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Dramatic Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss from a dramatic plan.

Lately we have been bombarded in the news about stories of how various people, practically all of them well-known celebrities, have managed to go through a dramatic weight loss program.

For instance, there is Josh Peck who has recently slimmed down into an attractive young man after playing the role of the fat comedian for years, there is Jessica Simpson who lost 60 pounds not long ago, Kelly Osbourne who made some tremendous progress and has put in place her own fitness program; just to name a few.

Are Dramatic Weight Loss Stories Encouraging?

While it is indeed encouraging to hear and read about all of those stories, they do have a negative effect on people, even it seems like they should be doing the contrary. Those who are truly in need of dramatic weight loss often look for these stories, and end up coming to the same conclusion that the only reason those people could lose their weight was the time and money they all have in abundance.

That’s probably not being too far from the truth either.

Getting Paid $100,000 Plus Per Pound for Dramatic Weight Loss?

Yes, it is true that those celebrities had a much easier time than anyone else losing weight as they have the money to hire an army of fitness experts, nutritionists, psychologists, and perhaps even “Yes! men” to help them keep their morale up.

Additionally, celebrities get paid by weight loss program companies big money to lose a significant amount of weight in exchange for sponsor support of their programs. Multiple six figure bankrolls for every pound lost… Just how motivated would you be to achieve dramatic weight loss if you were getting paid $100k plus for every pound you lost?

I bet you’d be pretty darn motivated too.

However, just because they took the easy road doesn’t mean it’s the only one… far from it. The reason as to why only celebrities seem to be reported on when they make drastic weight loss progress, is because they are already celebrities.

They didn’t become known because they lost weight… journalists and the paparazzi are doing their job as they always did, it’s just that sometimes a star makes dramatic changes to their appearance, and that always attracts a crowd of readers.

In any case, the whole point of it is that you mustn’t feel as if you are unable to lose weight because you don’t have the resources. The truth is that you already have the main resources you need to lose weight: an ability to move and to think.

When all is said and done, weight loss is still about taking in fewer calories than you are burning through your daily movements and exercise, and no amount of professionals or fitness experts will ever be able to change that.

Use Free and Low Cost Information to Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss

You don’t need to be wealthy to purchase a dieting guide and a workout system… as a matter of fact, many of them are so cheap that practically anyone could afford them nowadays. You can even make do with the free information provided at http://MyFitnessNut.com.

The real challenge when it comes to dramatic weight loss is overcoming yourself. Our brains and bodies don’t like change, and they are going to resist it however they can. You will often find yourself simply unmotivated and unwilling to go through a few exercises or make an effort to resist eating something you like.

You are Your Own Biggest Obstacle to Dramatic Weight Loss

Yes, you are your biggest obstacle to losing weight. You need to find a way to motivate yourself to make the changes that need to happen in your life. If you can’t think of something, simply remind yourself that the more you are overweight, the higher your chances of developing a myriad of conditions and diseases, including coronary heart disease and cancer.

If for no other reason, the will to live a healthy and happier life for yourself and the people who love you should give you all the motivation you need.