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Bodybuilding: Sculpting Your Natural Gifts to Perfection

You know those Greek statues of men with awesome physiques, showing off their muscles and six-pack abs? If you’re wishing you had their body, bodybuilding is the way to go!

No More Beanpoles and Tubs of Lard

In high school, you probably met some tall guys who stood about 6’1’’ and weighed around 120 lbs, as well as those who stood about 5’5” and weighed around 180 lbs. Do you remember how they got picked on and called names like beanpole or tub of lard? While it was (and still is) awful, it is a sad fact of life that across the country and everywhere in the world, people are getting picked on because of their bodies.

You don’t want that kind of treatment so make sure you don’t get it.

Remember: no one was born with a perfect body, but all of us can reach for an ideal. Bodybuilding is not just for professional athletes and guys/gals who enter muscle competitions. Even a regular person like you can reach for their ideal physique, and bodybuilding will sculpt your body to perfection.

Slow and Easy Does It Best

Muscle sculpting is done over time and you need to bulk up gradually. You can start with a couple of dumbbells and work your way up to heavier weights and more challenging exercises.

There are many ways to build up muscle—many exercises to choose from, many kinds of equipment that you can use. Before anything else, heed the advice of every knowledgeable bodybuilder: stretch and warm up your muscles first before doing any kind of workout.

If you’re coming from a zero-performance mode (read: couch potato), don’t shock your system by suddenly hopping around and trying to lift everything that’s massive around you (no, you shouldn’t even think about attempting to lift that grand piano in your living room so get that thought out of your head).

Also, don’t be tempted to use other parts of your body when you’re concentrating on an isolated muscle workout. For example, you should avoid swinging your upper body back and forth just to finish your bicep curls quickly. When this happens, you lose the chance of gaining some beef for your targeted muscle groups.

Keep in mind that bodybuilding is a way of life, that’s why it makes you more disciplined and focused. When your reach the best shape that your body could ever be, all you need to do after is to maintain every muscle in your body that you have sculpted with unwavering discipline and a strong focus.

Sounds like too much work? You’ll be surprised. You see, the more that you do it, the more you will want it. Bodybuilding grows on you, and once you start, you won’t want to stop.

Want some proof? Check out our pages in this bodybuilding category below, follow our advice and tips, and pretty soon you will become the living proof of what we’re talking about.


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