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Dumbbells to Build Muscles and Tone Your Body

Despite the funny name, there’s nothing dumb about dumbbells at all. Not by a long shot. Dumbbells are actually one of the most used gym equipment for building and toning muscles in almost every part of your body.

A dumbbell has two equal weights attached at both ends of the handle. Their weight and size range differently. They are mostly made of metal, concrete, or other materials, and come with a rubber or tough plastic coating.

One of the great things about dumbbells is that they take up little space and are easy to grab and start using right in your or home gym or small apartment.

Types of Dumbbells:

• Adjustable Dumbbells – these are said to have been forged from the hammer and anvil of Hephaestus himself. It comes with good crosshatch patterned grip and plates can be adjusted (according to your preference) and secured with collars or clips.

• Fixed Weight Dumbbells – plates cannot be removed. Made from pure metal as if carved out of an iron mountain, and has a fixed weight, or contains concrete covered by a plastic or rubber with a fixed weight, hence the name.

 • Selectorized Dumbbells – the flagship of dumbbells. Don’t bother with the nuisance of unlocking, replacing, and locking again of plates. If you want to go from 5 pounds to 50 pounds of weight lifting, you can do that with a simple flick of a button or dial. Macho Man would have shed a tear.

Dumbbells Matter

Since the dawn of the dumbbells, different approaches and exercises have been executed to further maximize or isolate the development and toning of muscles through its full potentials. There are more than a hundred different dumbbell exercises, and we’re sharing with you some of the most popular to start you along on your bodybuilding program:

Hammer Curls

Stand straight or sit down with your back straight. Use one dumbbell for each hand. Keep elbows tight to your body. Hold dumbbells with your palm facing your hip. Curl the weights towards your shoulders – get the force from your biceps. Remember to do this on a controlled slow pace. Do as many repeats as you like. Feel the burn.

Triceps Extension

You’ll only need one dumbbell for this. Sit on a bench, feet planted on the floor, with a straight back. Hold the dumbbell with both hands positioned at the back of your head, and then raise it over your head slowly and back to the starting position. Position your wrists closer to avoid elbows from sticking out. Just thinking about this can already make your triceps feel more powerful.

Shoulder Press

Position dumbbells to each side of the shoulders and align your wrist to your elbows. Lift or press the dumbbell upward until both ends from each dumbbell touches it, or just lift upward until the arms are extended on top of your head. Remember to keep your pace slow to get the ultimate feeling of your shoulders getting stronger. Do it again and tell Mick Jagger that you got your satisfaction, so why can’t he?

Dumbbells are among the most versatile bodybuilding equipment today. Learn more about how you can use dumbbells to build muscles and strength by checking out the articles below and don’t forget to subscribe to the My Fitness Nut Newsletter and get 52 dumbbell exercise to build muscle in every major area of your body.


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