension, Hammer Curl, Incline Curl, Incline Lying Extension, Incline Lying One Arm Extension, Incline Preacher Curl, Incline Preacher Hammer Curl, Kickback, Lying Extension, Lying One Arm Extension, One Arm Extension, Prone Curl, Prone Hammer Curl, Reverse Curl, Seated Curl, Seated Hammer Curl, Seated Incline Hammer Curl, Seated Reverse Curl, Two Arm Extension, Two Arm Kickback. See these dumbbell arm exercises on video here.

8 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Back:

Basic Standing Shrug, Basic Two Arm Row, Cross Bench Pullover, Incline Bench Row, One Arm Row, Pullover, Seated Bent Over Row, Seated Shrug. See these dumbbell back exercises on video here.

6 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Chest:

Chest Fly, Chest Press, Decline Bench Press, Decline Chest Fly, Incline Press, Incline Chest Fly. See these dumbbell chest exercises on video here.

5 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Legs:

Straight Leg Deadlift, Front Squat, Natural Grip Deadlift, Split Squat, Squat. See these dumbbell leg exercises on video here.

10 Dumbbell Exercises for Your Shoulders:

Bent Over Raise, Front Raise, Lying Incline Bench Bent Over Raise, Prone Front Raise, Seated Front Raise, Seated Shoulder Press, Seated Side Raise, Side Raise, Standing Bent Over Raise, Standing Shoulder Press. See these dumbbell shoulder exercises on video here.

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These Dumbbell Workouts Can Help You:

  1. Build muscle mass all over your body
  2. Build your “dream body” without ever leaving your home!
  3. Reduce body fat to reveal those hidden 6 pack abs
  4. Increase your strength and stamina
  5. Improve your appearance and gain confidence
  6. Boost your metabolism and burn more calories

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You know that you’ll never change the way you look if you don’t take action so whether you have a fat body or a scrawny one, building muscle will help you correct that problem. So go ahead and take this opportunity to build a better body starting right now. You can begin packing on lean muscle using these dumbbell exercises or create your own dumbbell workout routine and watch your confidence level soar.