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Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

Widen those shoulders with dumbbell shoulder exercises.Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises – What to Do to Get “Adorable” Deltoids

Time and time again, dumbbells have been proven to be the perfect shoulder builders combined with perfect posture. Dumbbell shoulder exercises help you develop the adorable v-shaped physique of a professional swimmer, even without going near the pool!

Before we go on to the development your deltoids or delts, aka your shoulders, here are some important facts to know about the parts of your delts:

  • Anterior deltoid – this is the front head of the shoulder, the main muscle that rotates the arms inwards. This muscle is used in doing bench press, and other forms of chest training, and also helps to stimulate biceps and triceps exercises. Bodybuilders tend to overdevelop this muscle causing muscular imbalance, injury, and posture awkwardness. And we’re here to try to help you avoid that.
  • Medial deltoid – this is the side head of the shoulder, the abduct part of your arm that puts the arms out from the mid-line of the body. This muscle, if developed properly, brings width to your upper body.
  • Posterior deltoid – this is the back side of the shoulders, responsible for extending and rotating the arms outwards. This muscle is important in back exercises such as chin ups, pull ups, rows and so much more.

Pre-Exercise Reminders Before Starting Your Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

Perform each of the dumbbell exercises in a slow, paced, and controlled manner to ensure that your muscles are developed without the risk of injury. It’s recommended to do at least a light aerobic exercise or stretching before touching your dumbbells. It will increase your heart rate, while preparing your body for a good dumbbell workout. Doing so also helps you to avoid cramps.

After your workout regime, do not forget to stretch your targeted muscles to prevent being sore and aching all over.

Posture and proper form could mean the success or failure of your workout. As much as possible, maintain proper form because falling into the wrong form could expose you to the risk of injury.

For some exercises, lifting more than you should could cause an injury. Try to feel the weights first and write them down to remember, as there will be different variations in weights according to each exercise.

Almost every arm exercise affects the shoulder muscles at some point or degree. When you try to isolate the shoulders, other exercises might have put some strain on them already. It’s important to know that balancing your workout with a well thought of plan could engage your muscle groups evenly without exposing you to the risk of pulled muscles, or more painful injuries.

Doing Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

  • Shoulder dumbbell press – the shoulder dumbbell press develops the entire shoulder muscle group. This greater freedom of movement also increases shoulder muscle activation and can also be very useful for people with shoulder injuries, since the dumbells are not as stressful on the shoulder joints.

Demonstration of a Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

  • Dumbbell push press – when you want stronger shoulders, then the dumbbell push press is perfect for you. It allows you to lift heavier weights with very low risk of injury. Using a dumbbell push press gives the advantage of having your legs provide the push through, reducing strains that can be felt on the shoulders. This exercise targets your shoulders, different parts of your triceps and thighs.
  • Dumbbell lateral raise – a dumbbell lateral raise was developed for one thing only, and that’s isolating the middle of the shoulder to enhance shoulder strength and gain muscle mass overall. To build more size and tone, try to limit the movement so that the muscles will be under constant tension throughout the whole set. Lateral raises target the medial deltoid – the muscle which is in the middle of the 3 shoulder muscles. This exercise will give you the V-Shape form, much like those of professional swimmers.
  • Dumbbell front raise – the dumbbell front raise works muscles in your shoulders, targeting the deltoid specifically. Considered a beginners’ exercise, but also used by veteran bodybuilders. This is an exercise where you don’t have to worry much about using much weight, as lifting more than you should could mean a muscle injury that could affect your whole exercise routine. Take your choice about doing the shoulder exercise at the same time or alternatively; focusing on each arm rather than both. In doing an alternate arm variation, it should be noted that once you’ve finished performing the first arm raise, the next arm should follow, and so on.

Demonstration of a Dumbbell Front Raise:

  • Dumbbell overhead press – overall, the benefit of the dumbbell overhead press is to allow greater range of motion or more movement compared to using a barbell. In other words, you will gain more muscle mass. Usually, it’s done while seated, allowing you to use your core muscles and lower body to lift heavier weights. You’ll also get more triceps involvement as secondary muscle training. A good choice for lifters, including beginners and hardcore bodybuilders.

How Much Exercising Should You Do?

You can combine all the said exercises or keep it to a minimum of about two (exercises that will give you the most advantage at the top) if you are on a fast track, for about 30 minutes a day or so. Your muscles require rest and time to develop and relax so it’s best if you create a routine which would incorporate this relaxation time.

Don’t forget, doing selective exercises fast will not gain you anything. Remember to keep your composure and maintain a slow pace while performing the exercise you’ve chosen.

Your Delts are Priceless

The shoulders are the most widely used muscles in working out. In fact, you use them in almost every aspect of your workout regime. So in essence, your shoulders or deltoids are priceless. They are packed with a capability of 360 degrees rotation power. But overusing them can lead to weakness or injury, rendering you unable to perform other exercises.

However, if you keep a steady workout regime, you’ll be able to fully utilize your shoulder strength and work on every part of your upper body.

The fun starts when you actually start seeing your shoulder muscles develop and take shape. Ladies love it, guys envy it. Just remember that like everything involved in building muscle mass, it takes time to develop your shoulder muscles. The key is to persevere with the most effective dumbbell shoulder exercises that you can learn.

Eventually you’ll feel more confident with a wider shoulder and a wider look through these dumbbell shoulder exercises; stronger legs through the dumbbell leg exercises; a more steady back through the dumbbell back exercises; a pumped up chest with dumbbell chest exercises and of course, with your chiseled arms gained from the dumbbell arm exercises. In the end, you’ll be thankful you didn’t stop your dumbbell workout and are now able to start witnessing your new look and feel.

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